My Heart beats for??? – Epi 11

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Recap: Episode 10

Ragini: Dii….. Do you think our plan will be succeeded??????
Swara: We have to somehow find out………. Thanks Ladoo, you took such a big step….
Ragini: Di……… But why did you not allow me to tell papa and Maa….
Swara: No Ladoo, yesterday when you came out of hospital, it became very hard for me to make you understand…….. No one would believe you…. Being a doctor, I won’t believe if someone come and says to me that I saw a dead persons soul and above all, they will take you to psychiatrist…….. Ladoo once we will find out the culprit I will leave
Ragini: Di don’t say that you will leave……… and she started to cry
To cheer up Ragini Swara changed the topic and said So my Ladoo, who is against Love, has finally fallen
Ragini: No… I don’t Love anyone….
Swara: Aha!!!! Trying to hide from your Di…… why did you ask Sanskar whether he loves me
Ragini: I just wànt to know……. That’s it
Swara: Ladoo……….. she grinned
Ragini: I just wanted to get confirmed……. if he still loves you
Swara: So did you get your answer??
Ragini: She smiled and said He adores you as his friend………
Swara: but why do you need confirmation dear….
Ragini: Di you know everything… Then why do you ask me!!!!
Swara: Oho my Ladoo, chose my bestie….. Good choice dear
Ragini: Di….. Tell me What happened exactly the day of accident…
Swara: Lucky went to Delhi on some project work and was about to return that day as my due date is nearing by…. Sanskar alone was about to go to pick up Lucky from the Airport, but I insisted Sanskar that I will be accompanying him, first he denied as it’s night time…. But I wanted to surprise Lucky and so I insisted him.., so he had to take me, and no one at home knows that even I am going with Sanskar…..
Ragini: Uncle and Aunty also doesn’t know that you are going along with Sanskar….
Swara: No Ladoo, I was scared that they won’t allow me to go
Ragini: Exactly what happened Di…
Swara: While Sanskar was driving the car, we were almost half the way, then suddenly a truck hit us…. All I remember is, the driver got down and he checked Sanskar, he immediately called someone and told work done, after that he fled away….. It made me sure that it’s not an accident, it’s planned Ladoo… Someone wants to kill Sanskar…..
Ragini: Why would someone want to kill Sanskar????
Swara: That’s what we have to find out….
Ragini: Di…. After that incident any other time… In this 1yr did anytime attack happened on him again
Swara: No Ladoo….
Ragini: Di…. Do Lucky know that Sanskar Loved you
Swara: Yes Ladoo… When I was 3months pregnant, myself and Lucky read Sanskar’s dairy, that he loved me before my marriage with Lucky
Ragini: How did you meet with Lucky Di…. Both of you were in different streams
Swara: Ladoo…Do you remember that I came to Mumbai for MBBS….. I used to stay in an apartment with my friends, Lucky and Sanskar were our neighbours, in that way we became friends and after that Lucky and I fell in Love with each other….
Ragini: How’s Lucky and Sanskar’s relation???? Do they have any differences between them on any matter
Swara: No Ladoo…. They are very close with each other, and they both are ready to sacrifice anything for other
Ragini: Di what was Lucky’s reaction when he came to know that even Sanskar loved you
Swara: Why are you asking all these Ladoo ….
Ragini: Just tell me Di…
Swara: He was very disturbed

Lucky: Swara, I never knew that even bhai loved you…
Swara: He might have loved me , but now he doesn’t loves me, its past Lucky
Lucky: Swara don’t mistaken me, but just tell me clearly did u ever had any feeling for bhai
Swara: Lucky what are you asking me!!!! I just Love you….. He is my best friend
Lucky hugged her and said “Sorry Swara but I don’t intend to hurt you…. I love you too”
Flashback ends

Ragini: Di who else than Lucky has reason to kill Sanskar!!!!!!!

Credit to: Ashrita


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