heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 6)(dhani in love)


Hi meghs is back with another epi of heart beat..

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Recap : viplav to doubt if dhani is rj payal.. he decided
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she leaves hurry in car without saying anything to Viplav… viplav says whats wrong with her why she always run at this time.. wait this time (he sees time)at 12 heart beat show naa it means dhani and payal have some connection… why i feeling like dhani know about payal…

Viplav confused face.. he thinks is dhani is rj payal?? He thinks to clear his doubt.. he thinks something and started to follow dhani car.. he end up in middle of trafic.. traffic jam.. road is fully blocked viplav car is on middle of trucks so viplav is not sble to move his car… dhani driving so fast that she passed trafic and Viplav misses her car.. Viplav has now noway rather to stay in block only… he switch on radio what if he didn’t findout payal is dhani atleast he can hear show..

Fm station #

Dhani reaches fm station starts her programme…
Hi this is rj payal and you are hearing ♡heart beat♡

U must have read a quote :
“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”

— Helen Keller

Yes there are many things in world we didn’t see but u feel it by heart… u feel close to someone without seeing its feeling of heart…. it happens unexpectedly ..

So lets here a beautiful song 9n contrast of it .. she plays a song baatein ye kabhi naa (kamoshiyaan)

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha

On otherhand Viplav who is hearing this smiles and says that’s why i fell for you payal…
(Humdard hai, humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaaye ajnabi
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaan

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhulna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee rahaa)

The beautiful things on world are not seen just like i not seen u payal… but i have strong feeling towards u which i never felt anyone.. payal u increase my heart beat.. truly heart beat is a show which changed my life…


Fm ~~

Lets talk about some reality
“don’t count what u have lost
just see what you have now
Because past never come back
But future can gave back what u lost ”

So here is song inspiration to move on… from movie queen song kinare plays..

Dhoonde har ek saans mein, dubkiyon ke baad mein
Har bhanwar ke paas kinare
Beh rahe jo saath mein, jo hamare khaas the
Kar gaye, apni baat kinare

Gar maanjhi saare saath mein, gair ho bhi jaaye
Toh khud hi toh patwaar ban, paar hoge hum

Jo choti si har ek nahar, sagar ban bhi jaaye
Koi tinka leke haath mein, dhoond lenge hum

Kinare.. kinare.. Kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, kinare..
Kaise honge kam, kinare..
Hain jahaan hai hum, kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, haan.. khud hi toh hai hum

Auron se kya, khud hi se, poonch lenge raahein
Yahin kahin, maujon mein hi, dhoond lenge hum

Boondon se hi, toh hain wahin, baandh lenge leherein
Peron tale jo bhi mile, baandh lenge hum

Kinare.. kinare.. kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, kinaare..
Kaise honge kam, kinare..
Hain jahaan hai hum, kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, haan.. khud hi toh hai hum

So guys time come to end show … bye guys.. to increase ur heart beat stay tuned …


Viplav finally escapes from block…. trafic is now cleared he start to drive car back to home… he lost completely in payal talks that he forgot he is keeping eye on dhani..he reaches home and sees amit there.. he hugs amit..

Viplav says Amit u here..
Amit(show fake anger) : can’t i come ur home ok i am leaving..

Viplav stops him.. and says arre i am sorry.. now stop say nowadays someone is seen dreaming and who never smiled is now smiling like idiot.. so finally the great Amit fallen in love… am i right

Amit shockingly look at Viplav… asks viplav bro how u come to know .. viplav says u say me bro na.. brother can understand this well how someone behaviour changes and why it will change.. Amit shyes and says oh my smart bro.. i need help pls help me to propose kriti.. u know naa bro i am not used to do so.. i don’t this matter all..
Viplav gave him look and says you are saying as if i am experienced in propose matter.. Amit pleads him bro pls pls help me bro pls … Acha wait let me think something..


Dhani after show finishes driving back to Viplav house.. she realises she didn’t inform viplav before leaving she says herself what he must be thinking of me..

She drives car as fast as possible..

Tripati mansion #

Viplav says don’t need to be scare.. u propose her by saying what u truly feel for her don’t use any filmy dialogue.. just say what u feel for her from heart.. if she really have feelings for u she agree..

Amit smiles and says wow love guru brilliant idea… payal bhabhi will be impressed .. Viplav says but payal not know anything about my love naa she don’t even know me.. he gets upset.. Amit says arre bro u forgot rj payal famous saying if u love someone truly and if ur destined to be together no force in earth can separate u from them… Viplav remember all payal quote of love some inspiration .. he thinks if my love is true payal will surely be mine..

¤Tik tik boom¤
One person heard all this.. its none other than dhani.. her eyes filled of tears she don’t know how to react she is just blank

She leaves from there running drives car to somewhere… her mind stop working.. she calls kritika ask her to come to beach immidiately.. before kriti could reply she cut call..


