HEART BEAT(last part)


Friends thanx for ur support.. emmy welcome back ma friend.. rosy i also agree with ur pov.

Few days passed..
Tanu,nikhil,aliya were arrested for their wrong deeds and abhi asked higher police officers to punish them as much as possible and he gave money for that even..

Judge odered to arrest 3 of them for 25 years.. nikhil tried to escape by making fake excuses. But abhi never let him to try even..

Judgement mentally affected to tanu and in the court she scream lot..

“25 years?? Oh god..what will happen to me when i comming from prison.i ll be old woman then.what will happen to my comf life.best years in my life is going to lost” -by tanu

She faintef there and admited to hospital.doctors confirmed that she is suffering from mental problem.judge odered to arrest her under the mental hospital of police..

Nikhil & aliya agreed to the judgement..
They were odered do heavy works in the prison..
Aliya appointed to wash all the toilets and wash rooms in the prison..
Nikhil also get the same punishment..

(Abhi paid judge to oder those punishments)

These things took more than 3 months to happen..
Sarala & her mom now staying in mm and abhi look after them with much love..as pragya did.
Sarala always used to tell that she feel her pragya is with her when abhi is near..
As well abhi didnt let sarala to be worry and he always tell my fuggy is living in here(pointing his heart)

Time passed like this.abhi tried to console every one.but no one is there to make his mind.. he tried so mant times to kill himself.. but he wanted to protect

His fuggi’s heart.

Abhi’s pov

The sun sank low behind the forest rim
Leaving only the deep dark on the sky
Neither the moon,nor a star
So silent were birds silent shade below
I thought my heart is gonna dumb
But it still sings about the lovely sun beam
The lovely sunbeam is meant to dim
The sleeping star never knows about my sighs
I was burning from the inside of my soul
With the dead hopes and the silent in front of my door
I thought my heart is gonna blind Cause I still wanna lay lap in a dead dream
Lay lap in a dead dream makes night so grim
Having neither sweet lullabys,how can I be fine………???
I know in the next moment sun will come soonBut “my sun”will never rise to my world anymore
I thought my heart is gonna die.. sorry our heart..
But it’s still alive since it tunes the melody you taught to me “my sun”..
I love u fuggi..and i deserve this pain for the each and every tear drop fallen from ur eyes bcoz of me…

Friends actully abhi isnt worth enough to have pragya’s heart.. but in here itz the greatest punishment which abhi can have.. he is suffering lot for every misunderstanding he made over pragya.. though he need to die.. he cant.. and he cant live also… he deserve only this.. he must feel the pain of losing his wife.. now he will go through this untill death.. sorry if i hurt u.

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  1. Riyashri

    CreaTina tum toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Unbelievable hai !! Heart touching & Emotional Os ! Love u Tina di !! Waiting for your further Creations !! Keep Rocking Creatina !! Love u Loads !!

  2. Really really touching yaar….I m still crying while reading this plot………wowwwwwww…….I can’t make words to praise this os. ……….only one word thank I for giving this much crying………..Nice epi…….

  3. Really superb.Abi needs this kind of punishment. Pragya love s won& Abi got punishment too.I really like this da.I hope n kkb also they should follow this .superb I enjoyed this fully???

  4. Maahi

    omg “my sun” thing was soooooo heart touching yaar u knw those poetry lines my god u stole my heart yaaar dizzz is smthng divine nd pure nd yes abhi deserves dizz punishment fr nt trusting her but he is my fav naaa so i cant hate him lol u rockd ittt awsomeeeeee OS lv uuuu u rockd itttt

  5. Reshma Pradeep


  6. Really it’s amazing Suha!! I loved it. I loved it a lot!! U r really incredible!! Keep rocking!! Love u!

  7. Ohh dii i feel sad but i agree so u r rockng as always love u dii????

  8. Sabeenia

    Hey sweetheart. …..how are u………


    1. Suha

      http://www.tellyupdates.com/phobia-kkb-part-2/ pls check this.i dedicated it4 u… wht hppend to u yaar..very bad. U frogot me na.. welcome back darling.. i am fine.. but not much becoz i missed u lot.. why did u disappered.what happened.. how r u.. i missed ur ff too… but now i am really happy..u came back na.. welcome with a bone crushing hug… pls answer my qstns..i am waiting

  9. Adhya

    Ur soo creative..my dear I just love it…Suha…hat’s off to ur thoughts..my dear..plz come back with another Rocking story line…

