heart beat ., a show changed my life (epi5)(paual ya dhani)


Hi guys … meghs is here?… how r u all

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Recap : dhani agrees to become singing partner of Viplav

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Dhani agrees to be singing partner… Viplav gave handshake to her & smilingly says so partners.. dhani too smiles..?says so partner after 3 days is competition.. only 2 days are remaining .. did u thought something??
Viplav smiles and says don’t worry when viplav is here..from tomorrow we start our practice .. so see u tomorrow in malhotra mansion… Dhani says but y in my house.. thinks in mind “oh god i thought atleast in name of practice i stay in mumma (kanak)house but this viplav wants to practice in my home which i hate most… ”

Viplav waves his hands before dhani face and asks where r u lost.. so deal tomorrow in ur home.. Dhani shouts no.. Dhani in harsh tone says practice will be on ur house not mine..Viplav says but why.. we can practice in ur home naa..

Dhani give him a sharp look and says i said no means no… we r practicing in ur home … that’s it if u not agree then i won’t sing with u.. Viplav surprised to hear it he is not in mood to … Viplav says ok baba deal tomorrow practices will be on my home happy… Dhani smiles .. dhani thinks where is this kriti … dhani leaves there in search of kritika..


Viplav gives news to amit that dhani agreed to be his singing partner.. Amit smiles …Viplav leaves.. Amit thinks to give this happy news to kritika..


Kritika is shown coming down from stairs looking at cell.. her heel slips.. she is about to fall one strong arm gave her support she smiles (bolna song plays) ☺


Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

(Amika have eye lock) they forget the surroundings.. kritika is still on his arms?..

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Amit make her stand properly… kriti shyly says thanks topper… Amit smiles and says i have a good news to you.. Viplav and Dhani singing together in competition..

Kritika gets so happy after hearing it .. It’s seem to be amit and kritika dream to see vidha as frnds is going to fulfil .. In excitement kriti hugs Amit?..

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

then realises she says sry that i just … in excitement… Amit smiles seeing her face expression while talking.. his heart beat started increasing..

Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dhani comes there calling kriti.. she asks Kriti hurry up … we have to leave .. dhani holds Kriti hand and leaves..

“I think i have gone mad… this girl drive me crazy.. Amit hit his head on hand saying this..

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Amit thinks or it means i…. oh god i am in love… Amit finally realise his love for Kritika..
Malhotra mansion#

In Dhani room;

Kritika asks why are u packing ur bags.. where r u going.. dhani says only 2 days left for competition .. we (viplav and dhani) need to practice in short time… so i decided to stay on tripati mansion for 2 days.. so that we both can practice without any delay… Kriti smiles and says so ur finding reason to stay near Viplav ha?…. she started teasing Dhani saying Viplav name.. dhani throws pillow at her and says anything u think naa.. me and viplav no way.. kritika looks dhani and says we fought unnecessarily with whom we love …ok let me tell one thing u both fighting then how can u suddenly became singing partner.. its all destiny.. u both r destined be together.. Dhani thinks about what all kritika said…

Kritika sees her thinking and started laughing aloud holding her stomach.. kritika laughingly says oh my God oh my God.. are u seriously thinking what i am saying… i am just kidding yaar?… Dhani throws a pillow at her.. both have pillow fight…” ok now i am leaving see u… says kritika … kritika stands near door turn back and “actually u and viplav is not so bad idea… saying she runs… dhani throws pillow and smilingly says idiot..


#Tripati mansion#

Dhani reaches tripati mansion … Kanak opens the door and smiles seeing Dhani..
Kanak : dhani u here …. that too with luggages..
Dhani smiles & says mumma can’t i stay here for 2 days ..
Kanak : if u want u can stay here for whole life.. (kanak ur dream will be true soon).. i am happy that my beti is staying with me… beta did u inform ur mom and dad..
Dhani nods no.. and says mumma if they notice me then only can know naa… anyway even if i absent for 2 days they will not know anything …and who should i inform papa who is out of town in some case or mom is as usual busy in hospital…
Kanak ask her to call her mom but she refuses… kanak herself calls dhani mom.. but Rithika is not taking any calls…
Kanak says may be ur mom had operation to handle.. Dhani don’t react much as she knew her mom won’t receive call if she is in hospital… she says mumma let it be.. if ur frnd get some free time she will call back u..

Viplav comes there and see Dhani .. he says good timing partner lets start practice… then he notices luggages on Dhani hand… ask her what is this luggage and all… Kanak says Dhani will be here for 2 days .. Dhani ask him do u have problem with my stay.. Viplav says but this much luggage for 2 days… dhani says its all my necessary things …
Viplav make funny face .. he thinks in mind this much luggage for 2 days.. if she staying here for month then she will also bring mini showroom with her…

Shambu seeing dhani gets happy and says arre beta when did u come.. Dhani says just now uncle.. shambu keep hand on her head blesses her smile always..
Dining table

Kanak calls dhani for breakfast.. Dhani sits in dining table.. kanak sits near her..
Dhani notices all having breakfast together she goes to flashback…

Flashback ~
Dhani sitting in dinning table happily and sees her papa ask him to come to have breakfast.. Sameer sits near Dhani.. Then she goes to Rithika and make her seat near her.. Dhani started to have breakfast at that time Sameer gets call… he leaves in hurry without having breakfast.. dhani becomes upset.. just then Rithika too get call from hospital emergency case.. she leaves in hurry.. Dhani cries alot.. after that she never had bf lunch or dinner in dinning table.. as that make her remember this incident….

