My Heart beats for??? – Epi 16


Recap : episode 15

Ragini collapsed as Swara’s soul left waving her bye… Days were passing by all the 3 tried to forget everything and move on with their lives…….. Ragini and Sanskar kept mum about their feelings for each other, they never tried to confront about their love for others, Lucky was lost in the thoughts of Swara. Ragini and Sanskar tried a lot to bring him back to normal but whenever he sees Ragini, he used to ask her r u my Swara???? If not is she here…… RagSan tried a lot to make him understand that Swara left forever………. One day when Ragini was back to home from office she saw Sanskar talking to some person and handing him some money… When she neared them she found that person to be none other than that driver…. Ragini was shell shocked looking the guy with Sanskar, he left to home after meeting the guy… Ragini too followed Sanskar to home, she rushed into his house along with him and closed all the doors and windows…. Sanskar was puzzled with her behaviour. He exclaimed “What are you doing Ragini??”

Ragini replied him “ This is what I have to get to know from you, she neared him and asked him… What were you doing with that Lorry driver”

Sanskar was chocked hearing to Ragini but he comforted himself soon and said which driver and what are you talking, are you in your senses and he tried to touch her forehead with his right palm

Ragini moved back and exclaimed “the same driver who was the reason for my Di’s death and your accident. She moved near to him and cupped his face and said I am afraid Sanskar he might do something to you again, I know Di did not let me know the whole truth, she only told me at first that it was a conspiracy against you but the day she left us she tried to make me believe that it was an accident, but I was sure that she was trying to hide some secret, Sanskar I can’t let anything happen to you”

Sanskar released her hands from his face and said “ What rubbish are you talking Ragini, conspiracy, Secret!!! What is all this”

Ragini exclaimed “ I know Sanskar you are not telling me the truth, I saw you giving him money too… But why were you giving him??”

Sanskar with a frustrated voice “Ragini are you gone mad??? Just leave me for sometime”

Ragini shouted at him “I saw Di along with you the day she came back from that drivers house, she hold him tightly cried out and said tell me Sanskar what happened and told him the whole story how Swara identified the driver in the photo and how she went to the drivers house to know the truth and after coming from that place how she refused that its not any conspiracy but just an accident”

Sanskar understood that Swara knows everything about the accident and she might have told Ragini everything before knowing the truth and after knowing the secret she might have not told to Ragini, but what should I do now, she caught me red handed with the driver. If she goes to the driver, no instead of that it’s better I tell her everything… I am not worried even if she hates me…. He smiled at Ragini and said So Miss Gadodia you came to know that it’s not an accident???? Well done dear!!!

Ragini was shocked looking the other side of Sanskar she brought out her words with much difficulty…. Why are you behaving like this Sanskar, she tried to cup his face, he threw her away and said “ yes it was all my plan to kill Swara along with me!!!!!”

Ragini cried out holding his collar “No you are lying, you can’t do that with my Di, she was your best friend and all above I know you, you can never think to harm anyone”

Sanskar behaved rudely with her and exclaimed “ That’s what I wish to show to everyone around me, I loved her but she married my brother and was roaming in my house in front of me all the time, How could I bear that pain, I would not allow her to be happy ever, that day I made my mind if she can’t be mine, she can’t become anyone else even though she loves my brother… It’s my plan to make her come along with me and I made a plan for that accident, I just gave a contract to some other guy and that guy has appointed the driver, I was lucky enough to escape but What I needed was done… Swara was dead…. That is what all I wanted!!!!”

Ragini shouted at him “How could you be so cruel Sanskar???? You made everyone’s life into hell… You didn’t even think about your brother at least for once, my Di told me that you are like Lord Ram but she was wrong you turned out to be Raavan of her life, so this is the reason why she was not able to tell me the truth, yes how could she tell me that her best friend betrayed her, you are such a looser Sanskar…. I am ashamed of myself to say that I ever Loved you”

Sanskar was chocked with her confession his eyes were widened hearing to Ragini

Ragini continued “ Yes Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari I Love you, more than my life… I can fight with the whole world for you, Do you know how much I love you, more than my life, my heart beats just for you, yes the person who hates love has fallen in love with you, yes I did love you…. But I am really sorry to myself that I Love you, No I just hate you, Hate you to the core, not for breaking my heart but for killing my sister, I can never forgive you, I just hate myself for loving you.. From now on I won’t bother even if my heart really stops beating after knowing the truth, I promise you that the truth will be out in front of Laksh very soon, I will not tell him anything but I will create situations in such a way that your truth will come in front of everyone very soon, this is my promise and I will give justice to my sister. Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari get ready to face me” and she left the place…

Sanskar collapsed on the ground and said to himself “I am sorry Ragini for breaking your heart, I love you too, I can do anything to save my family , yes I can’t let my family break but I can sacrifice my Love, Lord please never let Ragini win in this hatred game and help me that she would never reach the truth”

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    OMG don’t tell me Sanskar is the culprit? Maybe not, maybe he was just trying to hide someone deed! Please, Swara is dead, Laksh is like a living corpse, please don’t separated Ragsan! :'(

    1. Hey Lovely, Yes, Sanskar is trying to protect someone……There will be drastic changes in RagSan….. One thing I would like to say that this time Lucky will be a game changer for RagSan relation… Keep reading… Tc 🙂

  2. so sanskar is doing this because he knows who wants to kill him and feels responsible that swara got hurt in all of this as well. that person is from his family……hmmm interesting. i can only think of AP but i am sure you will surprise us. looking forward to the next part….amazing going!

    1. Yes Azure you are cent right…… Kudos to your thinking……We have to wait whom he is trying to protect….. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting dear

    1. Thanks dear

  3. What is sanskar trying to hide??? Please I want to know the truth fast…

    1. Truth will be revealed in another 2 to 3 epis dear…. Yes he his protecting the culprit….

  4. Amazing

    1. Thanks dear…

  5. Sanskar is hiding something….so now mystery ungolds….n a nc leasant morning epi ashritha……love u tak care….n a happy sunday

    1. Yipee… You are right dear… Happy weekend to you too… Tc 🙂

  6. Nice twist.

    1. Thanks Dhara 🙂

  7. Awesome but feeling bad for ragini pls don’t say that sanskar is the culprit. plss I can’t even think sanskar in that much cruel way di.

    1. No dear he is not the culprit but protecting his some of his dear ones…… Ragini will soon find out, as she loves him truly

      1. yipeee I m so happy sanky is not the culprit my doubt is on ap only bcoz lucky can’t harm swara. dp,I can’t recognize him

  8. Pls don’t seperate ragsan

    1. Ha…. Don’t know what will Lucky do now dear 🙁 …..

  9. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  10. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  11. nice update…….for whom sanskar s lying…..

    1. Thanks Anu 🙂 Ragini will find it out soon

  12. Awesome pls post next part asap

    1. hey Nikki, I already uploaded don’t know when it will be posted

  13. really awesome yaar…….waiting for next episode….superb suspense is going on,…..?

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