ishani runs to ranveer’s room. he was deeply sleeping. she shouts his name but he did not got up. after many attempts ishani says ‘hey kumbakarna ki beta….neendein kholo…’ & pours water on him. ranveer says ‘ sterday mom…today u…y u r disturbing me in the morning itself’ she says come down & c. they both went down & to ranveer’s shock it was PARUL’S B’DAY. he says ‘how could I forget this’ she says ‘ oh!!! otherwise u will remember it ah…ghajini ki Bhai hoon tum…always forget something & u r saying this to me’ he gets angry and gave a look at her. they both get ready & left for mall to get a good gift to parul. amba watches them together and got angry.

ranveer & ishani enters the mall. ishani stands still watching the escalator. ranveer understands & gives his hand to her. she holds his hand & they both climb on the escalator. ranveer teases ishani ‘y girls take more time in shopping while it is just a matter of buying’ ishani argues with him. ranveer leaves . by the time ishani turns, ranveer was gone. she follows him shouting his name. she says ‘wat if someone teases me’ ranveer smiles saying whoever teases you will definitely have a bad destiny’. ishani gets angry & beats his shoulder. ranveer gave her the blueprint of the mall & says he didn’t left her…he just went to take the blue print. ishani smiles.

ishani is selecting a necklace for parul. it was a ruthraksha mala. ranveer teases her saying ‘ u r going to make my sister a baba’ & laughs. ishani says it has positive energy & they brought & came out of the store . ranveer asks ishani to wait in the front of the mall & went to take the parked car. a watches ishani & says’ how beautiful she is’. he comes towards ishani. but ranveer comes & ishani went with him.

the guy is revealed as CHIRAG MEHTA. he says’ one day I will surely get u & I am waiting for that day’

precap: that was parul’s birthday mask party .ishani was dressed in white anarkali & comes downstairs. ranveer thinks this was the same dress the girl weared in his dreams & stares at her.

QUIZ TIME: who is ishani to ranveer in this ff??

Credit to: aashiqui ayana

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  1. Kayathri (ranveer)

    nice and also sry

  2. dude pls unite ISHVEER s soon s possible………don’t let chirag to harm them pls …’s a request

  3. friends daughter I think and nice epi

  4. Nice episode,,,,I loved them,,,,

  5. Wow… good going dr

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb lovely episode.keep rocking like this.
    They r best friends till this episode.having great bond between them.loved it.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb lovely episode.keep rocking like this.
    They r best friends till this episode.having great bond between them.loved it .

  8. Aashiqui ayana

    In the last before para…the guy watches..

    Sorry guyz.,Next time i wont do any mistakes.

  9. Aashiqui ayana

    In the last before para.,a GUY watches…
    I promise u guyz next time i wont do any mistakes..

  10. Aashiqui ayana

    In this ff ishani is ranveer’s aththaiponnu pa.

  11. Nice superb episode waiting for next. & kailash is uncle of ishani na. so ishani & rv are cousin.

  12. Aashiqi ayana what do mean of aththaiponnu pa.


    Wow dear….its too good…pls keep going like this….

  14. Nice episode ?

  15. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    ho mariya dear it means aunt’s daughter who have some close relation tjan other relations and can marry each other .it is a tamil word . and its our culture to marry aumt’ daughter or son

  16. Thanks rookey rookers dr but I can’t understand tamil . & it is our culture also to marry aunt’ daughter. & I think it is in all culture’s also to marry uncle aunt’s child na.

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