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Ragini found herself on bed in sick ward when she opened her eyes…. She was alone, soon she found a landline and dialled to her home….
Ragini: Papa!!! And she started to cry
Sekhar: Ladoo…. What happened why r you crying???? From where r u calling me???
Ragini: Papa I came to know about Di…..
Sekhar was tensed hearing her, Ragini…. Be calm…. We will reach there soon…
Ragini : Papa finally I saw Swara Di…….and I know to whom she is married
Sekhar: What are you saying Ladoo???? How is it possible!!!!
Ragini: Yes papa… I saw her with my eyes…. And she got married to Sanskar Maheshwari…..
Sekhar: Maheshwari!!!!!
Ragini: Yes papa….. Papa she has an year Old baby boy “Ayan”
Sekhar: R u sure beta???? Did she see you???? Did you speak to her
Ragini : No papa I was not able to talk to her, and she didn’t see me, and I know where I can meet her again….. Papa don’t be angry on her anymore
Sekhar: No beta ….. He cried and said If she is safe that’s enough for me….. And then he cut the call
Sumi: About whom you were talking???? And why are you crying???
Sekhar: Ladoo’s call and told her everything, whatever she informed him
Sumi: How is this possible Sekhar????? Is my Shona fine…. Nothing happened to her???? Then what about the news that we read long back????
Sekhar : I think we have to go Mumbai today itself…..

Sick ward :
Ragini was murmuring “ What did you do to yourself dii??? That Sanskar is not even allowing you to take care of your baby , I wont leave you here even for 1 sec… I will take you and your baby along with me… No need to stay with such people who doesn’t value or care for you…

Swara who heard Ragini’s conversation with her father, realised that Ragini misunderstood….. She wanted to go in front of her and tell the truth, at that time she saw Sanskar who came to Ragini, so she stopped herself going in front of her
Sanskar : Miss Gadodia……. Hru now????
Ragini: Sanskar where is my sister????
Sanskar: Ragini r u fine!!! How will I know about your sister???
Ragini: Don’t you know her??????? Swara Gadodia my sister….. Did you get it now she shouted!!!!
He was shocked to hear Swara’s name…..Sanskar came near Ragini holding her one hand caringly and said, Do u know Swara???? Is she really your Sister!!!! An year back I have published the news in Kolkata edition haven’t you people read it????? Do you know the condition of baby!!!!! How come you people hate her so much !!!!!…. His eyes were misted

Laksh who came to see Ragini heard them and said….. Is my Swara your sister Ragini????
Ragini: Please stop your nonsense and yelled at them where is my sister?????
Sanskar held his hand on Laksh’s shoulder, while Laksh eyes are welled up… He replied her… Swara Laksh Maheshwari is dead…. She is no more in this world……
Ragini slapped Laksh hardly and said don’t dare to talk like that about my sister, I saw her… She is alive…
I saw her kissing you today…. Don’t lie… Where is she??? What are you brothers planning to do with my sister, if she married Laksh, why is she pleading you Sanskar???? answer me what are you both trying to do with her and she fell down……..

Sanskar and Laksh immediately carried her to hospital as she was breathing heavily…..
Swara became tensed looking at her Sisters condition….
After check up doctor informed SanLak that she is fine but her heart beat rate is getting varied sometimes….. I was not able to understand the problem…… So i have done ECG…… At that time I understood, that she had undergone some heart surgery….. There is a scar on her left chest…….. I think it’s better if she stay for today at hospital…. Please inform at her home…..

Sanskar collected her details and called at her home and informed them to reach Mumbai immediately, soon Sanskar left to home asking Laksh to take care of Ragini….. Swara heard them and went near Ragini to check her, she observed in the monitor that her heart is racing when she is nearing her…. When she is moving away from her it is coming to normal…. She cried looking at her sister……

Swara was lost in her thoughts looking at Ragini… Should I get happy that u r able to see me or should I be worried that because of me your life is in danger Ladoo….. I Love you dear…. My baby needs a mother Love Ladoo……….. It’s you who can give him that Love….. All I need is my families happiness…..

Laksh came to Ragini, sat near her holding her hand and said….. I know Ragini you are disturbed….. U don’t want to believe that Swara is no more, even my condition was same when I came to know that she has left me forever…. She chose baby over me…. She could be alive if she wanted, but no… She wanted to save her baby, I hate her baby, he was the reason of my Swara’s death….. Till her last breath she gave importance to her profession but didn’t even think about me once….. I might behave normal in front of everyone……I feel like dying….. I Love her lot…….. But she never thought about me, she has become selfish about her child……

Swara became emotional hearing Laksh’s words……. No Lucky, I love u more than anyone else in the world…. I just behaved how every mother would….. Lucky how could u think about me like that…. I even left my parents just for u Lucky….. The most happiest moments for me is just with you Lucky………

On the other hand, Sanskar was driving home, something flashed “ Sanskar, if I have given a chance to select someone for you, then I would choose my Ladoo for you…. Picture perfect” ….. He stopped the car…. Swara I am not perfect for anyone, how could I face her now……… When she will come to know the reason behind your death, will she be ever able to forgive me????? I need my bestie today…… will Ragini be ever able to understand me???? What will be your parents situation!!!!!!…. Instead of you, God should have taken me that day………. I never thought that Miss Gadodia can be your Ladoo…. Do you know why I used to call her like that??? It used to give me a feel that you are with me…………….

Thank you Guys for your response….. Thanks to silent readers too… I want to clear you once again that, though Swara was paired with Laksh, she has got nothing to do now…. It’s all about Ragini and whom she would Love and chose as her life partner……. Swara will be there to support her…. But not as a pair with anyone…. I know many of you are confused with the plot… I will try to clear few things as I was not able to reply to few of your ques…
1. Lucky was smiling looking towards Swara, he didn’t smiled at Swara. He was talking with someone in phone and smiling, as Ragini was able to see her, she thought that he was smiling at her
2. Unintentionally he rubbed his cheeks after kiss but it made Ragini feel that he reciprocated
3. Lakshya has not mentioned that Ayan is Sanskar’s baby, he just told her “baby”… It was Ragini who concluded it as Sanskar’s baby and hence concluded Swara as his wife…

I will try to answer your questions in the comment section, if not in next episode I will … Thanks guys… Take care… Happy holiday ☺☺☺☺

Credit to: Ashrita

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