Recap: ranveer realises his love for ishani….ranveer agrees to marry naina….ranveer& naina’s engagement finished….

It was morning. Ishani watches ranveer in the dining table. He was doing his office work. ishani comes to him.

Ishani: ranveer… why r u doing ur office work here?? What happened to ur study room ah??
Ranveer: er….my room a/c is not working, so I called a guy to refix it….then, don’t know y mala is cleaning my study room now…when I entered, it was a complete mess…so I came here…
Ishani: oh….teek hai….so u forget what is the day….
Ranveer: wat??? Wat is the day….mom having bday or dad….but I have no time to wish them now…..i have an important meeting today…
Ishani: ranveer….today “welcoming holi party “
Ranveer: oh…right…that’s y mala is cleaning my room….no problem Ishani….i will be back to home within 2hrs…
Ishani: ok…did u eat something??
Ranveer: no….i will come & have it….
Ishani: ranveer….u always adviced me to have food… u r not eating ah???
Ranveer: ishani there is no time for me ishani…please understand….

Ishani takes an apple & starts eating. Ranveer watches her. She bites the apple & throws to ranveer.

Ranveer: ishani….u r naughty…as well as stubborn…

He bites the apple & throws to ishani. Naina watches them. ishveer watches naina coming to the table.

Ishani: do u want something to eat??

Naina nods. Ishani bites the apple & throws to ranveer & asked him to have it fully. Ranveer agrees & continues his office work. Ishani takes another apple & starts cutting. Suddenly she cuts her finger.

Ishani: ouch!!!!

Ranveer rushes to ishani & takes her bleeded finger & keeps in his mouth in order to make it cool. Naina was shocked by this act. She heads to leave.

Naina: I don’t think there is brother sister relation between them….

Naina leaves. Ranveer takes her hand out from his mouth. ishani was watching him puzzled.

Ranveer: actually ishani….my mom used to do like this when she is hurted so…
Ishani: no problem ranveer….i don’t think wrong about u….but I thought how much u care for me…
Ranveer: it’s my duty ishani….& u should be careful while using sharp things…ok…
Ishani: ok bapa….

Ranveer leaves for office biding bye to ishani. Ishani smiles & bids bye to ranveer.

Ranveer came back from office. He finds some missed pics of his childhood photo album in study room. (mala found those pics while cleaning). Ishani enters. She grabs all pics & watches them. she saw a pic in which ranveer is kissing her in childhood. She started laughing.

Ishani: I must show this pic to naina….
Ranveer: ishani please don’t do that….

Ishani runs. Ranveer follows. naina came there hearing their sound.

Ranveer: ISHANI PAREKH….u can’t escape from me today….

Naina gets shocked. She interferes while ranveer following ishani.
Naina: wat did u said??
Ranveer : her name….ISHANI PAREKH…

Then, he follows her. Naina got angry & watches them. Naina saw ishani running towards the corridor. She moved the lamp & the oil spilt on the floor.

Ishani watches the oil & stops. But before she could stop ranveer he overtakes her due to speed & fell on the floor. Naina gets tensed. ranveer’s foot is injured.
Ishani helps ranveer to sit on the sofa. She checks his foot.

Ranveer: it’s paining ishani…

She lifts his leg & apply balm.

Ishani: ranveer…..i want to say something to u….
Ranveer: wat ishani….come on tell me…
Ishani: after spending time with u…..i had started…

Ranveer listens to her carefully. just then ishani twists his leg & cures his sprain.

Ishani: this is how sprains are cured…..

Ishani smiles. Ranveer watches her smiling. naina watches them & gets angry .


Devarsh & pratheik welcomes all of them.

Devarsh: welcome all for this colourful night….here we had planned to colour u all with a game…

Everyone claps.

Devarsh: this game is called COLOR ME WITH THE COLOR OF LOVE….in this game, the guy will be blindfolded & he should find his lady love….this game is organized specialy for our ranveer & naina.