  10. Ommmmggggggg this only I want really di when abhi suffering from love pain really I felt happy. You know di i like abhi so much in the middle so much but now I am feeling that i want to go inside the television and want to broke Abhi’s head by rod. I am craziest fan of abhigya. I will think to leave this serial but I couldn’t Bcoz of abhigya. Really i will think that they should unite but now I am thinking that they should separate for taking Pragya’s happiness. Now I am feeling relived when abhi suffer really I enjoyed my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari princess di. Di i forgot to tell that say thanks to your doggy bcoz i am really happy for saving my di. I too love dogs so much. I love all the animals. Thanks for loving my talking nature. I am sorry di for my late comment sorry not comment it is my feelings. Did you say that I am challenging your Prince i mean my jiju. Who loves you more. I am or your Prince. Say him di bcoz he can think that he is the one who can love you more than others. I want to prove that i am the one who loves you more than others. Di i am very lucky to have you as my di bcoz i entered this site without anyone love but now I am getting love from you. Thank you di for ur love. I love you forever di. No one can separate you from me. I love you my princess of intelligent di. Love you a lotttttt ummmmmmaaaaa. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. hey dont say “sorry” again..i will be angry with u forever if u say sorry to me again.. itz true that i am waiting to read ur feelings.. but no mtter the time how u take..being waiting also very funny.. i told every thing about u to that idiot.. he told to imform u that he accepted the challange.. :-D.. i know only my lil princess will win.. his love alwaya change for silly matters.. but my lil princess never do so.. so now itself u won princess. though we havent blood relation.. your love is lot to me.. when u call me as di..i feel that i got completed..one more thing.. dont froget to have a rest too.. study well my lil princess.. i love u sooooooo much… and u know what.. ur jiju named u as” LOVE guru”.i told him about my choti’s advices.. and i told about my another choti too.. saranya.
      princess i also give a kiss to my one of cute doll imagine that itz u..
      princess i really love u.. i dont have words to explain my love to u.but as i promised one day i ll come to u & i ll show how much i love u with lots of kisses & huggs.. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnmmmmmmmmmaaaa….

    2. i frogot to tell.. i love abhi.. from the beging.i mean not the real kkb.but his apperance.. & diehard fan of him.but when considering kkb i also want him to suffer lot for hurting pragya..thatz why i wrote this.. if some ones love is pure.. then he or deserve only a pure love.. so if pragya cant have a pure love as she want itz better die more than living with a name saked husband.

  11. Dii one help in tu it was given tat frm aug 1 oly registered mem can submit artickes i tried to reguster but its keep on shpwing user name already taken fr my name wat to do shld i change my name or anythng else pls tel dii

    1. Suha

      Choti.. dont change ur name. Just try with somenumbers after the name.. like saranya19. Or something like that.. though u changed the name.. readers can identify u.but itwill be more better if u use the same name. Try it some numbers.if not give ur name as blend of simple and capital. sArANya. Like this.or use some extra letter after of before name.SaranyaA.. like this..

      one of this option will work.try it choti..

      1. Ok dii thank u i ll try???

  12. Super….

  13. Super dr….

  14. sema punishment 2 all……………

    like n love it yaaaa

  15. Really nice n hrt touching story yaar… Really sooooooooo sad even I too feel tat abhi shd deserve a punishment 4 his act towards pragya bt he loves her to the core tat thing v can’t neglect na he s an emotional fool I’m nt saying abt the bond attached to tat baby I’m saying tat love bonf with his fuggy he just blindly loves his fuggy n soooo bcoz of his fuggy’s words he blindly loves tat baby soooo he directly n indirectly loves his fuggy only in tz world soooo tz punishment s more… Actually I love abhi a lotttttt y I don’t know I get angry 4 his doing bt nt able to hate abhi soooooo only tz punishment 2 abhi I really sad soooo I can’t accept tz punishment 4 abhi… Thn really sry yaar if I SD anythg wrong really I felt it sooo I just comment it all things in tz I love it especially tat punishment to abhi…???

  16. Superb os yaar… They deserves that punishment… Abhi too got a nice punishment…. But my opinion is to punish the writers for writing craps… Really fed up of this real kkb…

  17. Sarayumane

    really awesome, especially the sun thing is really fantastic. actually I am a silent reader, I only comment on the last episode,

  18. Please don’t write this type stories. This is heart breaking story. Sorry

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