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Recap of whole story:
Episode 11 :epiosde 11

Going into the plot :
Ragini : Lucky has a reason to kill Sanskar
Swara very furiously shouted at Ragini “Not a word against Lucky Ladoo, I know him very well, he can never think to harm his enemy, Sanskar is his brother, then why would he do that!!!!”
Ragini: Di… I am sorry to hurt you, I doesn’t mean that he had planned the accident but it’s just my doubt, as he..
Swara cut down her words and said, “You are my sis that doesn’t mean that you can say anything against Lucky…. I am his wife and I know him very well, not even one word against Lucky from your mouth… what do you know about Lucky… I know what he is… No person in the world knows Lucky better than me…… Sanskar and I are his two eyes …. Not even in his dreams he would try to harm his brother…. He can neglect his son but not his brother…. They are like Ram and Lakshman…… I am not saying all these because I love Lucky… But I know both of them very well, they can’t harm each other… I have seen their love but never hatred……. This is the first and last time I am warning you, I would not tolerate if you speak something against Lucky… Instead of using your brain sometimes listen to your heart….”

Ragini: I am sorry Di… I don’t want to hurt you…. After hearing everything I thought he could be… But I am really sorry Di… I would never say anything against Lucky
Swara: In an angered tone Leave me alone for sometime, I don’t want to talk to anyone now… Pls leave me
Ragini left the place and went into her house and went in deep thoughts, I should keep an eye on Lucky……

Next day, Ragini took Ayan to Sanskar’s house and she was stunned to see Lucky there…. Sanskar brought food to feed Ayan and Lucky also joined them and started to play with Ayan…
Ragini was thinking “ Till date he did not care for his son, all of a sudden why did he started to care about him…. Is he planning something…. No I can’t let anything happen to Sanskar…. I know Di you believe Lucky but I can’t believe him all of a sudden, I need to test him…. After knowing everything I can’t let Ayan in wrong hands”
Lucky: Ayan… Do you know who I am ???? I am your papa….
Sanskar’s smile faded away after listening to lucky “Why should I feel bad??? Yes he is his papa…..”
Ragini observed Sanskar and Lucky, and felt bad for Sanskar
Ayan pointed to Sanskar and said Paa………

Tears rolled down from Sanskar’s eyes after hearing Ayan… Ragini felt happy
Lucky: Hmmm…he smiled back and said, I forgot beta, he is your papa and I am your chote papa….
Sanskar: What are you saying this lucky
Lucky: Yes bhai, till now I never took him in my arms, it was you who has taken care of him since his birth…….. Swara and me are just the reason for his birth, but the truth is you are his parent…. His mom and papa….. I can’t take away that right from you….. I don’t know if I can ever love him like you….. I never want him to know that I am his papa and Swara is his mom…..

Let him grow as your son….
Ragini was astonished hearing him “ Am I thinking wrong about Lucky??? Is Di right???? Am I not able to understand Lucky….” Her heart replied back “ Yes you are wrong about Lucky……”
Ragini just wondered what is happening, why I am thinking in 2 ways…. No Ragini don’t let your mission down and follow Lucky and let the truth come out…..
Sanskar left the place with Ayan and took him out….. When Ragini was about to leave, Lucky stopped her….
Lucky: Ragini, I should Thank you
Ragini: For what Lucky???
Lucky: For making me realise my mistake…
Ragini smiled back and said “ Didn’t you really feel bad, when Ayan called Sanskar as his papa???”
Lucky: Why should I feel bad Ragini??? Did I ever seen him as my son…. I never bothered about him, so how would he realise that I am his father….
Ragini: Don’t you think that Sanskar is reason for all this
Lucky: How could you point out at my bhai Ragini??? U don’t have any right….. If he didn’t took care of him… Ayan would never been here…….. Ragini, I can’t tolerate anyone pointing at my brother…. Please it’s a request not to blame my bhai for everything…. I know him well than anyone else
Ragini left the place with misted eyes…. “Lucky does love his brother, but her mind said, don’t be in a hurry, it can be just acting”

Ragini got ready to office and was about to leave when she saw Lucky and Sanskar also coming out to leave to office, so they asked her to join them in their car….. Ragini with a hesitation agreed to them and all the 3 left to office…. Sanskar got down the car and said that he has to buy something and hence was about to cross the road suddenly a car hit him…. Ragini and Lucky ran to him, Ragini was dumbstruck looking Sanskar surrounded by pool of blood and started to cry, while Laksh took Sanskar in his arms and took him to hospital leaving Ragini there…. Ragini followed them in an auto….. She reached the hospital and saw Lucky tensed, worried and roaming out of the ICU …..

Ragini: Why did you left me like that???? How is Sanskar???
Lucky: I have to save my brother………. I lost Swara and I can’t loose my brother now…..
Doctors came out and said “nothing to worry, he is out of danger, you brought him here at right time…. After 3 days you can take him home…. He is unconscious right now, after 3hrs he will gain consciousness…… U can meet him after sometime
Laksh : Thanks Doctor…. Can I go and see him once, just a min
Doctor: U can , but please just 5 mins and only one person
Lucky rushed into the room, Ragini looked through a glass door….
Lucky went near Sanskar, Nurse asked him not to disturb the patient and she left…
Tears rolled down from Lucky’s eyes looking at Sanskar… “Even you wanted to leave me like Swara… Bhai, I was able to bear the loss of Swara but not yours…..”
Ragini’s eyes welled up looking at Lucky’s affection towards his brother……. “Yes Di you were right, Lucky can never harm his brother…. I was wrong about Lucky…. but you and my heart were right about Lucky”

Credit to: Ashrita

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