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Recap :

RagSan got married in a registered office with elders blessings and headed towards Maheshwari Mansion… Ragini was amused to look at the house, it was a Mansion she never thought of…. A person working in a software company can have such a big house was the first question she had in her mind, a number of cars of latest models were parked and these Bros are do look very simple….. Am I going into another world???? She was made waited at the door step along with Sanskar… Both of them entered the house with all rituals and Ap took RagSan to in-house temple for blessing…. Ragini eyes soon fell on the wall were Swara’s pic was hanged, she went there running… Ap and Sanskar followed her along with others. Ragini touched her Di’s pic with eyes welled up and took her blessings and there was an another photo hanged beside her Di’s with garland….. The girl in the pic was gorgeous…… Ragini got attracted towards her eyes, these were resembling as Sanskar’s… Not only eyes most of the features….

She turned at Sanskar and then looked at the photo again, she was finding many similarities, she shooter a question to Sanskar “Is she your Sister???”. Sanskar nodded No…… Ap was all set to answer Ragini when Sanskar interrupted and said she is my Mom’s sister and said I think you have to take rest.

Lucky changed the topic and said “ Rest!!!!! Did you people plan about your honeymoon” he questioned back. RagSan felt awk as they know that this marriage just a compromise for one and for other its a challenge to bring the truth. Sanskar broke the silence and said “I can’t get leave as I have new projects lining up”. Lucky exclaimed “ oh is it!!!! Getting a leave a really big job for you bhai??? HR will do whatever you order, after all” and his words were cut down by Sanskar “Lucky, I need to talk to you, come àlong with me and he dragged him”

Ap took Ragini to Sanskar’s room and she tried to take Ayan from Ragini, but he started to cry, So she left him and said “few things can’t be settled so easily, as I never took care of him”. Ragini tried to console her but Ap replied her “My Sanskar is not like every other person, he is different. A mother should never praise her son but it’s my heart that makes me feel every time that I was blessed for being his mother, he would never tell to anyone what he needs, it’s me who should find out every time…… I never wanted a second child after Sanskar as my love for him might decrease, but destiny had something other in the store, soon I conceived. Sanskar and Lucky are two eyes for me…. As a mother I should never have that difference but I had it, but still Lucky never complained, he knows that his bhai loves him more than anyone else…. They both are shadows of each other…… But your Di’s accident took away Sanskar from me…. I was worried about Lucky but he was pretty well as Sanskar used to take care of him all the time, but Sanskar slowly moved away from me…….. I was not ready to accept Ayan. Sanskar’s anger on me is justified as I did a big mistake….her eyes were misted… I came in others words…” when suddenly Sanskar came into the room and cut down her words

Sanskar exclaimed “Maa he hold her shoulders from beside and said come we will go out and was words to take her down”, she stopped and turned back to Ragini and said “Sanskar can never hurt anyone, even if you feel him hurting someone then he is hiding something, I want both of you to be happy forever”… Sanskar “Maa we will be happy forever and he wiped her tears”… Ragini was all amused to look at the Mother – Son bonding…… Sanskar took Ap to his room.

Lucky and Dp came to meet Ragini. Dp said “ Give me Ayan for sometime I would take him out along with me”. Ragini handed Ayan to Dp. Lucky and Dp took Ayan along with them and left the room….. Sanskar came into the room and locked the door. Ragini was a bit afraid and said “Don’t come near me otherwise I have to shout”. Sanskar moved more towards her and hold her tightly with his hands on her shoulder and said “Why did you do this??? Your life will be spoiled… We can apply for mutual divorce”

Ragini interrupted him “Being your wife I will bring your truth out and make your life hell get ready Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari”, she was about to move when her mangalsutra got struck in his shirt. He exclaimed “ This is the power of marriage, just like how it got struck, even you would be struck with me whole life” both of them lost in each other.

Days were passing by and Ragini was even going to office, no one in the office knew that they were married, One day Siya went to Ragini and said “I have decided dear, I would propose to Sanskar today”. Ragini was drinking water and hearing Siya water came out of her nose and questioned her What????. Siya replied “ Yes dear, how can I be like this without proposing him, my days and nights are becoming longer”, she started to leave the place and was walking towards Sanskar. Ragini ran to Sanskar and said “ Come let’s go for lunch”. Sanskar and Siya were surprised with her behaviour. She turned towards Siya and said “Can we get some privacy, I am talking to my husband” and she dragged Sanskar from there.

Sanskar questioned her “What happened Ragini???”. Ragini replied him “She was about to propose you, then how would I”, and she stopped. Sanskar reacted “So your heart still loves me!!!!”. Ragini looked at him and said “May be” and she left. She did not get any clue against Sanskar cause all she can find him as a Good Son, Good brother a lovely father. Ragini’s behaviour towards Sanskar was changing day by day, she was becoming soft towards him being with him.

All of them went to a relatives function, at that she understood that the company which she was working belongs to Maheshwari’s and SanLak are the legal heirs of the company. She confronted the same with Lucky and he replied “Yes Ragini, Didn’t bhai tell it to you after marriage!!!” Ragini nodded her head in No and she questioned “ Does Di know about it???”. Laksh replied her “Yes she knew about it, and she always kept it a secret, actually we never wanted it to know to others as it would be difficult for everyone as we both started as fresher’s, and even you don’t let it out at any cost”. Ragini nodded her head yes and said I will go back home, I have some headache can you take care of Ayan for sometime and she asked him to inform to Ap and Dp”.

As it’s just a 2 km away from her house she started to walk on the deserted road as it’s almost 11pm. She was thinking “Why did Di and Sanskar hide such a big truth from me??? Maheshwari brothers are legal hiers!!!!!”.. Her phone started to ring it was Sanskar “ Where are you?? Why did you leave in the middle”. Ragini replied “ I am fine and I am on the way to home by a walk” when suddenly a group of people while passing her stopped near her and started to say “ What a hot chic she is???? Hey baby what is your name” she was a bit afraid and tried to leave the place when she felt a hand surrounding her back to shoulder she turned to the person and it was Sanskar. She took a deep and relaxed breath. The guys left the place. Sanskar scolded her “ what’s the need for you to walk, didn’t you see how dangerous it could be, if you wanted to go home you should hàve told me I would have dropped you”

Ragini did not reply him but she hugged him tightly and said “A person like you can never kill ànyone, I can see love for me in your eyes but just tell me one thing, I am confused between my heart and mind. One says that you are tying to hide the culprit and the other says that you are trying to hide yourself, which one should I believe, tell me Sanskar!!!!”. Sanskar replied her “believe only one, whatever you believe you will never get answer from me” . Ragini released the hug and was about to wàlk again when Sanskar dragged her towards him and said “I liked your hug, be with me for always”, she replied back “ even I want to be with you always, but I want to get my doubts cleared” , he came to her more closer and said “Cant we start a fresh life leaving all this doubts apart???”. Ragini replied him “I can’t forget my Di’s death, I want to give justice to her”. He left her hand and both went towards their home.

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Credit to: Ashrita

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