My heart beats for only you (Episode 10)

Episode 10

Recap – In last epi, it showed Maya being behind the destruction that was created in the Hall and Twinkle missing.

Episode starts with Kunj worrying for Twinkle.

Kunj’s POV :
“Twinkle, where are you? Its been over an hour and you’re still nowhere to be found. I miss you yaar. Haa i miss you siyappa queen! I should’ve known that Maya words maybe hurt you. Im a bad friend. Please babaji, give me a sign where she is. I just want to see her again. I hope she’s ok.”

Siddarth,Sargun,Varun and Chinki ran towards him.
C- any sign of her kunj?
Kunj nodded no and tears started weld up in his eyes. He sat down and tried to be calm. His friends tried to calm him down. Varun put his hand on Kunj’s shoulder to comfort him. “Bro, calm down yaar nothing will happen to her.” “Haa kunj, now wipe these little teardrops in your eyes that you’re trying to hide.” Said chinki trying to make him feel better. Siddarth was looking ahead on the corridor, squinted and was alarmed. “Umm what colour was Twinkle wearing today again?” He asked questioningly. “Brown, why?” Said kunj and looked at him. Sid jaws dropped. “Isn’t that her coming there and she’s…” “Covered with cobwebs!!” Exclaimed Sargun. “Yea and dust. Where did she go and coming back like that?”
Kunj looked up and started crying(tears of joy) and sighing at the same time. Twinkle was walking towards them from across the corridor and was coughing and sneezing every second. In a split second, Kunj ran towards her and pulled her in a bonecrushing hug leaving Twinkle alarmed. “Kunj kya hua? … Achoo” she said breaking the hug.
“Oh nothing siyappa queen. Just that i was running mad looking for you all over. Have you seen the time? You’ve been gone so long yaar! Don’t do that to me again. I was hell worried!” He complained and hugged her again. Twinkle smiled and hugged him again. “I didn’t no i was that important to you Mr Sadu Sarna. I wonder what will happen to you if i disappear for a day.” Kunj put his hand on her mouth, stepped closer and looked deep into her red and swollen eyes due to sneezing alot. Sajna ve plays in BG while they are lost in each other. Kunj slowly took his hand off her mouth and whispered silently but made sure she heard every word, “Twinkle you are very important to me ok? And don’t even think of going away from me.You know you’re the only person i have with me right now and it is my duty as your best friend to take care and look out for you. Remember we promised each other to never leave each other’s hands. Yaad hai nah? Twinkle nodded. And they touched each other’s foreheads. Sargun coughed, “Ahem, Kunj we also were worried for twinkle…” (Song stops) Kunj and Twinkle composed themselves and smiled.
T – Kya yaar Kunj!! You got me so emotional…achoo! That now my eyes are all watery…Achho!” Chinki offered her some water and she sat down and refreshed herself. “That’s better. Except for this stuffy nose.” Chinki and Sargun was helping her dust off the cobwebs off her clothes while she rest her head on kunj’s shoulder since she was feeling terrible. Varun started laughing. “Vaise Twinkle, where did you disappear to that made u come back looking like an old furniture? The college’s basement?” Chinki glared at him. “Shut up Varun!”
Twinkle laughed, “Actually he’s right.” “Wait what were you doing in there? And how did you reach there?” Twinkle rose from his shoulder. “Arre one…Achhoo..question at a time. Actually, after what happened in the hall, i needed some fresh air to think of a proper solution to this problem. I was wandering around until i reached the basement and you will never guess what i found!” She said smiling. “Huh? What did you find Twinkle?” Asked Siddharth. Twinkle winked at them. “Our solution!” They were puzzled and asked twinkle to go more in details. “Arre, follow me.” And she led them to the basement.

