My Heart beats for??? – Epi 15


Episode 14

Sanskar : Lucky I wish to sleep for some time
Lucky helped Sanskar to get into the bedroom and left the room
Sanskar went in thoughts “I am just afraid of being in Love, he remembered all his incidents with Ragini, their cute fights brought a wide smile on his face, he remembered the day when he ran and lifted her in his arms when she was fainted… Her closeness always made him mad…. Unknowingly he always tried to gain her attention……. Is this love… Do I really love her…. No this is just infatuation…. I came here just for Ayan not for Ragini…. But why I am thinking about her, her eyes are trying to tell me something…. Am I not able to accept my feelings for her !!!…… Then why do I love to fight with her, I have never been like this with anyone not even with my bestie Swara…. Is Lucky right???? I don’t know what she is feeling about me…. I am just mad… I am thinking too much about her… It’s all coming into my mind only because Lucky instigated….. Sanskar come out of the dream world and be like ever…….. Love for you is just Ayan….” And he fell in deep sleep….
Ragini in her room was trying to make Ayan sleep and kept him on bed beside her and started telling her “ I thought that your Paa have listened my confession in hospital and thus hold my hand, but no… He was asking how he came here??? Ayan don’t you think your Paa is a buddhu????” Ayan giggled at her question… Ragini continued “Look even you understood that I Love him, but he doesn’t…. Don’t you think am I right about your Paa???” Ayan nodded yes …. Ragini said “ Ayan, I don’t want your Paa to accept me for you, but he should accept me whole heartedly out of Love for me… What do you say my dear… Is your mamma right????” Ayan fell sleepy and she got a reply from Swara “ Ha ha why not???? He should run behind you!!!”…Ragini exclaimed Diiii !!!!
Days were passing by and Sanskar was recovering quickly… One day when Ragini was showing some photos of her along with her teammates at home, Swara was shell shocked looking at one of the photo…. Ragini who looked at Swara was puzzled and took Swara inside a room and asked her the reason….
Swara: Laado, I saw the person who did the accident in one of your photos
Ragini: Di…. Which photos??? All of them with me are my teammates and she showed all the photos once again
Swara asked her to stop at one photo and pointed at a person who was behind their group…. Yes he is the person, I do remember him …….. Where are these photos taken
Ragini: We went to a resort and she told her the address…
Swara : Laado listen to me carefully… I will go their and will try to collect information…. I would take your help if it’s required …. Today we will come to know who is the person behind this accident
Ragini: Di…. I think even I should come along with you
Swara: No Laado…. He can do anything to you, but me he cannot even see …. Laado just listen to me dear…. I can’t risk you life…
Ragini: OK Di….. Come back asap
Swara left the place and went in search of the driver, she found him in one of the hut and entered into the house… She saw he had a family,2 kids…. She was not able to understand how to know about the accident but suddenly there was a knock at the door….. Swara was shocked looking at the person who came to meet the driver….
Person: I am sorry bhaiyya I was a bit late this time
Driver: No prob Saab…. Please come and take your seat and he offered a chair…
Person : Thanks for hiding the secret and whatever help you need, please come to me without hesitation as you did a big favour on me
Driver: Saab I did whatever I was told to do, I needed money and you have taken care of my family….
Person gave chocolates to the Kids and they Thanked him….
Driver: Saab what would have happened to my kids if you have not taken care of them when I was put in jail…
Person: I can do anything to hide this secret…. Kids are innocent and why they should be punished for our doings…..and they had chat for sometime…. Swara was shocked listening the reason for the accident, she was not able to believe her ears… She collapsed onto the ground hearing their conversation….
Driver : I just forgot to ask you how is your health sir now?????
Person : I am fine now…. Two people helped me for my speed recovery my bhai and my friend, Ragini…
(Yes Guys…. You are right… That person is none other than Sanskar!!!!!)
Sanskar left the place and sat in the car and started to drove…. Swara sat beside him and looked at him….. Why did you do this Sanskar???? What should I tell to Laado now??? Her heart will be broken into pieces….. I understood why you were doing all these, I will never let Ragini know about the truth…
Sanskar eyes were filled with tears “ I am sorry Swara for whatever I have done with you, I know it’s injustice, but I don’t have any other way…… If Ragini comes to know the truth how could I explain her…….. Why I am thinking about Ragini even now……I was not able to bear when she was pretending to hate me but how would she react if she comes to know the truth??? Would she be able to forgive me???? Why did I fall in love with you Ragini…. Swara I miss you a lot….”
