My Heart beats for??? – Epi 5


Episode 4

When Sanskar reached home, he heard Ayan crying and ran towards his room…. He took Ayan and went into Kitchen to get some food for him…… there he saw Annapurna(Ap) preparing food
Sanskar: Maa….
Ap: Arey beta wen did you come???? Get fresh up and come, I will prepare something for you…..
Sanskar: Maa what are you trying to do maa… Ayan was crying and you don’t even care……
Ap : Why should I!!!! Sanskar I told you many times to send him to orphanage…. He is no one to us
Sanskar: Maa…. Why should he go to orphanage??? When he has his Grandma, Grandpa, Father everyone around him….. He is not an Orphan ma
Ap: The day Swara died, the moment he became Orphan…
Sanskar: What was his mistake Maa
Ap: You want to know his mistake, then listen because of him Swara died
Sanskar: No Maa, it’s not because of him, but it’s all because of me she died, but you all are blaming him..
Ap: Sanskar, if he was not in her womb we could have saved her…. All the above, I care only for my son’s happiness
Sanskar: Maa what would you do if me or Laksh are in the same situation, would you save us or will u save your self!!!!! Being a mother you should explain Lucky but even u and papa are taking his side…. What was Ayan’s mistake??? Till I am alive, I will not let anything happen to Ayan…..
Saying that he took some food for Ayan and left the place and called someone
Sanskar: Kaki why did you leave Ayan alone??? Where r u???
Kaki: I am here itself beta coming and she has cut the call
Sanskar saw kaki entering the house with some vegetables
Sanskar : What’s the need for you to go kaki…. U r here to take care of Ayan only… Who asked u to do all these???
Ap: I asked her to go…. No one was there to bring veg… So I asked her
Kaki: Beta, Ayan was sleeping, so I thought that I could return by the time he wakes up
Sanskar: Kaki but from next time….don’t leave him like that, I am going to office only on your belief… Please it’s a kind request, ànd for today you can leave saying that he left to his room

Sanskar started to feed Ayan… Ayan started to ply with him and kissed him on his nose…. With 2 milky teeth’s at the front he started to bite his nose… Sanskar enjoyed his company
Sanskar: Ayan…. What did you do today??? Tell to your Bade papa
Ayan acted that he did bhajan, showed his toys and enacted how he played with them…..
Sanskar after feeding food, he made Ayan sleep on his chest and even he fall sleepy…… His sleep was disturbed with a phone call…. He placed Ayan on the bed and answered the call, it was Ragini’s father
Sekhar: Beta we reached Mumbai, where did Ragini admitted???
Sanskar: Don’t worry Uncle she is fine… My brother Lucky is with her and he gave the address……. I will be there in another hr uncle…..
Sekhar : Thanks beta…. I will call u back once I reach there
Sanskar took Ayan along with him and started to drive towards hospital
Swara saw her parents and tried to speak to them, but they didn’t respond….. She understood that they can’t hear or see her…. They rushed into the room where Ragini was admitted and there they saw Ragini was lying unconscious on the bed
Lucky: May I know you???
Sekhar: We r Ragini’s parents…
Nurse who was passing from that room saw all of them, asked them to vacate the room and wait outside and she would inform them once she gains consciousness…. So all the 3 left the room
Lucky: Uncle I am Laksh…..
Sekhar: Ha Sanskar told us…. I am really sorry beta, I should haven’t been so harsh towards Swara and hugs him
Lucky too hugs him back and apologises that he was not able to save Swara……. He bends and takes blessings of Sekhar and Sumi
Sanskar reaches there with Ayan, wishes them and hands over Ayan to Sumi and says them that he is your Grandson…. Swara’s and Laksh’s son…..
Laksh moves back looking at Ayan…. Sanskar explains everything to Sekhar…..
Sekhar pats Laksh shoulder and says that I know beta, It’s all your love for Swara that is making you to behave in such way… Time will heal every pain….
Sanskar: Uncle haven’t u read the news about Swara which I had published an year ago……Continuous week I made it publish on Kolkata edition about Swara’s death…. It was already 3 months she passed away by that time
Sekhar: We read it beta… But 3 months before that Ragini has undergone with heart Transplantation…. Doctors told us that, she should not take any kind of stress…. I already lost one and I became selfish…. now I don’t want to loose the other… It became very hard for us to hide that news from her…..
Swara, Lucky and Sanskar were equally shocked to hear that Ragini has Undergone Heart Transplantation…..
Lucky: When did it happen uncle???
Sekhar: It was 2yrs back when we came to know that Ragini hade hole in her heart, we came to Mumbai for her Surgery, but being a very rare blood group, we were not able to get any heart for her operation……. She was admitted in the hospital and her health was detraining, one day doctors informed 30 mins before operation that, heart got arranged…. We don’t know whose it was….. We are really thankful to the family whoever gave a new life to our Ladoo, and showed the reports to them…… Swara read the reports along with them……

Swara ran towards Ragini’s room and looked at her through the glass door…. Is this the reason why you are able to see me……She reminisces the day of her accident… She was carried to operation theatre and she was conscious…. Being a doctor herself, she understood her condition, that either she or baby could only be saved, she requested doctor to save her baby and asked them to donate her heart to the person whose blood group matches with her, as hers a very rare blood group……. Swara reminisced how her co doctors used to discuss about the girl who needs heart which was matching with hers…….. She came to present……. Lucky fell down after checking her reports, her blood group and the date of her operation….. He murmured she has my Swara’s heart……….

Sekhar and Sumi were shocked knowing the truth…..
Swara “Is this the reason why Ragini was able to see me……. My heart recognised me….. So her heart rate varies when I am nearing her……….. My heart is with my Lovable sister, though being away from you I was able to save you………..”


Guys I am really happy with your response and thanks to everyone for encouraging……. But few things have scared me……… Guys I am reading all of your comments……… I was reading comments like if I pair up RagSan/Swalak or SwaSan/RagLak I will get more comments…. But sincerely guys if you like my story it’s enough for me….. I am not writing for counting no of comments but out of passion…. I am not trying to hurt any of you, but please no more comments on pairs because it could be Either RagLak or RagSan which I want to keep as a suspense….. I am saying it once again no SwaLak/SwaSan….. I guess you will support me…..
Clearing few questions
1. Swara is dead and ghost, I would prefer to say as her soul but I would mention her as Swara itself ….. Wherever I mention it as Swara its her soul…. I would clearly mention if it is flashback…
2. Swara used to plead Sanskar because she knew that no one cares about her son other than Sanskar….. If he leaves for office, Ayan would be alone and she is worried for him
3. Ayan is SwaLak’s child but disowned by family members except Sanskar
4. Only Ragini can see Swara

Credit to: Ashrita

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