My Heart beats for??? – Epi 13


At Maheshwari house:
Annapurna was waiting for Durga Prasad as he is going to return India from abroad after 4months… She went out out with a religious taali in her hand to welcome Dp, as she heard some car sound…. Dp got down from the car and smiled at Ap… They both went inside and Dp went to fresh up and came down for Lunch
Dp: Where is my Grandson Ap… I didn’t hear his voice from the time I stepped in…. Where is he???? I brought chocolates, dresses and toys for my pota….
Ap was tensed and said first have your Lunch and then we can talk…
Dp: No Ap it has been months I heard his voice, wait I will go to his room myself and have to play with him for sometime and then I will have Lunch… First my GS and then Lunch
Ap : Ayan is not here…
Dp: Did Sanskar took him out???
Ap: No, his maasi took away Ayan…..

Dp: Maasi!!!!
Ap: Ha…. Swara’s sister…
Dp: U people didn’t inform me…. Where is Sanskar??? Did he go to office??
Ap: Even he moved away from this house for Ayan as neighbour to Ayan’s, to take care of him…
Dp in an angered tone What is happening in this house??? You people didn’t think to inform me about all the happenings at home????
Ap was scared and said no ji, Sanskar stopped me to tell anything to you, and you know that I can’t cut down his words….
Dp: Yes I know you can never cut down his words, but what happened to you when he requested you to take care of Ayan, then you never cared about Ayan
Ap: Ayan was the reason for Swara’s death, I can’t forgive him
Dp: When are you going to change Ap…. There is no point in arguing with you…….. I will call Sanskar and will talk to him
Dp rang to Sanskar’s number but it was not reachable….. He murmured why it’s not reachable wait I will call to his desk number and will confirm…… Someone picked the phone and informed that Sanskar hasn’t come to office yet…. Dp became worried and informed and informed the same to Ap….

Ap: He might have not gone to office…. He might be at home only….
Dp: But how to contact him…. We even don’t know where he stays
Ap: Morning Lucky told me that he will go to meet Sanskar… Call him
Dp: Hmm…and he called Lucky….
Lucky was tensed looking at the mobile as his dad was calling him, Hesitatingly he picked the phone
Dp: Lucky beta hru???? And why is Sanskar not picking the call…
Ragini who was sitting there was witnessing the whole situation…
Lucky: Tears rolled down from his eyes and was not able to speak as something struck in his throat
Dp was able to sense Lucky and said Why are you crying beta??? What happened??? Where are you
Ap who heard Dp asked him what happened ji????

Dp: Lucky is not replying me Ap… He is crying…
Ap took the phone from Dp and spoke Lucky beta R u fine?? What happened
Lucky: Maa I am fine… But bhai….
Ap: Sanskar…. What happened to him???
Dp snatched the phone from Ap : Tell Lucky what happened to Sanskar???
Lucky rubbed his eyes and said nothing to worry papa… He is fine… A small accident… But doctors told that everything is fine… I am with him papa, don’t worry
Dp fell down motionless after hearing Lucky…
Ap : What happened ji??? Say something… How is my beta???
Dp: He is in Hospital
Ap spoke to Lucky and asked which Hospital????
Lucky informed the details and said “Dont worry Maa, I am there with bhai and nothing will happen to him…. He is fine now”
Ap: I trust you beta and then she cut the call
Ragini went to Lucky and said “ Lucky, I am really sorry, Sanskar is fine now…. He is very Lucky to have a brother like you”

Lucky : No Ragini I am Lucky to have him as my brother……….. Whatever I do for him will be very less if it’s compared to whatever he did for me…. I am not returning his favours on me…but it’s the purest form of Love for my brother
Ragini: Both of you are very lucky to born as brothers
Lucky: Ragini you were here from long time…. You leave now, I will be here
Ragini: No Lucky, I will stay here… If something I can take care of Sanskar, you go to your home… Your parents might require you….(In her mind she was thinking, I want to sit next to you Sanskar)
Lucky refused and said my parents will come now… And I can’t leave him
Ragini: OK baba… I will just go inside and see Sanskar and she left to see him
Ragini went into the ICU, her eyes were welled up looking at Sanskar, she kept her hand on his and said “ What were you trying to do Sanskar??? My heart stopped to beat looking you like that……. Do you know how I felt for you when you come near to me, As if someone is holding my breath……. I know I just showed you my hatred for you, I want to tell you that how much I love you…. I have fallen in Love with you Sanskar… I am not there without you….. Your are my life…

If something happens to you, I can’t survive…… Don’t you want my answer for your question, why did I plan to leave Mumbai??? No Sanskar I never wanted to leave you, I just pretended, I wanted you to stop me, I wanted you to be behind me, I wanted you to fall in love with me” she found there is a movement in Sanskar after confessing her feelings to him

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Credit to: Ashrita

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