heart beat ., show changed my life (intro)

hey guys wts up.. its meghs here with my first ff ♡heart beat♡

viplav tripati : handsome.. naughty.. his passion is singing.. business magne shambu tripati n kanak tripati son… die hard fan of fm show heart beat n its rj payal .. he never misses it ..
viplav hate lie most .. henever forgive person who lies…

dhani malthotra : cute girl with mystry.. she is also singer .daughter of sameer malhotra, famous lawyer n rithika malthotra, well known cardioligist.. dhani feels lonely becs of parents hactic shedules… so she working in fm to avoid lonliness as rj payal .. n its her show heart beat..
~~ ~~

note : vip not know dhani is rj payal whom he loves…
~~ ~~
other characters:
shambu tripati : business magnet.. supportive father.. never forces decision on viplav..

kt: kind mother.. loves vip alot(no negative here she is positive). rithika is her best frnd . she loves dhani as her daughter.. dhani too loves kt ..
~~ ~~~
note :vip n dhani know each other from childhood …they r like tom n jerry when they meet..
~~ ~~
sameer malhotra : famous advocate..dhani father.. loves his daughter alot but have no time for her ..

rithika : cardioligist.. mother of dhani…she is busy doctor forget her own daughter.. never had time to dhani even to talk … best frnd of kt ..

additional characters:
kritika : sweet innocent girl..dhani b3st frnd know each secrets of dhani hiding ..
amit : viplav frnd.. supporting frnd.. vip n amit r more than frnds they r brothers..

to know how vip react when he come to know rj payal n dhani r same??
to see kanak motherly care towards dhani keep reading ff ♡heartbeat♡

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow Meghs very irritating can’t wait for the episodes interesting wow dha as RJ Payal nice I love the name Payal 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I mean interesting not irritating 😛

      1. meghanashettigar

        hahaha i thought it was irritating … payal name was name first come when thinking about rj..
        glad that u liked it… keep reading ..

  2. Ha ha joyee. Miss u in ikrs site.?

    1. Meghs

      Renu di glad u liked it.. keep reading post nxt asap soon pls wait…

  3. Megha dear it sounds pretty interesting. Looking forward for the story. Pl post asap

  4. Angel20

    Wow Megha di, you with ff?? What a pleasant surprise!! Wow it’s such a nice intro, so interesting!!❤❤ post the episode soon! Aur pyaar me takrar to hoti hi hai 😉

    1. Meghs

      Tellupdate not accepting nw ff need sometime… i post it soon..

      1. Meghs

        Glad u liked it keep reading

  5. hi meghs superb intro post the episode so.

    1. Meghs

      Thanks for reading .. keep reading

  6. Latha

    Post the episode soon

    1. Meghs

      Nxt poswill be soon…

  7. Meghs very nice intro…. Go on…?☺

    1. Meghs

      Thanks sri for liking it.. post nxt soon

  8. Meghs

    Thanks angel for liking it ..

  9. Meghs

    thanks all for likining intro maria .. jo renu di .. latha n sri..

    Nxt post will be soon

  10. Meghs

    Sry guys server issue nxt post will be soon once tu get ok…

  11. Shruthy

    It looks interesting Meghs. ? Cant wait to read the episodes. Post them soon ❤️

    1. Meghs

      Thanks shruthi for liking it… first epi just submitted. .. tu will post it soon

      1. Shruthy

        My pleasure. ? Oh well they didnt post it yet, means they will post it tomorrow. Now have to wait for it ?

    2. Meghs

      Shru its posted u can read now

      1. Shruthy

        *rushes to main page*
        And someone is calling me Shru here also ??

  12. Porkodi

    Meghs nice intro….

    1. Meghs

      Thanks for reading it porkodi… keep reading

  13. Good one seems to be an interesting one?

    Go on

    1. Meghs

      Thanks swe … keep reading

  14. Piyali

    wow dii……….loved the intro………………..i am actually looking forward to read the second ff on ikrs that i am gonna read………..and the story is beautiful……………..viplab already in love with dhani…………………..interesting……..well dii a question………did i ever tell you my real name…….???? actually i a doubtful thats why asked…………….you already posted so i am waiting for the first episode to come………and i know it will come with a blast………..love you…………be happy……….

    1. Meghs

      I already posted my epi one u will get it soon… kiddo its dedicated to u.. n ya u didn’t tell ur real name to ur di so bad…

  15. Meghs it’s very interested.. into is very good?.. vidhani as singer wow?.. waiting for the upcoming lovely episode..
    Sorry for this super late comment actually TU was having some problem and at night I was busy
    And yeah ur title *heart beat* is beautiful?

    1. Meghs

      Its ok maha… tu has issue so my first epi gone post today… happy reading. .
      Keep reading. ..

  16. O teri ..you with ikrs ff…oooo. ..good…
    nice intro di ..I am little late but it’s ok … der aya par durust aya ??????hehehe .. and do read my ff also di ..just two episodes are left ….one episode also posted .so please read .. It is just 7 episode ff .. my first short ff ..
    All the best for your story also ?☺?☺

    1. meghanashettigar

      Hahahah chotte tumne kaha nahi ki dusre ff lik rahi ho so bad aise koi karta h kya… tumara ff ka naam kya h bolo padti hu..

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