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Recap : Episode 16

Ragini ran into her room and locked the door and started to cry “ How much I loved you Sanskar, I thought you as a hero of my life but your are villain who spoils everyone’s life for his own selfishness…… Now Ayan’s life too will be spoilt if he is in Sanskar’s hand. What should I do now??? God show me some way… I have to confront Lucky about Sanskar… Would he believe me??? No he will not… There is a way, I should find that driver… But Sanskar would be a step ahead of me, he would have already hidden that driver, I can’t sit like this and cry for my Love, I should fight with him… I should do something so that Lucky starts believing me…. What should I do for that???”

Next day in office, Ragini was busy in completing her task, just then Arjun stepped to her desk and said that there is a meeting in room no 10, be there in another 5mins…. Just now mine was done

Ragini questioned Meeting for which reason

Arjun replied back “oho did you forget quarterly one – one dear, did u forget, you were really excited till the last week that you would get your first quarterly appraisal….”

Ragini exclaimed “oh!!! I just forgot due to work, so it’s with HR??”

Arjun replied “No dear, it’s with Sanskar, and your 5 mins are done, hurry up, I got a very good feedback” and he left the place

Ragini’s heart beat skipped hearing Sanskar’s name “How should I face him now??? His presence is an irritation to me…… Her inner voice said Ragini you should be strong enough to face the consequences” and she started to move towards the room and she entered

Sanskar was already seated in a chair, he asked her to take her seat in a very polite way and started to discuss about her assignments…… Ragini was shocked with his behaviour. “How could he be so normal, after knowing his truth, he is behaving in a very professional way, this is his game to make everyone in his grip!!!! He is such a game changer, even I am not less than him, I will play in his way”

Sanskar got irked as Ragini was not listening to him, he reacted “Miss Gadodia, I want your answer for my questions otherwise I have to escalate about you to the HR”

Ragini came back to her senses and taunted him “Yes Sanskar Of course u can do anything!!!! I am just surprised looking at you, I am just a fresher to learn …. U r a well experienced!!! I just hope you can teach me some tricks”

Sanskar reacted “Miss Gadodia!!! Don’t forget that this is office, leave your rivalry at your house if you want to continue here”

Ragini taunted him back “Oh really Sanskar!!! That’s what I am doing, I was talking about working experience and what did you think about??? Anyhow I am professional” and murmured herself where the hell I got struck I am bound to this bond…

Sanskar smiled a bit hearing her and replied “I will not let you go so easily!!!”

Ragini’s eyes were widened and with an ‘o’ expression she looked at Sanskar

Sanskar “ Hello Miss I am telling about one-one, don’t day dream” and they completed their meeting with a little taunts on each other….

Lucky came to Sanskar for asking him to join for Lunch, Sanskar agreed and they started to go when suddenly Lucky stopped at Ragini’s desk and asked her to join them…. Looking at Sanskar Ragini felt uncomfortable, but Sanskar turned to Lucky and said “Guys you go, I just forgot that I have an important client call now, so you both carry on” and he left the place. Ragini joined Lucky as Sanskar left to his desk and they both moved towards canteen. Sanskar smiled looking at them “I know Ragini you can’t bear my presence but even I can’t see your hatred for me in your eyes, I just want to see the Love for me…. I don’t want to loose your Love because I love you, God show me someway so that she can forgive me and accept my love for her”

At canteen Lucky with a hesitation “Ragini, I don’t know how to talk, but whatever I am going to ask you tell me straight”
Ragini replied “Yes Lucky shoot your question”
Lucky “Are you ready to become Mom to Ayan????”, he questioned her directly

Ragini was shocked hearing his proposal, the food got struck in her throat and started to cough.. Lucky immediately took a glass of water and made her drink with his hands and patted her back gently………… You remind me of Swara and her words whenever I see you, so please think about it properly and answer it don’t be in a hurry

Ragini’s inner voice’s started to fight with each other
Good one exclaimed “What are you thinking Ragini??? Reject the proposal… U still love Sanskar….”
Bad one replied “No he is a murderer of your Di… After knowing the truth do you still love him???”
Good one said “I know my Sanskar, he is hiding something from me, give me a chance I would find out, don’t you trust me???”
Bad one exclaimed “This is how you can become pawn in his hands, don’t do that Ragini, accept Lucky’s proposal, you can’t fight with Sanskar being Lucky’s wife and Ayan will be protected”

Ragini exclaimed “ Yes Lucky, I am ready for this marriage”
Lucky was all happy and told her, I have to share this good news with bhai, he will be on 9th cloud and he left her….. Lucky ran and went to Sanskar…..

Ragini “How can he be happy Lucky??? He is now in more trouble, a step I àm going towards Maheshwari’s house will make a step back from your house for him…. I will part you from your family Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari…… Ragini started to walk in the corridor when suddenly someone dragged her to a dark corner of the parking area….

