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episode 13

Ragini was all happy in tears looking at Sanskar’s moving eyelids…. Slowly he opened his eyes. Ragini was about to go out and call Lucky when he hold her hand tightly and questioned her “ What happened to me??? Why I am here???”
Ragini sat beside him and said “A small accident, but you r fine now, let me go and call doctor now”..
Sanskar didn’t release her hand and questioned back “ How’s Lucky???”..

Ragini: He was very worried for you, till now he sat near you… Just now I came here… Can’t you be careful Sanskar… Do you know how much I got worried for you
Sanskar: Oh God, this girl has only one motive in her life just fighting with me….. Look at my condition… Pls I think I need a doctor now seriously
Ragini smile at his innocent act and left the room and informed Lucky and Doctor
All the 3 got inside the room, Doctor checked Sanskar and after completing the formalities he left the room….
Lucky: Bhai, can’t you be careful while crossing road… How much tension you gave to us
Sanskar: Lucky I am fine now….
Lucky: Never do that again Bhai…. One more thing bhai… A surprise is awaiting for you
Sanskar: Surprise !!!!! For me??? What’s that Lucky??
Lucky: Someone is going to be here in few mins to scold you….
Sanskar : Scold me????
Just then a voice said “ Yes to scold you only, your papa is here”
Sanskar was surprised to see Dp “ When did you return to India??? U didn’t inform me!!!
Dp: As if you were telling me each and everything….Leave that matter…. How are you feeling now beta
Sanskar : I am fine papa… Till Lucky is with me nothing will happen to me
Ap: Sanskar you should be more careful na??? Anyhow now you should take rest for sometime… We will go out and everyone left the room
Dp: Lucky beta what happened exactly
Lucky explained him everything
Ap: This is the 2nd time he had an accident… Luckily he got saved twice…. I should pray to lord for saving my son and she left to temple
Ragini: Lucky I think I should leave now
Dp: Who is she Lucky???
Lucky introduced her as Ragini, Sanskar’s teammate and Swara’s sister
Dp : Ragini beta…. How is Ayan??? Can we meet him once
Ragini: I am really sorry uncle …. I kept him away from everyone, just to make Lucky realise his mistake… He is your GS and you have all the rights on him…
Dp: Càn we take him back home beta???
Ragini remembered How Swara pleaded her to keep Ayan with her for few days as she was not able to enter into MM, due to some pooja lemons hanged to the doors….. I will be here for few days till that time I want him to be here so that I can look how my kid growing up
Ragini replied back Uncle my parents are here for few days, once they go back to our native I will return Ayan back to you… It’s a request uncle
Dp: OK beta…. Can I come to your house???
Ragini: Yes Uncle… You are always welcome
Lucky : Papa, me and bhai stay beside their house
Dp: Your Maa told me everything…. I am happy that you finally accepted Ayan
Lucky: Papa I will be here with bhai, u go along with Ragini to see Ayan
Ragini and Dp left from there
At Ragini’s house, Ayan was playing with Sumi and Sekhar…. Swara was very happy looking at their love for Ayan…Ragini and Dp came inside the house, looking at Dp, Ayan ran and hugged him and whispered Dada…. Dp was all happy… Oh my GS has recognised me even after such a gap??? U started to talk my beta…. Ragini looked at Swara who was in tears, both of them went into a room
Swara: Lado, till now only papa ji and Sanskar used to care for my son, but now did you see he has everyone…. I am just unfortunate Mom that I am not able to take my son in my arms and she started to drown in tears
Ragini consoled her and said you are the most fortunate mom who was able to save his Son…
Swara: Lado, but where did u meet papaji
Ragini: Di actually today Sanskar met with an accident and told her everything..
Swara : Do you really think it as an accident???
Ragini: Don’t know Di what is happening, but we have to be very careful….

