My Heart beats for??? – Epi 7


Recap :

Lucky runs to Sanskar and holds him….. Sumi and Sekhar consoles him and says that everything will be fine….
Sekhar: Sanskar, we are really sorry on Ragini’s behalf….. She is not able to digest the truth….
Sanskar: I understand Uncle… But please tc of Ayan…. I will send kaki tomorrow morning to your house
Sumi: Don’t worry beta, I will take care of him… U can come home anytime….. She turns towards Laksh and says beta, from now on u r family…. Though Swara left us all, never feel yourself to be alone…. We all r with you… Tc beta
All 4 left to their respective places….. Swara was puzzled, but she knew that her mother would somehow manage Ayan….

At Ragini’s home:
Ragini: No beta don’t cry… See mamma is here…. What do you want….
Ayan got down from her and started to beat her with his tiny hands…… And was crying Paa…. Paa…
Ragini ran behind to catch him but he hides below the sofa….When Ragini takes him out, he bites her and shouts loudly…. Ragini was not able to handle him anymore…. Very patiently she was trying out some tricks on him….. She felt herself to be wet, Ha hey sued on her…. Both of their dresses became wet, just then her parents came in….. Sumi took Ayan and asked Ragini to change her clothes…. They were worried as they don’t have any clothes for Ayan and due to late hours, even the shops were closed… Just then there was bell ring… And Sekhar went to open the door… He found Sanskar with a bag at his door step…

Sanskar entered into the room and took Ayan from Sumi and asked Sumi to manage Ragini for few mins till the time he leaves….. Sumi went into the bedroom and closed the door and said to Ragini who was inside bathroom
Sumi: Ladoo, take head bath and then come out
Ragini: But why Maa… I will just change my clothes and will come back…
Sumi: No Ladoo…. Ayan may not like…. If you smell good, he would stay with you or else he would cry again….

Ragini: Where is he Maa???
Sumi: I gave him to papa, and just came inside to tell you to bath
Ragini: Maa tc of him till I come back….. I will come soon
Sumi : No beta, take your own time…. I will manage him…. She went out and locked the door…
Ayan was super happy looking at Sanskar ….. He kissed on his cheek and hugged him tightly and was saying Paa.. Paa…… Sanskar kissed him back and said… Don’t worry I am here only na, he quickly changed his clothes and asked Sumi to boil some milk…. Sanskar made Ayan to drink milk and after that he made him sleep on his chest…… Ayan slowly fell asleep but he did hold Sanskar tightly…. Ragini came out of bathroom and was knocking door to open it….. Sekhar replied back that Ayan is sleeping just wait for few mins I will open the door…. Or else he will woke up again…. Ragini obeyed not known that Sanskar was present at her home….

After sometime Sanskar made Ayan slowly sleep on Sofa and silently left the place after wishing Sekhar and Sumi…. Sumi went and opened the door….. Ragini came out and was surprised to see Ayan sleeping
Ragini: How did you make him sleep so easily Maa????

Sekhar: Then what did you think about your mother, she is a magician….
Sumi smiled back as to hide the real reason behind
Ragini: So God made Mother….. Hats off to you…..
Swara who was standing outside, listened and smiled at her Sister’s innocence…..
Ragini went near Ayan to take inside the room was puzzled for a min, and turned towards Sumi and Sekhar and looked at them questioningly
Sekhar: What happened???
Ragini: Papa don’t try to hide….
Sumi: What are we hiding????
Ragini: U people have managed everything nicely, but one thing you forgot….. His clothes got changed….. Y did you people allow Sanskar to get inside
Sumi: So you knew that only Sanskar can come for Ayan….. Tell me one thing would you be able to live if I keep you away from myself…..
Ragini: You are my mother she uttered
Sumi: In the same way Sanskar is Ayan’s mother and father….
Ragini: Maa please stop all these… And Anyhow there is no point of arguing…….
Sekhar: Ladoo……… Just think once, he ran here just to look at Ayan, he knows each and every need of him

Ragini: Papa…….. he is the reason for my sister’s death even…….
Sumi: No beta, it was just fate…… Being a mother I know I should not say this but the truth is, if Swara was alive you would have not been there
Ragini: It would have been more better na Maa… Ayan would have got his father, mother and his Grandparents love………. She left to her room along with Ayan crying……
Sumi and Sekhar uttered then Ayan also wouldn’t have been there Ladoo……
Ragini went into her room and placed Ayan on the bed, she looked at him and started to say…….. Ayan I know you are not comfortable with us…. But baby trust me, soon you will accept me….. I have to do something saying that she opened her Laptop and started working on it……
Early in the morning… Ragini went to Sekhar and Sumi and woke them up and said…. Get Ready Papa and Maa, we will be leaving Mumbai forever…Kolkata flight is at 3pm, so we will start from this place by 11am…… I have settled everything, we have nothing left here… We will take Ayan along with us and leave this place…… and please Papa don’t try to inform Sanskar

Hey Guys I am really sorry, I am not able to reply you back……. It takes a lot of time to upload…. So in every episode I will answer your questions of previous episodes…. Hope you won’t mind guys

Lol: 15 months back Swara had an accident and died in it, hence her heart was translated to Ragini as per her wish…. But Swara doesn’t know that the person is none other than Ragini…

Tooba: Swara’s soul is afraid as her Sisters condition is not good…. She will come again in front of her definitely……. Situation should demand?

Kaira:Thanks dear… We should wait and see if Swara would help her in anyway…..But I am afraid that she may not come in front of her so soon

Aruhi: Thanks Dear, hey could you pls let me know it’s actual name, as I am not able to find it… Aruhi is it in Swaragini ff’s…. Please help me out dear with its full ff name…. I would love to read it

Hayathi:Even I feel the same dear…. But I think she is upto something…

Manyatha: Sure about misunderstandings…. But can’t tell about pair, we have to see who is going to do magic would it be Laksh, Sanskar or cutie Ayan
Joona,pav,Anu,Meghs,Venni…. Thanks to you all….
Special Thanks to Silent Readers too…
I hope I replied to everyone…..I am really sorry, if I had missed out anyone as it might take some time to get upload

Credit to: Ashrita

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