Ragini shouted “ Hey what do you want, where are you taking me”, she was pinned to the wall and was shocked as he was none other than Sanskar….

Sanskar “Ragini, are you really ready for this marriage???” questioned at her looking into her deep eyes…. He is just a feet away from her, she can feel his breath and that is making her feel weak for him…. He was staring at her continuously without even blinking his eyes…… She was not able to move her eyes away from his… She looked into his dark eyes, which her heart understood that he is lacking for her love but her mind overpowered her heart and said he doesn’t loves you, he is afraid of your decision to marry Lucky as it would end his game in short time…

Sanskar again questioned her “Ragini I didn’t get your answer”

She came back to her senses and tried to move away from there but she was locked by him, she seems to be like a rat before him, he is muscular and she was not able to even move an inch of him… Finally she has got only one way answer his question and get rid of him so she replied back “Yes , I agreed this marriage just for Ayan, and I would do anything for him” just leave me now as you got your answer….

He did not move as he had an another question to shoot her which she didn’t expect from him even in her dreams “Don’t you Love me??? Or care about me???”, she was stunned with his question, this is what she always wanted, he should run behind her, Yes he was making her wish true… She found his voice lowered when he was asking this questioning, his eyes spoke to her that he want a positive reply…… He was patiently waiting for her answers with all his ears… His dark eyes were misted, she can feel the intense of his question, her heart is not able bear his presence anymore….. All it wanted is to hug him tightly and say him “I do Love you Sanskar, please never leave me” she started to dream that he reciprocated her hug and accepted his love for her…. But no her mind had not let her heart win… It always wanted it to win… It hurried Ragini to come out of your dreams, she had tears filled in her eyes… Sanskar moved a bit more close to her “Why were you crying my dear??? Tell me don’t you love me???” she again fell weak for him…. His presence is making her mad… He gently wiped her tears, he exclaimed “Ragini!!!! I am waiting for your answer and I would wait for life long if you ask me to”, oh her heart skipped the beat with his beautiful proposal, both of them starred into each other’s eyes with tears rolling down. She was distracted by a car sound, she pushed him and said “I hate you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, you are not an apt person to get love of any girl, are you going to kill me just like my sister, I am ready for everything???” she ran away from there leaving Sanskar shocked…….

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. In previous episode swara took promise from laksh to make sanskar and ragini married.
    Then how come lucky proposed ragini.

    1. Hey Sindhu next episode would reveal Laksh’s intention……. He can never forget the promise he made to Swara

  2. Beautiful……Laksh was asking her about marrying sanskar wasn’t he? As per Swara’s wishes. When lucky told him she said yes he wanted to hear for himself …..if she was willing despite his lie… If she trusted he wouldn’t do it…..amazing part!

    1. Yes dear exactly….. Sanskar wants to clarify his doubt and the reason for her acceptance, he got her answer….. but poor guy he doesn’t know that Ragini was thinking about Laksh as her wouldbe…..

      1. so true ….he is going to be hurt when he finds out. i hope ragini finds some clue soon about the real culprit or at least lets her heart talk her into believing sanskar.

  3. Poor sanskar…can’t wait fr ragsan reunoin

    1. Thanks for commenting priya… soon they will be united 🙂

  4. So emotional…….

    1. Thanks dear

  5. nyc I think laksh asked ragini that she l marry sanskar? I mean he denoted sanskar as ayan’s pa. bcoz in one epi he said that sanskar l always be ayan’s papa. I think he is speaking about ragsan’s marriage. pls update it soon can’t wait for it didi.

    1. You are absolutely right dear …… I will post the next part by evening

    1. Thanks dear

  6. Awesome.

    1. Thanks dear

  7. omg!!!it’s jst awsm
    luved it totally

    1. Thanks a lot dear 🙂

  8. Wow. …dr just nailed it can’t wait 4 ragsan. ..

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  9. Superbbb

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  10. Awesome yaar ashritha……bt im in confusion now as lucky promised swara 2 gt ragsan wedded……bt anyhow good epi….

    1. Thanks Dev….. For Lucky Ayan’s papa is Sanskar, so he was asking her hand for his bhai but she took it wrong

  11. Ha ha ha poor rag

    1. yes dear she got struck between her heart and mind and she mistook lucky too

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Thanks dear

  12. really amazing….i think Laksh is trying to make sanskar jealous….i think its Laksh plan to make them together……..
    waiting fot next update…?

    1. He was fulfilling Swara’s wish, but Ragini mistook

  13. I think laksh had proposed rags purposely so that ragsan accept their feeling as he dont know any fact…. Am I right

    1. Hi Ina ……. he was just trying to fulfill Swara’s wish as she wanted RagSan to get married, he don’t know if RagSan loves each other

    1. Thanks Lovely 🙂

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