Recap: ranveer realises his love for ishani….ranveer agrees to marry naina….ranveer& naina’s engagement finished….holi celebration completed……..
After one month….ranveer & ishani were husband & wife…..they came to parekh mansion for temple festival….
Ishveer brought cow & gave it to ilaben. she thanked them. they came to parekh mansion. ishani enquires y he took the blame of devarsh. Ranveer replied all for the family happiness. Ishani stares at him. Ishani went to sleep. Ranveer gets ready to sleep. Kailash passes by.

Kailash: ranveer…..y r u sleeping here….i thought u will b in ishani’s room…
Ranveer: no…that…I mean…the bed was small…so I though of sleeping in my room….no …not like any problem between us….v r going smooth….

Kailash locks ranveer room & asked him to stay in ishani’s room. Ranveer nods. Ranveer comes to ishani’s room. He didn’t find any extra mat or pillow….bedsheet & all. He decides to sleep beside ishani.

It’s morning.

ishani wakes up and finds ranveer in front of her.

Ishani: why r u staring me like a langoor??

she finds herself sleeping next to ranveer.

ranveer : u r sleeping on me …..i had pushed u on the side.

He then starts narrating a story…..

Ranveer: u r like a hungry cat yesterday, very wild.
Ishani: stop rubbish……
Ranveer: exactly ishani….i was telling u the same, but u didn’t listen to me….
Ishani: I won’t believe u……
Ranveer: ishani….u r my WIFE…. and everything is allowed between husband and wife……
Ranveer: here after….we will sleep next to each other.
Ishani: why didn’t u stop me….when I behave like that…??
Ranveer: i was inebriated and why would i stop myself…… u had fullfilled ur wife duties ishani…. and now we are completely husband and wife.

Ishani starts crying. ranveer tries to console her.

Ranveer: u kicked me on face thrice….. i slept in the opposite direction yesterday……

Ishani then starts beating him with pillow.

Ishani: tum ho na ranveer…..always joking….dont u take anything serious??
Ranveer: I had taken three things serious….MERI AASHIQUI…..MERI KAAM AUR MERI PARIVAAR…
Ishani stares at him. they had an eyelock. ishani break the eye lock.

Ishani: u will listen to me know ranveer….
Ranveer: yes……
Ishani: from today, keep some distance from me. It will be good for us.
ranveer thinks: I CANT STAY AWAY FROM U ISHANI…..

Ranveer steps back taking four steps.

Ranveer: i will always maintain the distance….
Ishani leaves the room.

Ranveer goes for a walk near house. He saw a boy sitting in a wall. Ranveer goes and throws water on him. Ranveer plays with him and makes friendship with him.

Boy: I am hungry…..

Ranveer feels sad. The boy asks him to get a mango for him from the tree.
Ishani comes there and see Ranveer and the boy playing. She feels happy. Ranveer climbs up a tree to get the mango, Ishani watches this and smiles. Ranveer is not able to get the mango. Ishani advises him to come down else he will get hurt. Ranveer stares at Ishani .they had an eyelock. Tum hi ho plays…..

The boy notices this.

Boy: Bhaiya get the mango…… why are you watching didi…..

Ranveer gets the mangoes for the boy.
They went to home.
It’s evening.
Everyone are eating while Ishani looks for Ranveer. Ishani takes food in a plate. Ranveer feels hungry as he walks around his room.
He goes to kitchen and sees everything empty and returns to his room.

ranveer thinks: who cares about me here….even my wife shouts at me always….even sometimes I don’t know y she is angry with me….I came to know WIFE MEANS WITHOUT INFORMATION FIGHTING EVERYTIME….

He sees Ishani sleeping on the chair with food. he gets excited.

ranveer: I know….her friendship….& loyalty….

He goes to her, then stops and thinks about her words to maintain a distance. He moves back. He calls her name Ishani but she is still sleeping. He calls repeatedly. He thinks what to do to wake her up. He takes some flowers and throws on her. Ishani wakes up.

Ishani: is this the way of waking up….. can’t you come closer and wake me up…..
Ranveer: someone told me to maintain a distance….
Ranveer: you were sleeping, I called you and you did not get up so I threw flowers on you….
Ishani: I came here to keep your food and didn’t know when I slept……have food…
Ranveer: I’m not hungry….

Ishani leaves.
Ranveer sees she is gone and sits fast to have food. Ishani comes back and sees him having food and smiles.

it’s morning…

Harshad & falguni planned to make ishveer together. They sent them to purchase household products. ishani & ranveer purchased all things in the market.
Suddenly few goons come in the scene. People panic and run away. Ishani is stuck in the crowd. Ranveer covers her. He saves her and send her to a safe place.they reached inside a shop. ranveer closed the door.

Ishani: thanks……

Ranveer’s hand gets hurt while closing the door.
Ishani sees Ranveer is hurt. She brings water.

Ishani: ranveer….clean ur wound.
Ranveer: no…. its ok.

She throws water on him from a distance.
Ranveer: what are you doing???
Ishani: its over….the wound is cleaned….
Ishani smiles.

They both open the door together and smile seeing each other.
They came back to house.
In their room…

Ishani: sorry….i don’t want u to maintain any distance….i just blabbered…I said unknowingly….

ranveer comes close to ishani.

Ranveer: Ishani…..there is something between us which does not has any identity….. a feeling which we can’t deny…..
Ishani is speechless…..
They had an eye lock…..tum hi ho plays….
Ranveer moves backwards and leaves.





Credit to: aashiqui ayana

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    Ranvi had to make pot and earn a cow for the dead cow’s owner and he get food only once a day.

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      Thank u yaar….. ?absolutely correct answer dear…. ??

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    the punishment was ranveer have to buy a cow for that lady ilaben but not with his own money…ranveer have to make pot and sell them in market and than with that money he should bought that cow…
    ashiqui ayana please don’t care about comments..there r many silent readers and our some ff readers(SSC students) r having exams…so after this month u will get more comments….

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