heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 7) (heart break and dhani lies)

Hi guys meghs is back with another part of hb..

Glad u all liked our surprise☺

Today epi is divided to 2 parts broken heart and dhani lies..

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?Broken heart?

Viplav heard truth of his life.. Dhani being payal.. he shocked to know the one whom he always fighting since childhood.. is payal!! He gets angry moves towards them.. He holds dhani hand tightly..
“Ouch.. dhani winced in pain… dhani and kritika shocked to see Viplav there.. kritika ask viplav to leave Dhani hand.. but viplav hold it more tightly.. shouts “dhani… how could u cheat me like this.. u lied .. u cheated me dhani how could u.. what a drama u(showing his index figure) whom i am saying this… big dramabaaz award goes to dhani malhotra to playing with my feelings. …….” he unable to speak much as he is completely shattered to know truth .. dhani completly broken as she want truth to know vip but not this way..

Kritika interapt viplav talks and say “dhani didn’t cheated u viplav.. she just hide the truth.. she not knew your about love about payal.. she just come to know 2 days before.. u can’t blame her.. what is her fault in all this??she didn’t done anything wrong .. she was about to say u truth but…………”

Viplav cuts her words in middle and shouts “but what your dhani madam not got time to say truth.. she could have told me yesterday truth but no she.. he cheated me… she knows that i hate one who tell lies.. but she lied.. she lied me.. she is liar. I hate u hate u dhani and i even hate payal who never existed….” Viplav voice cracks while saying this.. he is angry and sad at same time… Dhani tries to speak something but she knows its of no use if viplav is in anger he won’t listen her..
Viplav leaves from there in anger..

Kritika sees dhani broken who crying sitting in kneels.. she hugs her and says “dhani don’t cry its just viplav confused about his feelings.. he loves u.. u just hide the fact that’s it na… ” dhani cries loudly and sobbingly says “no what he said was right i lied him.. i cheated him.. i hurted his feelings. I…………”

Kritika holds her face ask calmly “whhat happened? ?”

Dhani explain her want happen yesterday..

Flashback starts(dhani lies)

Day before competition #
(It is day after dhani knowing viplav feelings for payal)

Vidhani practice song for competition … also spent some quality time with each other… viplav give her chocolate and says it is said before any new beginning we should have some sweet (kuch naya kaam karne se pehle meeta kana chahiye).. dhani can we forget everything our fights and start with new as friends.. dhani is surprised but she too want this ..she happily nodes .. both handhakes so friends…

“Oh am i dreaming u both become frnds someone pls pinch me” said amit.. amit is fakely act like fainting..

“Stop dramebaaz… said viplav and dhani together.. vidha have a cute eyelock..

Amit what r u doing here?? Viplav asked.. Amit keep his hand on ears and says ” now only this left to say my bro.. Someone told truth ehen new frnds came old frnds r forgotten…..” fakely cries.. Viplav get emotional and says not to say like this … u was my frnd is my frnd and will be my frnd forever….amit holds ears saying sorry.. viplav and amit hugs.. Dhani smiles seeing this misses kriti at this moment..

Then trio spend quality time.. they in short time behaves as if they were best frnds.. Dhani says “lets play some games yaar its getting bored…” Viplav and amit agrees.. so whats game?? Amit asks..

Dhani : golgappa competition!!!
Both amit and vip stares her giving r u serious wala look..

Dhani (smiles): common guys it will be fun.. one who have more golgappa will win.. other than both fails have to say truth which they hiding…. agreed…

Both agrees..

They goes to roadside stall near Viplav home.. Competition begins.. trio in equal spirit.. Viplav finished 40 golgappa in 30 min.. Dhani holds her stomach after finishing 30 golgappa.. she says i can’t eat anymore.. so does amit… so winner is Viplav.. Viplav looks at dhani expression and smiles?

Amit, dhani and Viplav sits on bench in garden of house…

As per rules of game dhani and amit has to say truth they r hiding from everyone.. Amit says about his feelings towards kritika.. dhani feels happy for her friend..
“dhani so u r sharing truth which u hiding from everyone ……”Viplav winks at her..
Dhani thinks in mind ” i sm sorry viplav i want to say u everything but not like this way i say u tomorrow everything wait little more …….” dhani shyly smiles. Viplav look at her and want to clear his doubts which he had before is payal and dhani same person..

Viplav : dhani i ask u something u have to say truth ok..

Dhani nods yes..

Viplav : did u know payal? ?