Swara was shocked hearing Sanskar’s confession…… No Ragini will never forgive Sanskar for hiding the truth, I shouldn’t tell her anything, I have to leave this place forever only then Sanskar and Ragini can become one…. I can’t separate after knowing that they love each other
Swara reached home…. Ragini ran to her and both of them went to terrace..
Ragini: Di did you come to know anything ????
Swara: Yes Laado, it was just an accident…. That driver was in jàil for Almost an year and got released recently…. It was not any plan
Ragini: But Di, you told me that you heard him calling someone and saying work done
Swara: Yes Laado, I told you but I mistook it……..
Ragini: Di are you hiding anything from me????
Swara: No dear… Why would I do that… I am really happy that I came to know the truth. One more thing I want to say you…
Ragini: Yes Di…
Swara: Convey your feelings for Sanskar at the earliest, may be even he loves you
Ragini: Di really???? Does Sanskar loves me???
Swara: Laado… It’s good to convey your feelings than keeping inside you…one more thing Laado… I have to leave forever, this will be my last day here Laado…
Ragini eyes were misted hearing her Sisters words “ Di, can’t you stay with us forever??”
Swara even cried and tried to hold her but she was not able to, she broke down and said “If I ever had a chance for longer life, I would have been the most happiest person to live with my love, son, sis and my bestie… But I was destined a shorter life… We have to follow the orders of the almighty, still I am happy that my son got his mom in your form….. It’s all you who can tc of mom, dad, Ayan, Lucky and Sanskar…. Be strong in all the situations……. I want to see Ayan for the last time and she went down crying…. Ragini ran behind her…. Swara tried to kiss on Ayan’s forehead but was not able to….. Ragini asked her if her soul can enter her body… Swara tried to enter into Ragini’s body, she was able to… She cried looking at Ayan, she took him into her arms, kissed him and after sometime she placed him on the bed and came out of Ragini’s body….. She went to Sanskar’s room and was looking at Sanskar and Lucky…. Ragini knocked the door… Lucky woke up and opened the door…
Lucky: Ragini what happened at this late night what are you doing here??? Is everything fine???
Ragini: Lucky would you like to talk to Swara Di??? Just then Sanskar came out, hearing Ragini’s voice….
Lucky : What are you saying Ragini????, Sanskar was equally shocked….
Ragini: Diii, please come into me
Sanskar: What is this Ragini, you have a habit of hurting others
Swara’s soul entered into Ragini’s body : No my dear bestie, she is not trying to hurt anyone…. On my sayings she was doing all the things till now…. I wanted Lucky to bring close to Ayan, so she blamed you for the accident…. Don’t you believe me bestie????
Sanskar and Lucky were chocked looking at Ragini’s behaviour, she was exactly behaving like Swara…
With her left hand Ragini did some signature…. Yes this signature is not known to anyone except Swara and SanLak…. They believed her and tears rolled down from their eyes…. Lucky hugged Ragini(Swara) and kissed on her forehead…. Where were you all these days.., why didn’t you tried to meet me till now…. Now I am not going to leave you at any cost and you have to stay with me forever….
Sanskar eyes welled up looking at Lucky’s situation, he tried to console him
Lucky: No bhai, after knowing that she can stay in Ragini, how could I leave her???
Ragini(Swara): Lucky listen to me…. I have to go, I came here for the last time…. I Love you Lucky forever….
Lucky: Don’t say that Swara… You can’t leave me like that and he hugged her tightly as if he is not going to leave her
Ragini(Swara) :Sanskar can I get a promise from you???? Can you do it for me???
Sanskar: Anything for you Swara
Ragini(Swara) : Marry my Laado… You both are perfect for each other… This is what I always wanted….
Sanskar nodded her yes
Ragini(Swara): I know that there is no need to tell you to take care of Ayan and Lucky you would definitely do that…
Sanskar cried out hearing her
Ragini(Swara) : Lucky listen to me now…. I will not go anywhere… I will reborn again in Laado’s womb trust me…. It’s you who should help in Sanskar and Ragini getting married …. Will you fulfil my last wish????
Lucky: Don’t say as last wish, I will not leave you….
Ragini(Swara) : My soul can leave her body though you hold tightly, I am no more alive Lucky and she broke down, not able to control her tears…
Lucky: Don’t do that to me Swara…..
Ragini(Swara): Promise me Lucky you will get them married at any cost
Lucky: I promise you Swara…. I would definitely fulfil your wish at any cost
Ragini(Swara): Don’t let Ragini know about my wish…. She planted a kiss on Lucky’s forehead and cheek …… Take care of yourself…. Marry someone…. Don’t be like this…. I love my happy Lucky…and she left forever……..

