My Heart beats for??? – Epi 10


Hurray!!!! Its 10th epi and i am really happy as you people r liking my ff……. I am trying my best to entertain you guys…… Please suggest me if you feel there is no connectivity in the story, i would try to rectify………. I guess this episode will be a surprise to you guys…..


Ragini left the place leaving Sanskar in the meeting room……. Ragini went to her desk and she found Laksh waiting for her
Laksh: Ragini, I am sorry, I realised my mistake…..
Ragini: Thanks Laksh, but pls I want Ayan to stay with us for sometime…. He is your son, so you can come at anytime to meet him…..Pls Laksh
Laksh: I will agree only on one condition, call me Lucky…..
Ragini: Thanks Lucky….
Laksh: Will you accompany me for breakfast…..
Ragini: Of course Lucky….. and she saw Sanskar coming towards the desk…. She saw his eyes were red…..
Sanskar looked at Lucky and smiled at him…… He buried his head into monitor and became busy and Ragini left with Laksh……..

At Canteen:
Laksh: Ragini, how’s Ayan??
Ragini: He is fine, but he is not yet comfortable with us….
Laksh: I don’t know how much time it would take for him to get close to me and became worried
Ragini: Lucky I know it would take time, but u have to take a step, only then he would accept, he might not accept at the start…. But slowly he would get used to you
Laksh: Yeah …. That’s true, he is very much attached to bhai, I never took care of him properly…….. I never showed my face to him…
Ragini took his hand in hers and said “Lucky it’s your turn now, he is your son, let him know how much you love him, maybe it might take time, take out time for him, try to know his likes and dislikes……..”
Laksh smiled back at Ragini and said “Thanks for coming in my Life, I would have never known my mistake if you were not there, would you be with me always, u remind me of my Swara….”
Ragini smiled back…… Lucky and Ragini shared a good bond…..After sometime both of them left to their desks……… Ragini saw Sanskar no more at desk and realised that he might have left for Ayan……… It was evening she left to home
Ragini: Maa where is Ayan???
Sumi: He is with Sanskar…
Ragini: Where are they, I am not able find them anywhere

Just then Sanskar entered the house along with Ayan smiling at each other, both of their smile faded away after looking Ragini
Ragini smiled back to Ayan kissed him and went to her room without saying anything….
Sumi, Sekhar and Sanskar were shocked at her behaviour…
Ragini came out after getting fresh up…. Ayan went to Ragini and kissed on her nose………
Ragini observed Sanskar guiding him………
Sanskar: Aunty if you don’t mind can I take Ayan to my house for sometime????
Ragini interrupted your house!!!!!
Sumi: Ha Ladoo… He is our new neighbour
Ragini was puzzled and was looking at Sanskar who took Ayan along with him, she ran behind him and said…. U shifted to this place for Ayan????
Sanskar: Hmm…… Don’t worry I came here just to help you…. I know you want to bring Ayan close to his father saying that he went in to his home….
Ragini entered along with him and said Won’t you help me to get close to him????
Sanskar was surprised …… Why did you suddenly turned good towards me…he asked her questioningly???
Ragini: Just tell me if you will be with me or not
Sanskar: Yes I will be… But only till you and Lucky get used to Ayan
Ragini: After that?????
Sanskar: I will leave this place forever!!!! And also I will not have Ayan’s responsibility anymore…..
Ragini: Is he just your Responsibility????
Sanskar: That’s what you made me realise today that I am just taking his responsibility……. Ragini u were right that I loved your Di once….. She was my first Love….. Even she doesn’t know about that……. After her marriage with Lucky she became my bestie…. I never had any other feelings for her after that……. But my Love for Ayan is not just out of Love for your Di….. It’s my genuine feelings for him…….. He is my real world… Sanskar eyes were misted over, am I not anything to him Ragini??? I brought up with my hands, won’t I have any right on him???? Only Laksh has all the rights as he is his father….
Ragini: Why are you saying all these things to me???
Sanskar: I don’t know why!!! But I wanted to share with you that’s it….. Come with me, I will tell you how to handle Ayan, while feeding, u should know his likes and dislikes…..
He took her to kitchen, Ayan went to Ragini as his Paa is present with him…. Ragini started to cuddle him…….. Sanskar smiled looking at them…..
Ragini was training Ayan to call her Masi Maa…… Ayan went to Sanskar took him to Ragini and pointed towards her and said Maaa….. and pointed at Sanskar and said Paa…. Both Ragini and Sanskar hugged him and took a Selfie…….. Sanskar explained Ragini about Ayan’s all habits…. Sanskar after feeding him, he showed her a demo how to make him sleep……..Ayan slept on Sanskar’s chest…. Ragini slowly took Ayan and placed him on bed…..
Sanskar: Why did you leave him here
Ragini: I can’t separate him from his Paa…….
Sanskar: Why were you doing all these Ragini???? Sometimes you take my side and sometimes Laksh…. I don’t get you
Ragini: What did I do now???? I blamed you to make Laksh realise his mistake…….. and I am not so bad that I would make you and Ayan apart……. I care for Ayan
Sanskar: Then why did you want to leave Mumbai???
Ragini kept quite…. Sanskar went near Ragini and uttered once again “ I didn’t get my answer Ragini”