Dhani is shocked to hear this.. she don’t know what to say.. she is speechless.. but one thing is sure that dhani didn’t want truth reveal like this so she nods negative.. but she wanted to know viplav feeling towards payal …

Dhani acts as if she hearing name for first time ” payal !!! who is she??
This time Amit interapt “i say u that… she is my bhabhi viplav bro lover whom bro not seen.. famous show heart beat..u know she is its rj.. confused naa how can someone love only hearing talks… bhabhi always says quote there which inspired my bro and fall in love.. u heared famous quote the beautiful things not heared or not seen it is felt by heart.. it clear in my bro case he loves her alot…

Amit each words make dhani happy… she felt unexpressed happy whenever amit mentioned payal bhabhi..

Viplav get shy… viplav says”payal is my life her words are inspiration .. she talks heartly.. heart beat is a show which changed my life.. anyways for love beautiful face not needed only needed is trust and beautiful heart..

Dhani have tears in her eyes hearing this words.. then Vidha practice for competition. .

Flashback ends

Dhani having tears in her eyes while saying all this.. she sobbingly says “i lied viplav that i am not payal.. i lied .. he hates lie still i lied.. i hurt him…….

Kriti not know what to say her she just hugs dhani.. kritika drops dhani to her home..

Viplav is shown driving harshly car.. he reaches home.. kanak sees him and run towards him and hugs him… holding his face says “viplav i feeling like something bad happening to my closed one .. thank god u reached home.. go to room and take rest…….”
Kanak however feels unrest as if her life is in danger..

Malhotra mansion#

Kritika leaves dhani at her house.. she want to stay with dhani but her mom calls asking to come immidiately..

Dhani enters house .. she sit on hall cring bitterly..

(Chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re…

Suna.. lage.. re..)

She remember their musical tashan fight.. she fall on vip (epi2).. their fights to hw they become singing partners .. knowing vip feeling that he loves payal.. finally frndship .. hw they become frnds..


Viplav goes to room.. he falls on floor like lifeless.. he remembers his craziness for payal.. he remembers payal eavh each word he heard in fm.. he dancing in cateen of clg imagine masking grl.. whose face now clear to him dhani.. (Remember epi1)

(Roothi rothi.. sari raatein
Fikhe fikhe.. sare din..
Virani si virani hai
Tanhai si tanhai hai
Aur ek hum hai..
Pyaar ke bin)

He broken down completely..
On other side shown dhani bitterly crying face ..

She remember the childhood moment viplav care towards her..

Har palchin
Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re..

Tripati mansion#

Viplav remember dhani lies saying she not payal.. he hits his hand on floor and shouts y dhani y u lied me.. u should have told me u r payal.. y dhani y… cries

(Patharo ki.. is nagari mein
Pathar chehre.. pathar dil..
Phirta hai mara mara kyun rahon mein tu awara
Yahan na hoga..
Kuch hasil..

Mere dil chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai.. (kyun hota hai)
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai (dil rota hai)
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage)

Malhotra mansion#

Dhani bittely cries .. Remember each moment spend with Viplav from Childhood to this fight..

(Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re…
Suna.. lage.. re… more)

She gets up.. wipes he tears and goes to he room… while ascending steps in stairs. She misses one step and falls .. she roll down and her head hit on last step.. she lie in ground like lifeless..

Screen flashes on dhani who is pool of blood ..

No Precap


Is dhani done correct by lieng?
Is viplav reaction towards truth is right?
Wil dhani will survive? ?who will save dhani?

To know keep reading
♡heart beat♡


Pls do comment whether good or bad.

If there is any silent reader u too pls comment..

Criticism too heartly welcome…

Take care?

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  1. Lakshmi

    Meghs di its awesome but full of emotion scenes and songs….but although it was super….
    jag soona soona lage…the best suitable song for the scene…I love it…..And thanks for the lyrics…..
    the last scene omg…..i was just imagining that…..anyways i have full trust someone will save dhani…and soon their misunderstanding will end…

    1. Meghs

      I am so sry dear for making it too emotional… if there is sad moment then happy moment will also come.. i am glad though ots emotional u liked?

      Lets see who will save dhani..

      Keep reading ?

      1. Lakshmi

        yep well said if there is any sad then after that happiness will come for sure….that’s called a happy ending….

      2. Meghs

        Ending ??u want me to end now.. if u want i can have happy ending but stry actually strted now

      3. Lakshmi

        😀 😀 meghs di i just tell an eg.

  2. Angel20

    ?? it was such an emotional episode…
    Dhaani and Viplav crying, Viplav shattered, Dhaani lied to Viplav??
    Feeling so sad for Dhaani.. What will happen to Dhaani now?? I am sure her parents will save her… Becoz of a reason.. Which I guess you know what I am talking about! Post the next one soon…

    1. Meghs

      Shant hojao bacha shanth.. arre 8f there is problem there is a solution too..

      Lets see if ur guess is crt?

      Nxt update will be also emotional so keeping gap between both epi u know y?

      Keep reading

      1. Angel20

        Of course I will keep reading ??

