Recap: ranveer realises his love for ishani….ranveer agrees to marry naina….ranveer& naina’s engagement finished….holi celebration completed……..
After one month….ranveer & ishani were husband & wife…..they came to parekh mansion for temple festival….

Some villagers are coming towards PAREKH MANSION saying JAI HO ……

The villagers calls out Harshad name and Harshad and falguni went outside to know what happened.

Pandit: your family member had killed a cow….

Devarsh informs his mother that cow was hit by his car and was died.

pandit :ask your nephew to come out…..

Harshad calls for devarsh very angrily. His mother console him and says dont say that you did anything.

Ishani is tensed. harshad asks them to calm down.
Harshad : if he is guilty then you can punish him…..
He asks devarsh about the truth. Devarsh informs that he went outside but cow was dead before.

Harshad: tell the truth, swear on your mother’s head…..
Devarsh about to swear on his mother, just then Ranveer comes and removes his hand from being touched to his mother head. Ishani is shocked.

Ranveer: Devarsh… cannot false swear of the mother…..
Ranveer: yesterday night Devarsh came to drop me to the office… I had argent work…and I was driving the car. Everyone looks on.
Ranveer: i hit the cow …..and I am responsible…..
Ishani and everyone are shocked.

Harshad: Ranveer what r u saying???
Ranveer: yes,….. i was driving the car in high speed….as I was in urge and the cow suddenly came before the car.
Devarsh feels ashamed as he is keeping quiet.

The villagers : Ranveer has said this so lightly and it is because of his ego….. we will not leave Ranveer.
They start fuming against Ranveer.
pandit : after bhagwaan they worship the cow, and Ranveer has hit the cow.

Harshad keeps his head down listening to people’s comments.

Pandit : he had forgiven Ranveer’s mistake, when Ranveer has made the water impure by going in and but this mistake he will not forgive.
Ishani is about to cry.
pandit says that Ranveer should get punishment for this act.
Harshad: Ranveer cannot do this and he might be taking someone else’s blame on him…..if he talks to Ranveer alone, there might be a solution. ….
Ranveer: Kaka…. I’m ready for the punishment and I’m responsible.
Falguni: they cannot punish their guest and I am sure that this thing does not happen again.
pandit: no….. The cow belonged to Ilaben, and the cow was the way for her to take care of her family…..
villager: Ranveer’s car has not only hit the cow, but also hit Ilaben and her hand is wounded. and Ranveer should get high punishment.

They say they should make his face black and they take him along them.
Ishani thinks they cannot do this and runs to save Ranveer. Devarsh also wants to stop the villagers but his mother stops him. Ishani stops everyone, and argues with the villagers.

Ishani: Ranveer mera PATI hai…..he has not done anything and he is innocent and no one will touch him.
pandit: I will not listen to u… and if u comes in between, u will also be punished with Ranveer.
Ishani: I always fought for truth and today also i will fight for truth. Ranveer looks at Ishani.
Ishani: Ranveer has taken the blame on him to save her family’s image.
Ishani spoke in favour of ranveer.

Ishani : ranveer goes to Mandir daily because my mamuji used to go to mandir….. How can they blame such a person…… When the factory caught fire, it was Ranveer who jumped in the fire and saved Harshad. He saved a girl from a lake. …
Ishani: I am not taking the side of my husband…but I am taking side of the innocent, and it is her dharam, and i will always do it.
Harshad: Ranveer has saved a girl’s life, and he should be given a chance.
Pandit: ok…. but he has to do Prayachit.
Ranveer: I accept…
pandit: the Prayaschit would be tough and Ranveer does not understand the meaning of ko matha.
Ranveer: i knows. …
Pandit: ok… u will have to work hard in the village and bear Ilaben’s family expenses…..u should make pots and buy her a cow. Till that u cannot leave. u will be given food one time a day, and a bed outside Ilaben’s house and u should sleep there under any weather condition. Ishani cries.

Harshad says Purohitji…. I’ll take care of Ilaben’s loss.
Harshad: I will buy a cow for Ilaben and Ranveer will stay with them in their house.
Ranveer: kaka… with money we can fulfill her loss, but not the wounds of her heart. Ishani hears this and cries.
Ranveer: only if i does as how the Purohit said me, Ilaben will be justified.
Everyone stares at Ranveer.
Ranveer : lets go….
Pandit takes him.

it was night.
Falguni: u should have food…..
Ishani is thinking about Ranveer.
Ishani: Ranveer is doing all this for her family and i cannot see this because he is innocent…..
She speaks in support of Ranveer.
Falguni: do what your HEART says. ….
Ishani : I wants to help him…..i will do the Prayachit….
Harshad: i couldn’t save Ranveer, though i know Ranveer was innocent.