Flashback ends~~
Dhani have tears in her eyes.. kanak look at dhani and says dhani have something beta .. she started feeding Dhani.. Dhani eyes filled to see kanak love for her..

They spent some family time.. Dhani come to know what is family in Viplav house..


Viplav searches Dhani for practice in whole house but dhani is seen no where… he sees from room balcony dhani is sitting in swing .. goes near her.. viplav says oi madam if u have time can we practice.. Dhani looks at viplav and ask him… did u remember something how we both used to play in childhood… both goes to flashback

Flashback ~
Vidhani used to be fight with each other too much when they r kid… they r tom & jerry if they sees each other.. even they fought Viplav used to care dhani alot… dhani mostly spent her childhood in viplav house only so she close to kanak most.
One day little dhani falls from swing herleg strts bleeding.. she cries… little Viplav sees this and runs to her..holds her face and says dhani pls don’t cry dhani… is it paining much.. dhani nods… Viplav hold her hand and makes her seat… he gave her chocolate to calm her… dhani not able to walk for 2~3days… viplav help her to walk and used to play with her..

Flashback ends~~

Dhani says even that time also we used to fight alot but u help me even though… viplav smiles .. says ur so ziddi so i used to fight u… dhani smiles and says ur so akdoo so i used to fight with u… time change everything naa … we both were fighting till yesterday but now we r singing partners..

Viplav and Dhani sitting on swing search google for best song.. and both at same time says what about bang bang.. and decide bang bang will be perfect… viplav says in competition we have to do best… and started to practice…

Viplav strted singing
Teri meri.. raaton ne kiye hain kuch iraade
Milli hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai (hone ko hai..)

Dhani sings
Teri meri.. hui aankhon-aankhon mein jo baatein
Mili hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai


just then dhani gets call .. its kritika calling her… she says hi kriti.. anything emergency .. kriti reply arre dhani where r u yaar its 11:45 don’t tell me u forgot u have show this time .. kritika cuts call ..
Dhani shocked as she completely forgot that she have show… she leaves hurry in car without saying anything to Viplav… viplav says whats wrong with her why she always run at this time.. wait this time (he sees time)at 12 heart beat show naa it means dhani and payal have so.e connection… y i feel like dhani know payal… or is dhani is only payal…

Screen flashes on Viplav confused face…


Precap : Viplav started thinking payal and dhani has some connection.. he thinks is dhani is rj payal?? He started to notice every active of Dhani

Amit +kritika =amika

So what u think viplav will come to know dhani is rj payal??

To know keep reading ♡heart beat♡

Hi guys did u liked Amika as couple ..
Did u like twist viplav to doubt dhani…
well it so long isn’t it… its treat for u all..

Pls comment whether good or bad..
Criticism too heartly welcome

Take care

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  1. Shruthy

    Wow finally Viplav having some doubts about that. UFFF cant wait to know when he will get to know the truth. Well… he might get upset she didnt tell him but still excited. He will be confused then as he loves in a way RJ Payal and Dhaani is a childhood “tom & jerry” wali friend. He might not realise he likes Dhaani as they always fight with each other. But he likes RJ Payal… So when he will know, he will have mixed feelings and he will be confused. Which is somehting I want to see.
    But anyways that’s future; Let’s talk about present.
    Dhaani’s decision to practice at Viplav’s, and that staying there 2 days. She is so cute na. But actually I guess the fact they will be under the same shelter, they might get closer, like friendship to get born. But haan, at the sme time, Viplav will notice her beaviours and doubt on her being RJ Payal.
    JUST POST THE NEXT PART SOON! Can’t wait to know what will happen 😀

    1. Meghs

      Congratulations shru? finally what u waited for is going to happen… but vip is only doubt dhani whether he found our or not we will see… u still have to wait when vip found payal is dhani… nice guess..

      Ofcourse vip will have mixed feelings .. he may confused is he love rj payal or dhani.. lets see what happens next…

      2 days in vip house will surely bring this tom and jerry close .
      Thanks yaar for liking it..
      Keep reading?. .. next part will be soon u have to wait?

      1. Shruthy

        HAHA thank you thank you <3 Yeah I know have to wait a little bit more. And so I am waiting for your episodes daily. And haan, don't mind writing longer episodes ok? 🙂
        Yeah true. He will be so confused.
        YAAAAY <3 Cant wait for further episodes <3 Will always keep reading

      2. Meghs

        Thanks alot shru for be my constant reader ? and commentor … i try my best to writer longer epi .. and i surely try to update daily

  2. Meghs

    Guys sry for spelling mistakes. .. its payal ya dhani in title

  3. Shanitics

    Good one meghs di?