  3. Meghs

    Guys its not 7th epi its 8th epi

  4. Megha di it was very emotional episode ????

    1. Meghs

      Arre don’t cry aish.. i hope u won’t mind to call u aish..

      Keep reading

      1. Megha di my friends used to call me Aish they say that my name is soo lengthy ☺☺ u can also call me Aish??

      2. Meghs

        Ok nw on wrds ur my aish just like my sis?

  5. Renuverma

    Hi megha title itself revealed it would be heartening to read n indeed it was.

    Could feel the pain viplav was going through on knowing dhani lied to him n dhanis miserable condition for lying to viplav.
    Actually both r right individually.
    Viplav had an immense liking for payal n had thought her to be an ideal girl with gòod values. In previous episode he had a doubt if dhani is payal. If dhani had confessed then vidha would have been enjoying a gala time.
    Dhani too was excited to reveal it to viplav but wanted to surprise him after competition. She had not dreamt of this current phase.

    Your song selection for both is awesome n apt for the scene.
    Well time would heal their differences n bring them close. N after all amika is there to sort out ?
    Looking forward for next. ☺

    1. Meghs

      Hi di ya title well described my epi in short so it might be sad as title. .
      I am glad that u could feel vip pain as describing its quite difficult for me.. ya vidha r crt in their place.. its situation made like this.. vip thought dhani ideal grl when he got to know its lie his reaction was quite normal. ..

      Thanks di for liking song ..

      Amika will sort or not to know keep reading hb

      Nxt part will be tonight ?

  6. Maha_Aijaz

    Megha it was quite sad and emotional :-‘( but phr bhe it was superb 🙂 viplav is correct at his place because to whom he loved was not actually exist in the world and to whom he trusted alot has lied to him even when he himself asked her about payal than also she lied so obviously his reaction would be something like this and feeling bad for dhani too but koi nahe when Megha is here then there is no need to worry as I know u will make everything fine 😀 and yeah I know we have to wait for happy happy episodes so OK I will wait like a nalla ponnu (Good girl) overall it was amazing 🙂 and yeah chan se jo toote koi sapna OMG I love this song alot .. Keep rocking and post the next one soon because I am very excited to read further as the ending was really very scary, dhani in the pool of blood Oh my goodness !! Can’t wait to read <3

    1. Meghs

      Ur crt maha.. viplav loved one who actually not existed his trust broken becs dhani had chance to say truth but she lied..

      Hahaha ?? when i am there no worries koi nahi mein sab teek kardungi..

      Actually its real beginning of hb..
      For happy moments u have to wait more☺ but u will gone a love their tashan too

      Even i love sng chanse tute koi sapna very much

      Nxt part post on tonight.

      Keep reading

  7. Sujie

    Meghs……. Episode was sooooo emotional….. But was superb…. Viplav Dhaani were right at their places….but the way viplav came to know about the truth made him angry on Dhaani…
    And precap…. Dhaani lying in the pool of blood….. Who will save her??? Hope nothing happens to her….. And when Meghs is there…. Then why fikar????? keep rocking dear

    1. Meghs

      Sujie glad u liked it? way vip got know truth was made him angry..

      I not given precap? lets see who will save her.. its unexpected epi for sure.. hope u gonna like it too..

      Meghs is here so y fear i am make everything ok..

      Keep reading hb as real ff now going to start ☺

  8. Shruthy

    Poor ViDha! Viplav is completely shattered. I thought that Dhaani wouldn’t sy

    1. Shruthy

      *lie to him but omg… such a twist! and yeah, she even knows he hates liars, so it’s quite obvious he is angry at her. both looks so sad and desperate.
      Hopefully good days will come soon in their lives and that they will get to talk back, though it might take time (warna story will end :p)

      1. Meghs

        Hahaha ??stry just begins nw

        Keep reading hb as now real stry begins?

    2. Shruthy

      Huuuh ? Now? LOL sari than… anyhow let’s see what happens

  9. […] heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 7) (heart break and dhani lies) […]

  10. Piyali

    dhani ‘s fallen down…………………….dii you almost gave me a heart attack , seriously , viplav sooooooooooooo angry and dhani’s accident…..now what is this question , off course our viplav will save dhani or someone else haan……..?????? acha i loved kriani and amilav scenes , the chota sa vidhani happy scene in fb was really good , seriously i loved the way you added it in this sad episode…………………..but i too feel dhani shouldn’t have lied…but still jiju is badly angry haan…………..i am waiting to read next to bye dii…………love you…….be happy……….forgot to say jag suna was perfect , i actually love that song……

    1. Meghs

      Wow kiddo u commented in all parts.. i am so happy ? seriously u could have commented in one epi but u comment wow?

      Heart attack no way i can’t give heart attack..

      Thnks for liking it.. i can’t give full of sadness part so adding little happier moment too..

      Glad u like sng..

      Love u too

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