Recap: ranveer has a girl in his dreams. He forget parul’s bday.ishveer went to mall for buying a present for parul.

Ishveer on their way to home. Ishani saw a paanipoori stall & asks ranveer to stop the car. She asked him to buy her paanipoori. Ranveer agrees & they both sat on the stall & started having paanipoori. Ishani was totally enjoying its taste. Ranveer watches her & smiles. Suddenly she started coughing.

Ranveer: what happened ishani??r u alright??

Ishani coughs continuously. Ranveer gets scared & runs in search of water.
Ishani starts laughing at ranveer. Atlast he came with a bottle of water. Ishani was continuously laughing. ranveer gets angry.

Ranveer: I don’t like such jokes. Y u did like this ishani? Do u know how afraid i am . if anything happens to u then…..
Ishani : then…then what ranveer??
Ranveer: then…then… then wat will I tell my papa & ur papa & our family members. Don’t play like this next time, then I wont talk to u till my death…

He goes to the car angrily. Ishani thinks HOW MUCH RANVEER CARING FOR ME and smiles.
They reached home. Sherman comes.

Sherman: go guys…get ready for the party….do u know that how much excited I am for this masquerade party.
Ishani: what??
Sherman: s ishani…this gonna be fun.
Ranveer: I had attended a party like this before….but not in real but in dreamz…
Sherman laughs. They all went to their rooms for getting ready.

Kailash calls ishani. She came.
Kailash: which suit is nice ishani…this whitewala…or this greywala…orelse this blackwala…??
Ishani: for whom mamu?
Kailash: for my beta only…
Ishani: ranveer will be good in this black suit..

Kailash asks her to give that suit to ranveer. She agrees & leaves.
Ishani gives the suit to ranveer. Ranveer thanked her & thinks “I had weared this black suit somewhere”. While ishani says” get ready for the party…only 20 mins more..” ranveer nods.ishani leaves.
All the guests had arrived for the party. Ishani is still getting ready.
Ranveer keeps on knocking her room door.

Ranveer: tortoise ki dadi….when will u come out…its time for cake cutting…r u wearing dress orelse stitching & wearing…come out soon ishani…
Ishani: I will come there within mins…u go ranveer..
Ranveer leaves for the party.


Credit to: aashiqui ayana


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