My heart beats for only you (Episode 11)

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Episode 11

Recap – Preparation for the college’s anniversary finally starts (a new plan).

It was now 5pm. Kunj realized that it was late and dismissed the rest of students and told them to rest and be back tomorrow, prepared to do some more work and start rehearsing for the program. The students left while Kunj, Twinkle and their friends stayed back. They sat back in the hall for a while and looked around with smiles on their faces.
Sargun- Well atleast we’ve gone somewhere. Tomorrow we have to continue.
Chinki- Yah. The decorations look perfect so far.
Kunj- We have to start rehearsing for the dance performances also.
Sid- Don’t worry. We’ve come this far and I’m 100% sure we’ll proceed further.
“Okay now to check our budget,” said Kunj, taking the money out of his bag and started counting it. “Well, we had $25000 in all and now we’re left with $20000. Hmm not bad yaar, just $5000 gone!” “Haa and that was for the cloth,” Varun said. Twinkle smiled, “I think we should set up a business together, what say?” “Twinkle, we’ll think about that later. I think you’re still sick.” Kunj said with a little laugh. “Whatever..”
Sargun-I think we should clear up this mess now and leave for home. We’ve been working hard after all…
T – Haa let’s do that. I’m so tired. So they cleared up and locked the hall door. Kunj kept the key with him and informed the watchman to not let anybody in the hall as he didnt want anyone causing more problems for them.

Next scene ; Kunj’s car
K – kya yaar, what a day!
T – Haa, so tiring..
K – you just keep quiet! I’m still angry at you bcz of this morning. You shouldn’t wander off like that without telling me yaar. I was worried sick!
Twinkle smiled at his possessiveness but hid it. “Acha? Its not my fault I didn’t know I was going to be ‘missing’ for so long!”
“Shut up Twinkle!”
“You shut up Mr Sadu Sarna! What is the problem anyway? If i wasn’t missing then we wouldn’t have this fantastic solution! So u should be thanking me instead of fighting with me.”
“Meh kya haa?”
Kunj just gave her a be-quiet wala face. Twinkle smirked. “See now u learnt you lesson nah?” “Kya? Konse lesson?”
Twinkle laughed and showed him a down thumb (like this ?) “That you should never fight or argue with the great Twinkle Taneja! I always win!” Kunj laughed and said sarcastically, “Oh hello the great Miss Twinkle Taneja!” “Haa ji?” Kunj murmured under his breath, “more like siyappa queen.” Twinkle just glared at him and pushed her head out of the window ignoring him. Kunj too turned away but smiled and was watching her by side glancing (watching her from the side of his eyes.) “Meri hot siyappa Queen!” He said to himself.
“Twinkle please put your head in the car.” She didn’t listen so he repeated himself. This time she yelled, “No. What will you do if i don’t?”
“Fine, suit yourself. But don’t call me when you get know the consequences.” Twinkle frowned and thinks, “Huh? Kya matlab consequences?” As soon as Twinkle turned her head to the window SPLASH! Kunj had driven in a muddy puddle causing the mud to get on Twinkle’s face. Kunj was trying to keep in his laughter while Twinkle started screaming. “You did that on purpose didn’t you? You meanie!!”
“Oh hello, i did tell u to keep your head inside and I didn’t do it on purpose. The road is wet that’s why. By the way, it isn’t that bad. Just think of it as the latest face pack.” He couldn’t help it and started laughing. “This is priceless! Twinkle look at me let me take a pic!” And he snapped her photo and started laughing again. Twinkle was boiling in anger. “Kunj!!!!” She shouted and started fake crying and complaining. “My face! My beautiful face ahh!” Kunj kept laughing but stopped since he couldnt take her yelling. He stopped the Car at a corner, took out his seat belt and looked at her. Twinkle stopped yelling and looked nervously at kunj, who wasn’t speaking at all. Just staring. He started coming close to her while Twinkle gets surprised and looks away. (Sajna ve plays) Kunj is coming closer and is millimeters away from her cheek. She closes her eyes afraid of what Kunj will do. Suddenly she opened her eyes and noticed him opening the compartment infront of her and took out a rag and a bottle of water and gives it to her. “Go and wash your face.” He pulls away. She quickly takes it and opens the car door. “What were you thinking i was going to do haa? You dirty minded woman.” He said smirking. “Don’t worry Twinkle you know you’re safe with me.” She got out of the car and blushed.
T (in her mind) – Haa Kunj i know. I know meh bilkul safe hu. With you.. You won’t let any harm come to me. She smiled and opened the bottle and washed her face.
Kunj, who was looking at her from inside the car was also smiling. He caught himself looking at her lovingly and snapped out of it.