Everyone claps.
First, shikar was blindfolded….he finds his lady love shivanya.
Then, saraswatichandra will be blindfolded….he will find his lady love kumud .

Then, its our hero’s turn….ranveer was blindfolded….he should find naina. He touches all the hands….but he cannot find naina’s ….but he comes to ishani & holds her hand & feels her touch.

Ranveer : this is 200% ishani……

He removes the band from his eyes.

Parul : wowww!!!! Bhaiiya….
Devarsh: this is called the true love…
Naina thinks: true love my foot… could ranveer recognise her hand…

Ranveer had a phone call. He excuses from ishani & left to speak.Sherman comes to ishani.

Sherman: how did ranveer know it’s u….
Ishani: he cheated all of u….he came to know my hand by my hurted finger…

Ishani leaves.
Sherman thinks: y cant ishani feel ranveer’s love & wonders.


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  1. Hi ayana I am a silent reader of ur ff…its awesome in today’s epi I like the apple and pic part very much…
    I’ll dedicate Tum hi ho becoz ishveer is my life.. Whenever this tune used to play on matsh my heart used to beat very fast becoz of its cute notes…and with ishveer cute Romance it looks perfect

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode.
    Tum hi ho song.that song is very attached to ishveer ^ s life.l loved tum hi ho song after watching matsh.

  3. when u will unite ISHVEER?

  4. Even I love tum hi ho.. Song Bcoz it is made for Ishveer

  5. Superb epi ayana.and ur pic is awesome

  6. nyc epi….tum hi ho and sun raha songs are written for ishveer only..these songs r suit for ishveer..

  7. Hey guys can you check if you are able to see MATSH videous on youtube? I’m not able to view them. Pls check and let me know…

  8. Hey anjali Dr even I am suffering frm the same prblm? yesterday only my boards have finished so I thought to watch matsh on you tube but yesterday only they had removed all the videos and even from the desitv???
    Y this I’ll behavior wid our matsh only??????????????

  9. Nice superb episode. & fist song is always tum hi ho & 2 song is har kisi ko nahi melta yaha pyaar zindagi me khush naseeb he ham jinko meli he ye bahar zingdagi me. Like they get their true love in matsh of facing all hurdles & bad situations . there is less people in world that they get their true love.
    & second thing is in real they don’t find their true love in life their partner are neha & ishani na. I think they both love each other but did not say .& I think the song is perfect for them.

    1. & cover pic is so nice.

  10. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

    Nice and lovely episode yaar….and only one song TUM HI HO….

  11. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    super no words to xpress i love it . i enjoy ur quiz actually and my is
    tum he ho i didnt lustened to that song 1st after matsh i downloaded that i listened to it . it is only for my ishveer . i love only ishveer and not aashique 2actors . when i listen that i think only my ishveer and in tamil anba anba . kadhalae kadalae both are tum he ho transilation . then kanave kalaiyathe sun raha trasilation and imaiae imaiae . raja rani ………

  12. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    yes yes yes i lovvveeee it really all the parts are super apple part suuupeeerrr . the pic suited well today it shows my matsh epi agian . so sweet of u . i loveee it precap super and naina jealousy i love it the most …..

  13. Loved it ….. superb job…… always tum hi ho and sunn rahan hai… b4 watching matsh… when I heard the song…. I remember aashique2 cast… after that only ishveer came to my mind…. theme music… no one can replace ishveer eyelock with that theme ….

  14. IshuRV(mast Goa)

    too good…

    Ans-tum hi ho(I love ashiqui 2 and matsh equally ) and judaai from badlapur……this two because the lyrics the feelings r so much attached to matsh……….and main rahoon ya na rahoon tum mujhme sada baki–i don’t know y but I just love this song(not the pair in that song)

    1. IshuRv dr I love judaai song dr .
      The song first use in matsh while ishveer’s divorce that time I am crying a lot dr. So I love that song very much & when ever I listen the song na I always remembered ishveer ‘ s face.
      & dr I give my email id in ranaji’s ff pls check it dr.& contact with me dr

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