Dhani reaches beach looks at layers of beach and let of unshed tears in her eyes… she cries heart out.. Kriti reaches there sees dhani state.. her heart hurt see her best frnd her life crying.. runs toward dhani and hugs her titly… she asks dhani what happen why r u crying ???
Dhani somehow controls tears and narrates everything what she heard in Viplav house.. she says sobbingly Viplav loves payal.. how can he?? Kriti consoles her… wipes her tears snd says sshh dhani don’t cry .. so whats wrong in it if he loves payal.. u only say in show naa love is unexpected which can happen anytime with anyone then y r u crying.. don’ttell me u don’t love him.. i noticed every time in ur eyes had special spark when ur near to viplav …even u both fight i can see only ur love in it… u both love each other..

Dhani says but viplav loves payal not dhani.. moreover i never loved him.. kritika smiles.. and says u said love is not by seeing it is feeling of heart.. i agree viplav not feels anything to u now may be he is confused what his really wants.. if he come to know you are dhani he will really loves u morethan now he loving payal trust me Viplav loves u truly.. u think from heart don’t u ever felt anything for Viplav..

Dhani closes her eyes and puts hand on heart and remember all moment he spent with Viplav. ..(adaa ishq song plays)
Namkeen si baat hai har nayi si baat mein
Teri khusbu chal rahi hai jo mere saath mein
Halka halka rang bitay kal ka
Gehra gehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
(Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

Beshumaar raatein behisab baatein
Pass aate aate gum ho jaati hai
Bekhudi mein dhal ke bekali mein jal ke
Sau hazaare yaadein nam ho jaati hai
Phika phika pal bitay kal ka
Mehka mehka kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
(Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

she realises she is in love..
She hugs kritika and says smilingly yes i am in love. .. i love my akdoo .. kritika smile .. and asks when will u say truth to viplav that you are payal.. Dhani shyly says i say him soon.. he had to wait little more.. i say every thing after intercollege competition..

Kritika smiles and says ok baba u say when u want to say but see time its night now.. r u coming or be here in dream world.. dhani says oh shit i forgot i didn’t inform anyone before leaving home .. i have to leave.. bye take care… kritika smilingly says pagal ladki (mad girl)

Tripati mansion #

It has been turn to war field.. dhani reaches there and sees kanak and viplav staring angrily at her.. dhani smiles and says i am sorry… Viplav gave her look and says madam competition is there after 1 day u wasted whole day… unbelievable u know what i should know this before u r not sincere in practicing.. and more he goes on scolding but dhani don’t reply anything she just smiles… Viplav thinks she has gone crazy.. he leaves

Kanak still staring at dhani but dhani gave cute expression ask sorry.. kanak heart melts seeing this.. kanak leaves..
Dhani goes to guest room (guys she is viplav house don’t forget)
She takes album from her bag .. it has all pictures of Viplav and dhani from childhood to recent musical tashan pics… she smiles thinking their moment childhood moment rhen dhani get hurt..their fights.. musical tashan everything which she spent with Viplav..

Aadha ishq …..
Intezar sa hai imtehaan sa hai
Itmenaan sa hai kya hai na jane
Itra rahi hai itna hui hai
Inteh hui hai kaise na jaane
Chalka chalka pal bitay kal ka
Tehra tehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
(Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

She sleeps dreaming about viplav..

Note: sunday dhani show is not there..
Day before competition #

Vidhani practice song … also spent some quality time with each other… viplav give her chocolate and says it is said before any new beginning we should have some sweet (kuch naya kaam karne se pehle meeta kana chahiye).. dhani can we forget everything our fights and start with new as friends.. dhani is surprised but she too want this ..she happily nodes .. both handhakes so friends…

Whole day they spent time with each other.. song practicing is also in full swing..

Time come for dhani to leave viplav house.. she just come for 2 days naa.. she hugs kanak and says bye mumma.. i going to miss u… kanak says i will too miss u beta.. dhani sees viplav before leaving … viplav don’t know what to say just look at her leaving..

Competition day

Day finally come which all are waiting for.. competition day.. dhani is seen happily readying for it..

Screen flashes on dhani smiling face…

Precap : surprise ?


Hi guys its super long isn’t it.. and wait for surprise tomorrow. .. competition will be held on upmc college

See what u don’t expect happen… did u like it dhani in love …

Do comment whether good or bad..

Criticism heartly welcome?

Take care.. keep reading

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  1. Renuverma

    Wow megha interesting dhani realises her feelings towards viplav n has decided to tell him that she is his love payal.
    Strange viplav guiding amit to propose kritika n kritika telling dhani that viplav loves rj payal n when he would know u r same he wud love u more.
    Like yr song selection n quotes.
    Looking forward for surprise ????

    1. Meghs

      Renu di thanks for ur constant support. .. yup dhani tell she is payal soon but what will be viplav reaction is something which noone expect. ..

