My Heart beats for??? – Epi 20

After few days Lucky found that still RagSan are behaving like strangers so he went to Ragini and said “Why both of you are behaving like this. Swara will never be happy”, Ragini replied “Di will be happy only after the actual culprit comes out”. Laksh was amused “Culprit????”. Ragini told him everything. Laksh was shell shocked after hearing everything he exclaimed “I know my bhai, he can’t do this, he is trying to hide someone”. Ragini exclaimed “ Lucky are you sure!!!! But how can you be so much sure about it???”

Lucky “He is my bhai damn it ànd the day of accident, I remember, I was about to come alone through taxi, but someone made bhai to pick me, so I know he can’t plan this, it could be planned by the person who instigated him to pick me from airport”. Ragini questioned “Who is that???”. Lucky replied “ I can’t tell you, but I need a favour could you please tell me where you have located the driver???” . Ragini “ It’s no use because Sanskar might have moved him to some other place”

Laksh questioned “ Did you check that place, if no, then I am sure he would be in that place,he would have not thought as he knows that how you would think”. Ragini exclaimed “ even I want to come along with you”. Both of them left to find the drivers house and they were able to find him. Lucky and Ragini pleaded the driver to tell the truth but he didn’t open his mouth he only said that Sanskar planned everything. Laksh was distraught and said “your one truth would help two loved ones to come together and he pointed and Ragini and again said she is the one who married Sanskar, they love each other a lot and as my brother claims that he killed her sister, this girl who loves him is not able to accept him. I know you are hiding, I know my bhai he can’t harm anyone he is protecting someone, I know who thàt person is, but I wànt to hear from you”

Driver replied back and said “ Sanskar Sir is innocent, he did not do anything, he was hiding your mom, she wanted to kill Sanskar sir but your wife died”. Ragini was choked hearing it. Lucky replied “Thanks bhayya, I knew it was she because she was the one who made bhai to pick me up from airport”, he left the place, Ragini followed him and said Lucky I am really sorry I never knew why was Sanskar hiding all this, but now…. Lucky cut down her words and said “ Let’s go to home now I have to clear many things”.

RagLak reached the house and Lucky shouted “Maa where are you” standing in the hall. Dp, Ap and Sanskar came running to the hall. Ap neared Lucky and asked “What happened Lucky?? Why are you shouting???”. Ragini tried to stop Lucky but he did not care her and said “ Maa, I am ashamed to call you soo… Why did you try to kill my bhai……. You are not his real mom….. Today you proved that a step mom is always a step mom”. Ap eyes were misted over she fell on the ground. Sanskar slapped Lucky very hard “How dare you say something to Maa????”…. Lucky replied “ Bhai don’t try to hide anything else enough is enough I came to know the truth, she tried to kill you”. Dp was shell shocked hearing Lucky. Sanskar glared at Ragini. She was not able to meet his eyes.

Dp questioned Ap but why you always loved Sanskar more than Lucky what happened at a sudden that you wanted to kill my son???? What was happening and Sanskar you knew the truth and you still hide it!!!! Lucky told everything whatever he came to knew. Sanskar went to Ap hold her through the arms and said “ My Maa never did anything wrong, she always loves me more than anyone else, a mistake can happen with anyone”. Ap stopped him and said “Yes I love Sanskar more than you Lucky from childhood. I never had a feeling that he is my step son… No he is not he is my son….. But when you married Swara going against us I was not able to believe that Sanskar supported you people I kept him away from me, I stopped talking to him, my friends started to take me in wrong way that a step would be always a step and your own son would go away from you as even he married of his choice, then Sanskar would become the legal heir of the property, and not even a penny would go to him, even Lucky runs around Sanskar and he believes him more than you, that made me go against my son and planned the accident but Swara died in that and I saw my Sanskar battling for life, I was moved and I was not able to keep away myself from me, though he is not from my womb but the day I entered this house he was my world, I never even cared for you Lucky , even now I can’t live without my elder son, I told him the truth, I wanted to tell it to you and your dad but he stopped me, he made a promise on himself. I was feeling guilt of Swara death, when I see Ayan I could feel Swara in him, that made me kill daily as my one mistake ruined both of my sons life” she cried miserably and she fainted.

Sanskar carried her into the room. After doctors check up Ragini followed Sanskar to their room. Sanskar shouted at her “Did you find out the truth???? Are you happy now??? You made my family into pieces. Is this your Love for sister Ragini, even if your sister came to know the truth she would have never left anyone know as she knows the value of family.” Ragini moved towards him and tried to wipe his tears but he moved back, she tried to tell him “ Sanskar when I came to know the truth I tried to stop Lucky but he did not hear me”. Sanskar replied “ Wonderful excuse Miss Ragini Gadodia”.

Ragini exclaimed “Miss Ragini Gadodia!!!!”. Sanskar replied “ Yes I am freeing you from this unwanted relation, I don’t want to see your face and you can leave the job no one would question you. Coming to Ayan it’s your decision I would not object.”

Ragini cried “You want me to leave forever???? Don’t you love me???”. Sanskar exclaimed “ I can loves girl who can always keep my family together but not by breaking it” and he left the place. Ragini cried out falling on the floor.

Days were passing by and Ragini made everyone to forgive Ap, Lucky and Dp became normal with Ap but Sanskar was arrogant towards Ragini. One day when Sanskar was in his room, Ragini went inside and locked the door. Sanskar exclaimed “ Please Ragini leave the place”. Ragini replied “ Yes I came here to take leave from you forever. Maa, Papa , Lucky all are happy now but I can give you happiness in only one way, if I leave Ayan with you, I can do anything for you Sanskar. My heart always loved you it’s my mind which did not believe you, I always wanted my heart to win and it finally won. Sanskar I knew I did hurt you a lot more than that I was hurt to hurt you. I know you are not interested in my talks but I did really loved you and she handed him papers saying that these are divorce papers and you no need to worry about it. I promise I will not take away Ayan”, she kissed him on his cheeks and was about to leave when Sanskar pinned her to the wall and said “Is this your Love???? I thought you would fight for your Love but you were giving Ayan to me and leaving forever. Is this your Love for me!!!! I told you that I Love a person who always keep my family united. When you did everything how could I leave you now…. When I did not allow you to go to Kolkata when you did not love me then why would I allow you to go now, when I know that you love me”

Ragini exclaimed in happiness “ it was HR who stopped me not you”. Sanskar reacted “Not HR, I called HR and made her say whatever I wanted because I fell for you on the day when you opposed me on the meeting that you would not work on night shifts, you know I always used to come in night shifts for you. Did you ever observed that I was even working in the same shifts that you used to work… I changed your place because I wanted you to always stay in front of me… My love is both you and Ayan, even i f one of you is not with me I can’t live” they started their new life.

3yrs leap

Ayan : Dadi why papa and chachu are so tensed????? Where is my Maa????
Ap: Ayan beta, Maa will deliver a baby so both your papa and chachu are tensed.
Ayan: Dadi I want a sister….
Sanskar: Yes beta.
Doctor came out and said “congratulations, it’s a girl” and handed the girl to Ap.
Ap took the baby in her hands. Sanskar, Dp, Ayan and Lucky looked at her and Sanskar went into the room and kissed Ragini on her Forehead, she is very pretty like you.

Lucky took the baby into his hands and went into the room and said she is Swara!!!!! RagSan exclaimed “Yes Lucky it’s your Swara and she will be your child”.

Guys I am really sorry for tge delay and due to busy work I had to end the story, so without thinking I just put all my words. I know it’s not a nice ending but thanks for your continuous support. Take care everyone…….

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