Kunj’s POV
“Kunj? What has gotten into buddy? Tum thik tuh ho nah? Why is your heart suddenly controlling your body? Haa? Why is it that when you look at her your hormones are suddenly sparking? Why is it that her every move just makes you restless? And oh my god i don’t believe this! Look its happening again!” (POV ends)

Kunj was now lost in twinkle. Her hair was playing with the wind while she slowly splashes water on her face rubbing the mud off. Kunj steps out of the car and walks towards her. (Tu Zaroori (cover) by Armaan Malik starts playing. Guys if you’ve never heard this song please listen to it while reading this part) He walks towards her and takes the bottle and throws the water on both of them.Now they’re faces and hair are both wet. Kunj pulls her closer to him holding her waist and takes his other hand and locks it with hers. Her other hand is on his shoulder and they started dancing slowly and romantically. He picks her up and spins her around. He puts her down slowly and comes closer to her cheeks. He brushes her cheek with his sending shivers down her spine. They were now in a hugging position. Twinkle dug her head in his chest and stayed there for some time listening to his heart beats. She then rose up towards his ear and whispered his name. “Kunj.” He just smiled. Now he heard it a bit louder followed by someone shaking his arm. “Kunj!! Where are you lost? I’m done!” Kunj now realised it was just his imagination and Twinkle was actually sitting next to him in the car. “Kunj!! Challe?”
Kunj just nodded and drove off. Kunj was still puzzled and shocked. He thinks, “What is wrong with me? That was just a dream! Dammit kunj it wasn’t even suppose to be a dream. Come back to earth Kunj!” And he slapped himself. Twinkle looked at him awkwardly. “Kunj? … Why did…you slap..yourself? Pagal tuh nai nah?” “Oh sorry … Umm Mosquitoes nah iss le yeh.” Twinkle again looked at him questioningly. “Mosquitoes? Kunj you ok nah?” Kunj just smiled at her nervously, “Haa meh thik hu. Look we’re home!” He parked the car and ran out. Twinkle stood there lost. “What has gotten into him all of a sudden? Oh well..” She walked into the house and went to her room.
“God my head is paining alot. Ahh! My allergies are worst than i thought. I should call Kunj and ask him to get me a painkiller.” Just as she was about to call him she changed her mind. “No, never mind. Kunj is acting a bit weird today. Leave it, i don’t know what’s gotten in to him.” She layed back in her bed and dozed off.
Back in Kunj’s room, Kunj was still lost and perplexed and kept wondering what had happened to him today. He was smiling and recalling how he first met Twinkle in her anger mode. Her shawl flying on him, how they fell on the bed, how they first became friends and their day and night out singing, watching movies and playing with the children. He moved towards his parents photo and looked at them. “You two have alot of explaining to do! What is going on with me? Only the two of you usually tell me what’s going on in my life..Ab kya hua mujhe? Bolo nah!! I’m so lost and lonely without you. I miss you.” He was on the verge of crying. “Every time i look at Twinkle I remember you Maa. And when she’s being stubborn i remember you Papa. She’s just like the two of you but i don’t know what’s happened to me. I feel happy when im around her and she makes me feel safe and calm also. I can be myself when I’m around her and when she’s not with me, I get restless and.worried. Maa bolna! Why are you quiet? I suddenly need u so badly. (Sad tunes play) He wipes his tears, sat,picked up his guitar and strummed a little tune. Suddenly he looks up in shock and hurriedly stands up and looks at them. He stammers, “I hope..I’m..not in with Twinkle?! No! No! I hope not! Maa I’m not nah? Papa?” He sighs.