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. so sad but why shanskar did his own accident
    will swara come back again or it is end of part
    this really a nice ep

    1. Hey Divi, Swara comes to know the reason of accident and the truth is not yet revealed to the readers…. Mostly it is the end of Swara’s part

  2. Awesome please don’t end this ff

    1. Hey Swati thanks for reading and it is not going to end…Maybe another 5 to 6 epis you can expect

  3. didn’i understand y sanky made that accident.can some1 plz clarify my doubt

    1. Hi dear your doubt will be cleared after 3 to 4 episodes….

  4. Why did sanskar cause the accident? Why was he trying to hurt himself? Or was it to hurt himself and Swara? I am confused now ….. Ragini is bound to find out at sometime isn’t she

    1. Hey Azure, I read your ff, it’s just awesome…….Sanskar’s version you would come to know in the next epi… But we have to know that it’s the truth or something is still to be known….. Ragini will definitely find out the reason, she is not going to leave so easily

      1. looking forward to the next part….i like this story it is different and interesting. i was happy when it resumed. thanks for liking my ff.

  5. Nice awesome really loved it

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  6. Why would sanskar try to kill Swara??please reveal the rest of the past soon

    1. Hey Taniya, next part is on the way

  7. awesome

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  8. Nyc its so emotional di but I have one doubt y sanky planned his own accident..for what reason???

    1. Pls update next part tdy itself di

      1. Hi dear, Sanskar version of accident you will get to know in the next part, and I would post it asap

  9. Oh so sad.i wanna if this is the last episode

    1. No Dhara this not the last episode, but definetly last episode of Swara

  10. so sad but superb episode

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  15. Superb loved it……

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  16. Oh!!!! Very sad!! Swara should not have left forever yaar plz bring back swara soul
    Why sanky made his own accident becoz of him swara died or he is really wanted to kill swara??

    1. I am not sure if Swara’s soul will come back, it’s Ragini’s turn now to fight with the consequences… The next part would reveal Sanskar’s version for accident

  17. Superb dear

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  18. Emotional n superstitious epi buddy

    1. Yeas dear I added fantasy to be a bit different, no more fantasy from the next epi hopefully… Hope you liked today’s part and all the best for your exams 🙂

      1. Hey i lovd it n thanks4 ur wishes my xams r ovr now…d last 1 is on may 4th

  19. Ashrita I didn’t understand abt the accident DAT realated wide sanky plzzzz explain

    1. Hi Aditi, in today’s Swara comes to know the reason for the accident and the person behind it…… In next part you will come to know the Sanskar’s version for accident

  20. In that case update nxt part ASAP

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