RANVEER VAGHELA: Mumbai’s youngest business tycoon ; unaware of loving ISHANI ;best friend for ishani;
ISHANI PAREKH: best friend for RANVEER;
KAILASH VAGHELA: dad of rv ; likes ishani ;
AMBA VAGHELA: mom of rv ; dislikes ishani;
HARSHAD PAREKH: dad of ishani ; likes rv;
FALGUNI PAREKH: mom of ishani; sister of kailash vaghela;
SHERMAN: brother of ishani;
PARUL: sister of ishani:

hope u guyz enjoy……

A guy locks his car stylishly & comes to the party hall. everyone greets him. that guy is none other than RANVEER. he was dressed in black suit. he came to a masquerade party. a girl watches him & says’ how hot he is’. another says ‘he is Mumbai’s youngest businessman’. he hears all these &silently enters the hall with the mask. all the girls in the party wished to dance with him. but he is not interested. he is waiting for a suitable one. there comes a girl from downstairs wearing a white anarkali & mask. he was stunned by her beauty. ranveer ask her hand to dance. she agrees. he dances with her. he twirls her in circle. then she was about to remove her mask and amba says ‘neendein kholo beta’ suddenly ranveer jerks & wakes up.

ranveer asked y she waked him up. amba was confused. then ranveer changes & says’i said that u r too good & always wake me up at correct time & u r too punctual’ amba says ‘get ready ranveer I had prepared ur fav okra’ .ranveer says’ I will b at the breakfast table within 10 mins. amba leave. ranveer thinks ‘this was the 4th time I miss her. why I cant c her face. who is she?’

ishani was shown dressing up in her room. she was confused what to wear . she says ‘in this red my nose was little big no I wont wear this’ then ‘ in this blue I was looking fat….no no..i wont wear this..and atlast takes a black with blue anarkali & gets ready. she comes down for dinner & notices rv was not there and askes parul about it. parul says ‘bhaiya is confused wat to wear’. ishani says ‘mostly girls will b confused y he is confused’& starts laughing. kailash comes for breakfast & asks ishani to join them but ishani denies & says she will have breakfast with ranveer & goes towards his room.

ranveer was sitting upset in his room. ishani knocks the door . ranveer says he will come to breakfast within mins & ask her to leave. ishani suddenly enters and ask ranveer ‘what happened ranveer ?r u confused wat to wear? he says ‘that was the reason I told parul ‘ she asks” then wat happened to u . y u r upset??’ he says today also he missed to see her.
ishani says ‘so that is ur problem…then v can solve it…next time u wont miss her’ rv asks ‘how u r saying this’ she says’ next time I will be near u & i will definitely not leave her from ur sight. ranveer stares at ishani and says ‘ how will i c her ishani….when u r around half of the sight will b blocked …then if she removes her mask also i cant c her…& laughs…ishani gets angry & says ‘RANNVEERR..TUM HO NA…..and chases him to hit with a pillow….ranveer runs saying ‘BBAACHHOOOO…..’


Credit to: aashiqui ayana


  1. IshuRV(Pranjali die heartedly loves Ishveer)

    yes I’m also confused how they r staying in one house

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