***Flashback (when Usha and Manohar was alive)***

Kunj was resting his head on Usha’s lap while he and Manohar were playing cards.
Kunj – Maa!! Dekho nah! Papa is cheating!
Manohar – acha? What did I do?
Kunj – Maa dekh nahh! And he starts fake crying Usha starts laughing at his childishness. “Kunj! Stop acting like a little child nah!”
Kunj looks at her sternly and starts talking to her in a baby voice, “But papa is cheating! Tell him big boys don’t cheat!” Usha pulls his ears. “And big boys don’t cry and act like babies.” She said teasing him. Manohar sits up and holds kunj’s hands. “Kunj when will you learn to actually get serious? I mean, haa, nothing is wrong with you having fun but sometimes other things are important in life.” He said. Kunj looked at him pretending to be scared and then at his mother. “Maa, why is papa suddenly all serious? Sab thik hai? You aren’t planning on shipping me away nah?” Usha rolled her eyes. “Lo, he started with his naughtiness again. Come on Kunj we’re trying to be responsible parents here! You can’t depend on us your entire life. Someday we will have to go and….” Kunj puts his hand on her mouth. “Chup! Ek dum chup! You’ve said alot and who told you that you’re not responsible parents haa? You’re the world’s best parents thik hai? Aur tum dono kaheen nahin ja rahe!” He said strictly.
Manohar- Ok Kunj we’re not going anywhere but still you will need somebody else in your life soon enough and you will have to show that person that you are responsible enough to take care of both of you.
Kunj- You are implying my life partner nah? Say it clearly .. Meh bacha nai ho.
Usha- really? so what were you saying a while ago?
Kunj- umm…kuch nahi..
She laughed. “Soon you’ll forget about us when you start running after girls and so.”
“No Maa!! Never.. You are the only woman in my life.” And he hugged her.
Manohar coughed feeling left out. “Ahem!” Kunj looked at him and started to laugh. “Don’t worry Papa you’re the third wheel,” he said and hugged usha tighter.He let go of usha and whispered to manohar. “Don’t worry papa, Maa doesn’t no that im cheating on her with you.” They started laughing. Kunj held both of their hands and squeezed them. “Don’t worry, the girl that will become your daughter-in-law will have to love you two first and accept you. She will have to understand i love you more than anything in this world.”
They smiled at him. “Promise us Kunj. That you will complete your studies and start working and earn on your own before bringing any girl to show us, Ok?”
“Arre, thik hai. I promise Papa. I promise I will show you that I’m old enough and responsible to become somebody and earn on my own ok?” And he hugs them and have a family moment.

***Flashback ends***

Tears were flowing down kunj’s cheeks but he was smiling. “You two actually did go and leave me nah?” He wiped his tears and cleared his face. “Don’t worry, I’ll fulfill the promise I made before bringing Twinkle to you. I promise.”
Kunj (in his mind) – “Twinkle, you may have started controlling my heart but not my mind. Before you plan and take that over too, I will have to fulfill my promise i made to my parents.”
He smiles and looks at her photo. “Sorry my siyappa queen, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I want you, Twinkle and my parents’ trust both and i can go to any extent to get it. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait long.” and he kisses her photo and he fell asleep on the floor leaning his head on his parents’ photo. (Remember it was a huge picture frame which was standing near his cupboard)

The scene (camera) shifts above Sarna mansion. It shows the calm, starry and bright night. A shooting star passes a constellation of two hearts joining together. Two voices now break the silence of the still night but only you, the readers can hear what they’re saying.

“On this special night, the journey of two unique lovers shall start. They will stand by each other for eternity but shall have to pass through several phases in their lives to finally be with each other. Their hearts will beat for each other , they will yearn for each other and be with each forever.
On this unforgettable night begins the unknown love story of Twinkle Taneja and Kunj Manohar Sarna.”

**Ek Naya Rishta Shuroo Hota Hai**

Episode ends on the screen splitting on Twinkle and Kunj’s faces.

No Precap

I can’t explain the joy i have right now!! Seriously you guys made my day with your comments. i love you people yaar!! Thank you so so much for commenting. I mean i wasn’t feeling very happy because the comments had dropped terribly and i was sad thinking you all are maybe not liking my ff but your comments and love changed my thinking. I’ll keep writing for those who are reading,as one of my fav writer told me (you no yourself yaar a big hug from me to you ❤)
So i hope u guys have enjoyed today’s episode. I know my last episode’s precap was that the preparation continues but i changed it because of this idea which popped in my head.
Did you like kunj’s dream sequence?
Did you like his realisation? (Though he isn’t ready to accept it as yet)
Did you like flashback scene? His bonding with his parents?
Did you like the message at the last part of the episode? Want to guess whose voices they were?
Please do tell me in your comments please ?? ??
Byee.. love you all from the bottom of my heart ??

By the way Sweetie kahan hai? Im missing her ff ?

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