There was a knock at the door…. It was Sekhar….
Sekhar: Ladoo, Sanskar….. Laksh came home for Ayan….
Sanskar: Uncle he is sleeping…. U people go, I will bring him….
Ragini and Sekhar left…..
Ragini: Hi Lucky….. You should have come a bit early, just now he slept….
Laksh: Ohh!!! Is it….. Let it be……. Where is bhai….
Sanskar: I am here Lucky… And here is your Ayan and handed to Lucky….
Lucky took Ayan in his arms and kissed on his forehead……. I missed your mischief till now…. But from now on I am not going to miss anything, your papa will not leave you….. Ragini looked lovingly towards Ayan…….. Sanskar was a bit disturbed hearing Lucky, Ragini observed it……. And after sometime Lucky placed Ayan on the bed…. Lucky said “ I know bhai you have shifted here for Ayan, even I will join you”
Sanskar smiled and left the place….. After sometime even Lucky left to home…. Sumi, Sekhar and Ragini had dinner and then all the 3 went to bed…… After sometime Ragini woke up and went out of the house, towards Sanskar’s house…… She saw him peacefully sleeping through the window and went to terrace….. She was glaring at the city lights and was enjoying cool breeze when her Heart Beat started to raise…… She kept her hand on her chest and was saying relax, calm down she turned and with a smile she addressed “Diiiii, I am waiting for you from long time, why were u late”
Swara: Sorry Ladoo for being late ……
Ragini turned aside as if she is annoyed….. I think now you don’t have time to talk to your Ladoo…… But she was not able to control her excitement and said Di, Ayan is just like you….
Swara smiled at her and said Ladoo I know you would do anything for me….
Ragini: Dii….. Don’t worry we are together and nothing will happen to anyone… We will sort out everything…..
Swara: Did u get to know anything from Sanskar or Laksh???
Ragini: No Dii…. I am not able to know anything till now… But today I observed that Sanskar was very disturbed when Lucky mentioned himself to be as Ayan’s papa
Swara: He was taking care of Ayan from 15months so he might have behaved that way…..
Ragini: Dii….. Do you think that we will be succeeded in our mission?????

Guys Thanks a load for your wonderful comments, hey I want to clear that Ragini is talking to Swara’s soul only………. I know you people would feel the plot is going wrong track…… whatever I am getting, I am trying to put it… I am trying to include fantasy………. I tried my best to write a long update …….Next episode would reveal why SwaRagini were doing all these….. I maybe a bit late to post the next episode…
Sindhu,cute,Nands,Venni,Madhu,Lovely,Aish,Janvi,Div,Rakhi,Dhara,Meghana,Kiran,Smiley,Anu,Abhi,Hayathi,Kanak,pav,Barbie,Faima,Taiana,jasmine,Eva,Ammu,Gayu…. Thank you All…. Your comments means a lot ….. Thanks for your support and I know there would be silent readers too… Thanks to all of you guys…..Please Keep on supporting all the writers…☺☺☺
Many of you have doubts, I would try to clear
1. Sanskar’s first Love was Swara but as per Sanskar’s view Swara never knew about it
2. Ayan is SwaLak child itself and they are Lovers and married
3. Sanskar loved Swara before SwaLak’s marriage and I am not going to bring that story, so I am clearing it….
4. Hey Barbie I think Dhara has cleared your misunderstanding….. Sanskar never married Swara… SwaLak are married and unfortunately she died in an accident and Lucky Loves her a lot, he never left her… A special thanks to Dhara

Credit to: Ashrita

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