      I am sorry to confuse u di.. Actually amit and vip are like bro cum frnds so amit asked help him in propose kriti… our vip is just guide him how to propose that’s it..

      Thank u so much di for always liking my selection in fm part.

      Well for surprise u have to wait… stay tuned

      Keep reading ??

  2. Angel20

    Wow sweetheart!! It was superb!? amazing episode! Dhaani realising her love for Viplav is just so awesome??

    And yes eagerly waiting for the surprise❤??? let’s see what you have in store for us!!

    1. Meghs

      Haha angel thanks alot dear??

      Lets see what will be the surprise ?

  3. Sujie

    Meghs…it was lovely ????

    Go on dear…keep rocking ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot sujie??

      Keep reading

  4. Sujie

    Dhaani realises her love….fantastic ❤️❤️❤️????

  5. Shruthy

    Again RJ Payal saved Dhaani from Viplav 😀 My God he was so cute when he was saying that’s why he fell for her and all. And then him driving back home and that converation with Amit.
    Poor Dhaani! She was quite sad knowing the fact he loves Payal but thanks to Kritika, she finally realised she loves him. Aww she was seriously so sweet!
    Then going back home and having to face both mumma and betha Tripathis. But again she was cutely smiling at them. <3 Kanak loves her soooo much seriously. Such an angel.
    And then that Sunday rehearsals and ViDha having a fresh start and becoming freidns. WOOOW FINALLY!! That chocolate part was quite cute. It reminded their first Karwa chauth. I don't even know why even I am smiling like an idiot typing. Pagalpan as if how!
    And now, super duper excited for D-DAY, the competition. ViDha might be tensed but don't worry sweethearts, we are here to cheer you up. GO FOR IT! <3
    Cant wait to sleep and to wake up tomorrow 😀

    1. Meghs

      What if rj payal saved dhani from viplav.. they r going to cought up one day naa.. viplav is so cute always??

      Arre no worries dhani was sad knowing vip loves payal but they r one and same naa … no problem..

      Indeed kanak is so sweet angel here… she play bigger role in vidha life

      The part u waited for u got it naa .. Finally they r frnds.. oh my god i am glad that chocolate part made u remember vidha first karvachaut such an honour…

      So much cheer up for vidha performance… to read next part u have to sleep… as it will posted on morning only… ??

      I just hope u like their competition part…

  6. Latha

    Hi meghs superb and interesting. Lovely songs keep writing and waiting for next one

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot latha.?

      Keep reading .. next part will be tomorrow early morning

  7. Megha it was superb.. viplav’s love is soo cute 🙂 finally dhani realizes her feelings .. Wohoo 😀 now it will be more fun to read and yeah really excited for that scene when viplav will come to know that payal is dhani .. Really very excited .. Episode was wonderful .. enjoyed alot.. Quotes and songs everything was incredible :-* keep going and post the next one soon as we are eager to know about surprise 😉

    1. Meghs

      Yah finally dhani realises her feelings for viplav. .. i hope i meet ur expectations in upcoming parts .. as twists and turns on the way.. i think u have to wait little for vip knowing truth.. its going to comesoon ?

      Thanks for liking my sng selection and quote selection..

      I post nxt part soon?
      Keep reading ?

      SURPRISE is on the way its which u all guys not expected ?? i hope u all like surprise. ..

      1. Yeah Megha u are doing wonders <3 OK Ok we will wait for that exciting moment 😀
        Oh an unexpected surprise .. u are making me more and more curious .. can't wait for the next one :-* so post it sooner <3

      2. Meghs

        Nxt part is uploaded maha..

  8. Good one ? meghs di..

    Soo bth realised there love ❤

    1. Meghs

      Ya swe finally fhani realised love

      Bw vip loves payal na he not dhani is payal

      Keep reading to know wt happen nxt?

  9. Piyali

    diiiiiiiiiiiiii………..thats not fair , i am out of words……………………can just say that it is out of my imagination……………i am loving each and every bit of this ff………………..all the songs you select are like a bang to your update , then the qoutes………………….diiiiiiiiiii they are fantabulous………….seriously……….i am completely out of words after reading this……..kritika and dhani share such a beautiful relationship and so does viplav jiju and amit…………………kanak and dhani relationship is completely out of the world……………..i know that kanak was evil in the show so seeing her in positive role here makes me feel really good……………….diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,………………no words yaar……aur waise bhi abhi mujhe agla episdoe padna hai , wait ni ho raha hai.so bye……..love you…….be happy………

    1. Meghs

      Owe kiddo so sweet of u.. u can comment nxt part only but u commented on both part i am so happy ???

      Thanks for ur compliment kiddo.. indeed kriti and dhani have beautiful relation .. kanak is positive here.. she is mumma of dhani..

      Thanks u so much dear..

      Keep reading

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