Ishani and Harshad go to Ranveer. Harshad gives a blanket to Ranveer.
Harshad: sorry…..
Ranveer: kaka….u should not say such….
Ishani comes with food and asks Ranveer to have food.
Harshad: Ranveer…. eat food ….i will talk to Ilaben.
Ishani: Ilaben will not listen, and u should go home and eat food and take medicines also…..
he leaves.
Ishani sit there feeling cold.
Ishani: I will help u and i will share ur prayachit…..
she asks him to have food. Ranveer makes Ishani also eat food with him.
Ishani is happy. Ranveer is also happy that Ishani is with him. He continues eating food.

Ishani and Ranveer started making pots. Ishani teaches Ranveer and they both try to make the mud pot.
Ishani: to shape the mud it should be done with love, not with force, else it will be damaged.

Ranveer listens patiently and smiles while looking at her. The dust goes into Ishani’s eyes. Ranveer blows in her eyes to wipe out the dust.

Ishani: what???
Ranveer: I mean…how could u read this pot making art….
Ishani: I doesn’t read it…I watched it…in youtube….

Ishani shapes the mud properly. They continue shaping the pot. They stare at each other and smile.
Ishani: Ranveer u has made the pot correctly……..
ranveer says to himself that he would have done it in first attempt if he had not gone deep in her eyes. Ishani doesn’t hear that.

Ishani: what did u said???
Ranveer: I said i would have done faster if i had any other teacher…..
Ishani gets angry. Ranveer smiled at her.

Ishani goes to bring mud.
Ranveer: i will accompany with u….
They talk on the way. ishani asks ranveer to stop in the way & went to take the mud near a lake.
Ishani comes there bringing the mud.
Ishani falls and Ranveer holds her. Her muddy hands touches his face and his face gets mud. Ishani laughs.
Ranveer does not understand why she is laughing.

Ishani: ur face got dirty with mud….
Ranveer asks her to clean it as she has applied it.
Ishani: i will not clean…..
Ranveer looks angrily.
Ranveer : ok …..
He starts going.
Ishani: ok sorry….
he stops.

Ishani: sorry…. I will not do it again.
Ranveer: Promise?
Ishani: promise….

Ishani moves her hand forward. He gives his hand. She hold and pushes him in the muddy soil. Ranveer gets much angry as Ishani keeps laughing.
Ishani: ranveer…. go and take a photo because u r looking better than u look in sherwani..….
Ishani is still laughing, Ranveer gives her an angry look. His face got more mud.

Ranveer gets up from the mud. Ishani stops laughing and gives her saree corner to him to clean his eyes.
Ishani and Ranveer again make the pots. Ishani keeps the pots.
Her dupatta goes on Ranveer’s face and he feels good and closes his eyes and smiles.

It’s morning. They sold all pots & brought a cow. They gave it to ilaben. She thanked ishveer.
They came back to parekh mansion. Harshad & falguni welcomed them. Ishveer went to their room.

Ishani: thank u ranveer….
Ranveer: for what??
Ishani: I know that u had taken the blame of devarsh….thanks….
Ranveer: no need of thanks ishani…. I have done all this so that peace prevails in your home……It was our duty to pay for Ilaben’s loss…… We have done it and now we are free…..
Ishani stares at him.

precap: ranveer says “ u r like hungry cat yesterday night…..very wild…..”

quiz time: do u guyz remember the three wishes of ranveer to ishani (when ishani does memory loss drama)

last episode answer: vijay dinanath chauhan

answer me & comment me on my ff….

Credit to: aashiqui ayana

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  1. Yeah it was looking at the stars, dancing, and making pottery! Amazing job! I loved this episode!

  2. dude the romance is missing………pls sissy add some romance

  3. Ayana really fantastic.just amazing.where r u from.i think u r from south india..pls add some romantic scenes also eye to eye contact missingna pls add

  4. Dance,pot Making n star viewing were the 3 wishes which rv made to ishani
    N talking abt today’s epi it was jst amazing?? I felt that I was actually watching matsh n that part when ishweer were married but ishani hasn’t realized her love fr rv..but she cares fr her…I really like ur ff a lot plz update nxt part soon dr

  5. Star viewing, dance n pot making….n today’s epi was just amazing??? I felt that I was actually watching matsh( that part in which ishani was unknown of her love fr rv but she used to care fr him)
    Waiting fr ur next update

  6. Woah…..its really lovely dear……and I remember it…..they were stars…..pot….and dance….right….

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    yes its so oooooo nice … i think the same ans. as kushi said ….. abd i love ur ff very much dear . last epi ans . i thought love guru…. last before epi ans .i dont like to compare anyone in koolywood too dear… but radz to aliya .. ya i like that…

  8. Wow ayana dear… I don’t hav any words to express ur writing style and story dear… pls reveal that suspense…. I’m waiting to know…. and as khushi said it reminding me of matsh….. love ur ff

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode.really interesting.waiting for next.

  10. I’m sure that it were stars, pottery n dance.. Which they used to do when they were friends.????

  11. IshuRV(Pranjali ka mast Goa)

    yes yes yes I remember it…but not in proper order…
    dancing on the terrace with ishani….
    making pottery with ishani….
    looking at the stars laying on the terrace with ishani….

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