    Loved Amika couple..

    So stry gng to take twists and turns ?

    1. Meghs

      Thanks chotti. .. twist and turns r on way .. thanks for liking amika as couple. .

      Keep reading ?

  4. Latha

    Wow. Meghs superb episode. It’s good to see amika Jodi and I loved both of them. Tom and Jerry are going to practice, that too in viplav’s house and dhani staying there for two days lovely meghs. Under the same shelter they might be closer and viplav is doubtful that payal is dhani and I think he may find it out when she stays with him. Waiting to see what happens next.. keep rocking dear…

    1. Meghs

      Thanks latha for liking amika and vidha as couple equally.. practice in viplav house will bring them close.. viplav only now doubts dhani is payal maybe he won’t find that soon.. if u guys keep supporting like this i surely do my best…

      Keep reading ?

  5. Angel20

    Wow I’m loving this kanak-dhaani bond ?? may this happen in our serial also!! Loved this episode! Viplav caring for Dhaani in childhood also awwww?? post the next one soon pls❤ Viplav doubts on Dhaani wow interesting?

    1. Meghs

      Angel in real serial it happens or not cvs decision but here u see kanak dhani bond??thanks for liking childhood part.. next part is on way.. viplav only doubting dhani next epi will be that u won’t expected

      Keep reading ?

  6. Porkodi

    Very very interesting Meghs… finally viplav had a doubt on viplav… i think most awaited scene is going to happen… eagerly waiting… I love amika Jodi too… they r also making perfect couple dear… keep going..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks parkodi?yup finally viplav doubting dhani?but is the most awaiting situation come soon or not u have to wait.. yup here amika is also perfect unknowingly i made imaginary couple..

      Keep reading ?

  7. Renuverma

    Wow meghs . Bid

  8. Renuverma

    Vidhàni shaking hands for completion. Great. Loved to see amikas development. ?? liked dhanis decision of staying at viplavs home. Ofcourse it would lessen their enemity n increase affection.
    Kanak n dhanis bond too is adorable. Good she has got family atmosphere for which she yearned at home.

    Finally good that viplav has a doubt on her activities n think of a connection between her n payal.☺

    1. Meghs

      Thanks renu di.. amika couple is really unexpected i made it unknowingly… yup di this decision of dhani staying in viplav house bring them close …

      Thanks for liking this twist .. keep reading ?

  9. It was superb?? loved it .. finally both are agree to sing together.. vidhani singing bang bang song wonderful?? .. I loved amika as couple? bolna song is so beautiful and suites on that situation.. u always select beautiful songs.. enjoyed a lot.. now viplav will have some doubt on dhani .. thank God he started noticing her.. waiting for his reaction when he will come to know that she is his Payal .. eagerly waiting for the next one.. and yeah loved that part too when they both think about their childhood moment.. it was so lovely both fights cutely but cares for each other alot? keep rocking and post the next one soon?

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot maha? bang bang sng u liked it naa… bolna ofcourse suitable to amika situation. .. thanks during musical tashan u helped me in selecting songs.. now i select suitable songs which i know ..

      Finally vip started noticing her will he found out its payal u have to read next part… i post nxt part tonight

      Keep reading

  10. Piyali

    diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , what was amika part , you made me blush sooooooooooo badly dii…………………like seriously…………………….now i AM BLUSHING………i am like seriously shocked , love realized , chalo in an ff only , atleast parth loves me…………and vidhani part was like a big large wala treat……you are making me a vidhani fan dii…………….but see my bad luck , even if i become i can’t see them in show now…………but will read them daily here , dii you need to update this ff daily without delay , viplav is intelligent haan , afterall , jiju kiske hain………………lets see if he knows the truth……………his joke of mall one was superb , seriously one minute i am blushing , one minute i am laughing , one minute i am having that huge wala smile, one mintue i am having a sad face , my family na will think me mad dii………………………….seriously , i love it and dii never leave writing speciaqally on vidhani , because you do it sooooooooooooo perfectly that i can’;t share , love you yaar dii…………be happy…………………BUT STILL I AM NOT YOUR BHABHI……………………i am blushing……………

    1. Meghs

      Amika part u liked naa seriously someone us blushing just like i said …. parth real loves kritika in my ff… u made viplav jeeju ?joke of mall u notice thanks so much

      Kiddo did u really gone mad after reading it? i write on vidhani s much as i can…

      I am so happy that i make u vidhani fan without watching ikrs ….

      U say anything kiddo i fixed u r my bhabhi?keep reading

      1. Meghs

        I will update daily for sure

      2. Piyali

        haan to theek hai dii , ab se viplav jiju ji bhi mere jiju hi hai……………..hisaab barabar………..

      3. Meghs

        Haha viplav tumare jeeju hi h … ??

  11. Sujie

    Meghs…..it’s fantastic dear …. Really really good……
    Waiting for that episode when Viplav will be knowing RJ Payal=Dhani….???

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot sujie ??

      Keep reading

  12. Sujie

    And Amika pair……. Good as well ???

    1. Meghs

      Amika is here play very important role in vidha life?

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