My Heart beats for??? – Epi 18


Recap :

“Oh dear what have you done to yourself???? Why Don’t you accept the truth that your Love can never do anything wrong, he might have reason…. If he really wants to kill your Di why would he care for Ayan???? Is he not the son of Swara and Lucky….. Then is he hiding something!!!! Just for few mins I would agree that you are right, that my love has killed my sis, then why would he leàve Lucky, is it just because he is blood related….. Don’t you think it to be stupid… Didn’t you find his sayings to be baseless???? Why would he harm himself??? Didn’t you find out that even your Di tried to hide something from you??? Is it only because after knowing the truth she made her statement the other way!!!! Even if you think that your Love to be the culprit, why would your Di after knowing the truth would tell you to propose your feelings for Sanskar, would she not have objected your love????? No she didn’t do that, she left happily….. She didn’t even point out at least once….. Aren’t you missing out something!!!!”, exclaimed her inner voice

Ragini said to herself “ Yes I think I am missing out something”…. The bad one stopped her from thinking “Oh dear, you got into the words of good one??????? I thought you to be a strong Lady but no I can see you becoming weak for your Love…. He himself agreed all his deeds…. I have an answers for the good one also, your Di believed her bestie blindly, she might have not really find out the truth so she have told you to express your feelings to him, that’s the truth dear…… When Lucky tried coming close to Ayan, didn’t you ever observed Sanskar’s feelings!!!! Don’t you remember him saying that Am I nothing???? Is Lucky only his father!!!! It’s his jealousy for Lucky….. You were in love with him, so whatever he says you would have taken it to be granted….. Isn’t it Ragini!!!! This is what becoming blind in Love always believe them though they are wrong…. Haven’t you heard how many girls are loosing their lives because of their blind trust???? Are you one among them?????”

Ragini got struck between the good and the bad and finally she has to believe her wrong feeling… Lucky came to Ragini’s house along with his parents and Sanskar…. All the elders were seated and talking about the dates for marriage along with Lucky… Sanskar was not interested in the talks that were going, he glared at Ragini who was carrying Ayan in her lap even she was not interested in their talks, he has questions in his eyes “why are you spoiling your life, Ayan can be with you even without this marriage, you have right on him, he is your Sisters Son”, he tried to talk to her but she avoided him.

Ayan started to cry so she took him into kitchen to give him some snacks to eat, Sanskar followed her, he tried to take Ayan from her, she resisted and said “Why do you care for him????, Oh God why I am asking this question to you, you would have got some logical answer for this too, I am just stupid not able to identify you properly”, he just shut her mouth and said slowly Ayan is afraid, be patient and he took him, he again said “No need to get bound in this relation just for Ayan”, he was cut down by her words “I don’t need anyone’s suggestion, I know what is right and not for me, I am no more a kid” and she left the room leaving Ayan and Sanskar…..

Ragini went to Lucky and said “I need to talk to you something urgent, it’s personal”, all of them were surprised but Lucky handled it very nicely “Yes Of course, as I am a friend first, you can share anything with me, is anything regarding marriage???”, she nodded her head in Yes, elders smiled and said you can go inside and talk…. Ragini and Lucky went into study room….

Ragini said “Lucky I want this marriage to happen at the earliest, may be by tomorrow itself, I don’t want it to be a grand ceremony, I want it to be as simple as possible”.
Lucky questioned her “ tomorrow??? Why are you in a hurry!!! Every girl would desire that her marriage to be special and it should be remembered for whole life… But why what happened???”
Ragini replied “To be frank, Lucky I accepted this proposal just for Ayan not out of Love, so I don’t want any fat wedding…. One more thing, I need sometime to take our marriage to next level”
Lucky was shocked “Our Marriage!!!!, Ragini are you in senses!!!!, it’s yours and Bhai’s”
Ragini was shell shocked her heart started to dance hurray!!!! I am going to get married to my love!!!!! She exclaimed “Yesterday you were talking to me about Sanskar???? But you asked if I want to become Mom to Ayan right???”

Lucky “Yes Ragini you were absolutely right, but for me Ayan’s father is Sanskar, even yours Di’s last wish was to get you both married, all the above I know you both love each other, I have seen that in both of your eyes for each other, how could you ever think that I wanted to get married to you… I just love Swara….. Ragini i really don’t know what happened between both of you, from past 3 days i could feel something fishy, so i came up with this proposal so that you can come close with each other, but still i àm not able to fill the distance and how could you get ready to marry me if you love my brother!!!!” and he left the room

Ragini was dumbstruck hearing Lucky, now what should I do now???? Marriage is with Sanskar!!!! Let the marriage happen Ragini…. Now you will come to know what is truth and what’s not… She went out and to everyone’s surprise she said I want this marriage to happen by tomorrow may be in the register office, she turned to Sanskar and questioned him “ I don’t think you will have any problem with my decision right”. He replied back to the elders “Yes papa, even I wish it to be a registered marriage and I don’t have any problem if it’s tomorrow “ ….. Lucky was surprised with both of their behaviours and said “Its not possible…. Atleast before for one month you have to book the slot”. Dp replied “ I have a friend in register office, so don’t worry he will manage”…..

Annapurna came to Ragini and put her hand on her head and said “ We would do whatever you both want, but all we need is you both should stay happy forever……. He is my Loveliest son whom I have lost long back, with this marriage I want him to be happy forever…. As a mother I know my son, he loves you a lot”…. Sanskar and Ragini starred at each other

Credit to: Ashrita

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