After 3 days Sanskar was discharged from hospital and returned home….
Sumi did his Aarti and made him step into the house…… Ragini arranged his house and Ayan desperately hugged his Paa as if they have missed each other from ages… Sekhar took Ayan f4om Sanskar and Lucky made Sanskar rest on Sofa…… Sekhar and Sumi took Ayan along with them and left the house…. Lucky sat along with Sanskar
Ragini came to Sanskar making a wierd face and instructed him what to do and what not to
Sanskar: Miss Gadodia, Lucky is with me so you please don’t take the tension of mine on yourself… I just request you to take a proper care of Ayan…that would be more than enough for me
Ragini: Mr. Sanskar don’t think too much, I was just doing all this as I want Ayan to be happy, if you become normal he would be happy playing with you, and you are not any Mr. Perfect that I would run behind you
Sanskar: Oh Miss from where to where you are taking the topic
Lucky interrupted both of them and said Guys if you both are going to fight like this just tell me, I would leave from here
Sanskar: Lucky, I don’t have any passion to fight with her… This girl always try to find out some bad things in me
Ragini turned to Lucky fumingly she told “Lucky if you need any help tell me, if it’s for your brother then I would never do that” and she left the place
Sanskar: Did you see Lucky, how much head weight she has??
Lucky : why do you fight with her bhai
Just then Ragini entered the house again and Lucky sàw that and he was trying to signal Sanskar but he didn’t understood his signs and said “It is she who starts every time, I just respond to her nonsense… I really wonder how can anyone hire her…… Seriously I don’t understand how she got placed in our company!!!!”
Ragini: Just as you got placed without brain and she left the place angrily
Sanskar: Lucky when did she come yaar
Lucky: That’s is what I was trying to tell you through signs but you didn’t
Sanskar: Why to worry when whatever I told about her was cent correct
Lucky stamped on his foot
Sanskar: Why are doing this now??? You should have used this sign when she came… not now
Just then Ragini passed him looking angrily at him, took her hanky and left the place….
Sanskar: What are her eyes telling me yaar??? Oh god she is going to kill me with her looks yaar
Lucky : Bhai… Why do I feel that you love her!!!
Sanskar was choked hearing Lucky and said “Love and that too Ragini, only a fool can love her, she is too dangerous to handle”
Lucky: Are you sure bhai!!!
Sanskar: What’s there to be sure in that??? Ragini and Love!!!!!!!!! He repeated

Guys I really tried to write a lengthy epi, hope you all with like it… Thanks for reading and liking my ff to all the silent readers and special thanks to Sindhu rm, Dhara, Taiana, Poonam, Jasmine, Dev, Priya, Priya, Shagun,Pavani Darling, Sinzo, Kalai, S Priya, Anamica, Fira, Ina, Ammy, Sreeju, Rakhi, Venni, Anaita, Sarika Shah, Kirti, Megha, Ammu, Azure, Mahima, Lovely ….. I am really sorry if I forgot someone….All the best to those who has their exams nearing by……… Pls concentrate on your exams, you can read ff’s even after your exams, it’s just my advice, I wish everyone to come out with flying colours in their exams.. All the best to one and all
Jasmine: Swara never loved Sanskar… She only loved Lucky
Shagun: Truly speaking even I am a SwaSan fan… I started to watch SR from November only after knowing that VK is one of the Main lead, and then I started to like Swara’s character…. After few days I watched all the previous episodes in You tube and I just fallen in love with Ragini’s acting… Portraying a negative cum innocent role is too difficult but she nailed it… But from the end of the last year I was not able to digest Swara’s character, it’s just my opinion that her character is getting spoiled as the characters interference in others personal problems is increasing…. I am not bashing anyone but just I feel that her role is getting spoiled… In my real life too I have seen many people who interfere in others problems too much… I like SwaSan pair…. All the above I like VK…. My first ff was Definition of relations SwaSan and RagLak were pairs… I am sorry I just got you bored and once again I am not bashing anyone but just the characters are getting spoiled day by day… But I know it’s a tough job for CVs to come up with a new story all the time… Thanks Shagun for reading my ff though being a fan of Swasan..
Sreeju: you are absolutely right… It’s
Mahima: It was just Ragini doubt that Lucky wanted to kill Sanskar…it’s yet to be revealed
Megha: I tried to write a long for you dear…

Credit to: Ashrita

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