They opened the door and started coughing. “Oh God this place is filthy… Achoo…Ahh,” yelled Varun holding His head. Chinki laughed,”Darling you sound like Maya! Haha!”
Varun rolled his eyes and looked at twinkle. “This is why you brought us down here? To show us a couple of boxes? And a set of cupboards?” “No, just look inside them and you’ll see what im talking about,” she said smiling. They looked inside and was shocked and extremely happy. They turned at twinkle who was busy holding her head up high in pride.”Haa Haa i know im the best, no need to tell me.”
K- You are indeed the best yaar. This is the solution to all our problems! And he gave her a quick hug.
Sargun- like seriously twinkle this is amazing. Where were you all our lives? She asked. They laughed and they congratulated her on her find and had a group hug.
The boxes and cupboards were filled with rolls of cloths, balloons ,streamers and different types of decorations. “This is will solve everything and we will hardly need the money Sir gave us.”said kunj who was relieved.
T- well actually we will need the money because these boxes only have purple and white clothes. But these purple are lilac, the light shade and there’s alot of them too.
C- so what’s wrong with that?
T – Actually there’s nothing wrong but don’t you want this anniversary be a bit more lively and besides we can do it.
Siddarth- So what are you suggesting we should do Twinkle?
She looked at him then at Kunj. She grabbed kunj’s bag, took out the money and count it. “Well we have enough money here to buy anymore decorations needed. So in this case, firstly we need more cloth.”
Kunj looked at her, eyebrow raised up. “Oh hello, we need to use the money wisely so why more cloth?”
“Haa twinkle there are so many…” Said sargun who was also confused.
“Ok let me explain. Since we have tons of lilac coloured cloths, we won’t want to use all for the entire Hall. That would look extremely plain and dull. So we could use the money to buy darker shades of purple which we’re going to blend together and would make the hall look better and beautiful. I mean picture it guys, the hall decorated in the theme of using purple and we’re going to add some spark in it. The mixture of the light and dark purple colours together and then the white can be used to cover the posts of the hall and tie balloons around them. And then to enhance it up a bit were going to add the fairy lights which we will also have to purchase.” “Wow i must admit siyappa queen, you’re idea is amazing yaar! But i disagree with the last part.”
“What do u mean Kunj?” Asked twinkle. He smiled. “Ek minute.” He walked over to Varun and said, “Look behind you.” Varun turned around scared hoping to see a rat or something but he sighed and then exclaimed excitedly and looked at Kunj. “Kunj!! That’s perfect!!”
T- arre what? Tell us!! Im lost here… Varun picked up a lava lamp from the box and held it up so they can see it. Their faces brightened it. Twinkle picked up another one. “Hmm lava lamps, not bad kunj but what are we gonna do with this?” “Well, you did say that were going to make the hall look unique. So why don’t we use unique Ideas?”
Siddarth- I think i know what you’re gettin at. Instead of the fairylights , lava lamps is a substitute?
K- Haa Sid. Thts right but we’ll use the fairy lights to run them along the cloth and the lava lamps will be placed at every possible corner of the hall.
V – That’s a good idea yaar. Let’s see we have 15 in these boxes but some are broken. And they aren’t lighting…How will this work Kunj? Sargun ruffled Varun’s hair and said with a smile. “That’s where Sid and I come in. No worries we’ll carry these home and fix them. And the lights..??”
K- we’ll put combination of silver and purple lights…What say Twinkle?
Twinkle nodded in agreement. “That’ll work.”
Kunj sighed, “Good that’s settled.” (Guys i hope u know what is a lava lamp. I know what it is but i have no idea if it works like this but don’t mind me nah in my ff anything is possible ???)

