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Going into the plot….
Ragini has gone to bed thinking about her Sister Swara….Ragini is 3yrs younger to Swara… When Ragini was in btech 3rd year, her parents brought a proposal for Swara, who was practising as junior cardiologist in Mumbai ….. When Swara came to know about her wedding she tried to convince her papa that she loves someone, but her papa was against her love, she tried to convince him, but he did not agree and asked her to choose between her love and parents… She
has chosen Love and so her father asked her not to step again into the house till he is alive…. Swara left the house and after that no one had contact with her….. Where are you di??? I am missing you badly, I need you in each and every step of mine…. You were my protector…. Why did you leave us…. You did not even think about your Ladoo!!!!! And she fell into sleep

It was a daily routine, Ragini’s heart beat increases whenever Sanskar stepped into the office….., the girl also used to come behind him and used to pleased him in the same way daily “Sanskar listen to me once, how could you leave like that” and used to leave from there hurriedly……. Ragini was never able to look at her face, but she feels that she knows that girl….. One day when Ragini went to Sanskar’s desk regarding some work she saw him keeping his finger on the monitor on her Surname “Gadodia” with a smile on his face….. Ragini felt strange with his behaviour, Usually he used to call her Miss Gadodia rather than Ragini……… She never objected the way he calls her……. Days were passing by and everything was fine till the day when Sanskar arranged a team meeting
Sanskar : Hi guys, client is very impressive with our work, and soon one of you or more than would be getting an on-site opportunity

All the members clapped for their success…. Ragini was very happy as she was just 3 months old to the project but even she became part of the success…
Sanskar: Miss Gadodia, it’s just 3months and you have understood the system very well, applauded. Client is very happy, though Fresher you màde your place in these few days.
Ragini: Thanked Sanskar and said its all because of team effort, Ram and Siya helped me in each and every phase…. I would take this as an opportunity to thank them especially and also to the whole team.
Sanskar : Arjun you became heart of this team. Ram and Siya no words to praise you guys, you people always rocks. Nitya, Prerna, Anirodh, Vishal you all have supported equally, otherwise this success would not be possible….. This 9 member team is even nominated as the best team of this year……… Keep it up guys
Everyone’s face is glowing, as their efforts are paying back….
Sanskar : Now client wants support at their time…. As they are planning to extend the project to onshore…… So I made a plan and divided you people for much better results
Nitya, Prerna and Ram will be taking care of morning shift. Siya, Anirodh and Vishal in the afternoon shift. Arjun and Miss Gadodia will be in night shift. So that we would try to cover the clock, are u people ready?????
Everyone of them were excited with new timings and tasks, except one…… When Sanskar was about to start, Ragini interrupted him

Ragini : How could you place me in the night shift Sanskar????? I am a girl!!!!!
Sanskar : Miss Gadodia…. U r not going to be alone, Arjun will be along with you… And many people in this floor work in night shift, ladies too will be there and company would provide a cab, they will pick u and drop back at your home step…. So no need to worry about security… If there is any problem u could feel free to contact me at any time, I will be reachable…..,
Ragini : But why me??? As I am staying away from my family!!!!……. All the girls here are locals, so it’s easy for them to manage…. But i am staying alone, and my parents stay in Kolkata…. What if something happens to me???? R u ready to take the responsibility?????
Sanskar: Miss Gadodia…. U r thinking too much, let me complete first….. All the 3 groups will be shuffling their shifts every week…. So everyone would work in every shift and no partiality towards any group…. And by the way, all are equal to me, I don’t bother if you are a local or non local…. Why did you choose this profession if you are not ready to work in the shifts…….. If you have any problem, please contact the respective HR

Ragini became silent and was bit happy also as everyone has to work in shifts as she is not the only one, but she is angry on Sanskar as he doesn’t care about others feelings… Few more discussions took place and after that everyone left to their respective desks…. Ram, Siya , Arjun and Ragini went to canteen.
Ragini : Don’t you think that Sanskar is arrogant?????
Arjun: U r the first person who spoke something against Sanskar!!!!!
Siya: Do you know Ragini, he is the most cool person, he is selfless person….
Ram: He gives equal credit to everyone, though it’s his lone success…… Will any TL would share his success with anyone???? No way but he does….
Ragini: Guys… What is my question and what kind of replies I am getting about him…
All of them together shouted “As your question itself is wrong”
Ragini : Then what about the girl, who always pleads him???
Ram : Which girl yaar Ragini??? Many girls are behind him…. Even Siya is also running behind him always

Ragini: The girl who always comes along with him to office
Ram: I don’t see anyone along with him
Ragini: Hey daily I am seeing the girl, she pleads him for a while and after that she runs away
Ram: Hey is everything fine?????
Siya: Hallucination yaar!!!!! I think you have problem….
Ragini: R u people kidding????
Arjun: No dear why would we….. When we didn’t see anyone , how could you dear!!!!

Ragini was stunned and not able to believe them……

Credit to: Ashrita

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  21. […] Hi guys, first apologises that I was not able to reply to anyone of your comments… And secondly Thanks for your response …. I read each and every comment…. I am really very happy with your guesses… Many of you have tried to guess the plot and the pairs, the next episode might reveal some of the suspense… I can just say that don’t worry about the pairs, the next episode will clear some of your doubts.. […]

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