“Oh God, can we please get out of this stuffy room now?”
“Sure, but one minute,” said twinkle standing up. “Ab kya Twinkle? Asked kunj.
“Look at what Siddharth is leaning on.
“Huh? Oh these thick pieces of wood.”…”Exactly,” she said.
K- ok, so what are you planning to do with it?
T – Well im thinking we could use it to carve a huge ’50’ to put somewhere in the hall. What do you think?
“Wow! Another great idea Twinkle. That would bring a great impression to the college.” “Thanks Chinki!”
K – I must admit your ideas are out of this world and you have a great solution. Its just that now we need to start ASAP!
V – Haa that’s true. Twinkle im grateful to you for disappearing yaar.
“Oh wow, Varun thanks alot!”
Out of curiosity, Sargun spoke up, “There’s just one thing i don’t get.” “Kya?” asked Kunj. “If there were more decorations down here, which are brand new then why did the principal and teachers made it clear to us that they weren’t anything left back?”
Sid- that’s true yaar.Think we should ask?
K- nahh leave it.We’ll let him know later for now let’s focus on getting work done.
They nodded. They decided to carry everything back to the hall, so they cleared the boxes out leaving only the thick boards which Sid,Kunj and Varun were going to work on in the basmemt. Sargun picked up the lava lamps and carried them to Sid’s car since that was their duty to fix and bring the following day.
“Guys i hope Maya won’t ruin this plan of ours because its like the only option left,” said Chinki who began making everyone worried but Kunj assured her that he would make sure she stay away from the hall and if she wanted to help, she would have to ask either one of them. They reached to the hall, closed the door behind them and told the students what they had discussed in the basement. They all liked the idea and clapped for Twinkle. She smiled and was glad she could help. They took out the cloth and started folding, cutting and placing them in different styles and hung them up in the hall. Varun and Chinki had left to buy the other set of cloths. Twinkle walked up to Kunj and tapped his shoulder since his back was facing her. He turned and saw her. “Kunj why do you look so worried? Sab thik hai?” “Haa Twinkle im just looking out for Maya. I dont want her causing more problems for us.” “Arre Kunj calm down nah. I don’t think she’s going to be back for now after all we did push her away and made it clear that we didn’t want her around.
Kunj looked at her a bit calmer. “Well i guess you’re right. Oh here, have this.” He forwarded some medicine and a bottle of water to her. “Kunj, what is this?” “Miss Twinkle Taneja, do you want to walk around the college looking all swollen? You’re allergies have raised. Your eyes and face are swollen and red and look you’re still sneezing! Tomato!” Twinkle widened her eyes ,”Meh? Aur tomato? Kunj!!” And she started hitting him. Kunj was laughing,”If u don’t want me to call you that then drink the medicines!” “Noo i won’t!!” She yelled. “Acha thik hai, I won’t talk to you then,” and he turned his face the other direction. Twinkle quickly pushed the tablet in her mouth and gulped down a mouthful of water. Kunj smiled at her childish ness. She showed him a puppy face and made an it-was-bitter face too. Kunj just laughed. “”They’ll help you get better so whenever i tell you to drink it you better do!” She laughed and said in a childish voice ,”okay doctor saheb!” They laughed and Kunj carressed her face while Twinkle looks at him lovingly. (Sajna ve plays) “Kunj..” “Hmmm?” He said still caressing her face. “Kunj!!” She yelled louder and he snapped out of his world. “Haa? Kya?” “I need to go.” “Haa tuh jaa nah,” he said staring at her.
T (in her mind smirking) – “he’s not listening to me. Wait, I’ll teach him lesson!” She giggled softly.
She started moving her finger sensually across his face then she started tickling him. He was taken aback and started laughing. “Twinkle…haha..Twinkle…ha..ok ok ok!! Im sorry!! Haha!” Twinkle left him and smirked ,”Ho gaya? Done staring?” “No … I mean Yeah,” he said still holding his stomach. Twinkle started laughing and stepped a bit further away from him. “Mr Sarna , your condition was worth watching ?!!” She said and laughed. “Twinkle you…!” She showed him her tongue and ran away πŸ˜› .
Kunj smiled. “This girl will drive me crazy.” And he ran his hand through his hair and looked up.”Kya yaar?! What plans do the two of you have up there? Hmmm I have to find out since you won’t tell me.” He smiled and left to continue his work.

End of episode

Precap – Preparation continues … =)

Heyyy!! All’s well? Hope you understood today’s epi. Anyway thank you all those who commented in yesterday’s episode! :). The level of comments are kinda dropping which is kind of disappointing ?. Guys if u r not liking the track then plzz do tell. Zakiya and Aamu thanks for commenting and here’s the link for the summary of my ff (episodes 1-5) and for the previous episodes…

I’ve provided the links .. Do read them ?
And guys please do tell me if you find anything confusing. If so, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Love you all ❀❀ Bye!!

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