heart beat a show changed my life (epi 20) (engagement)

Hey dears. See how bad am I. It has been more than month. Still not update. I’m so bad writer na. Couldn’t help my exams were there so couldn’t post.

Warning : bit romantic read only if u don’t mind.

Precap : Dhani proposal to Viplav.

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Amit announced engagement will take place in few minutes.

Viplav and Dhani goes to change their dress. Viplav was changing on room front of Dhani. Both comeout after ready at a time. Viplav was wearing a dark blue shervani looking so handsome. Dhani was wearing awestruck golden colour lehenga looking stunning.

Dhani get lost in her prince. As she looked at him her breathing hitched and heart beat skipped a bit. He was handsome, looking breathtaking

As their eyes met, they share a deep eyelock. Both forget surroundings felt it was just two of them.

For Viplav he never thought Dhani could propose him for marriage well it was his thing to propose her right? But she was different from other that make him fall for her more. Viplav was mesmerised to see his love on lehenga mostly he had seen her on western outfits but it was first time she wore something traditional. It made his heart beat raise, he felt it beating so fast it could comeout any moment from his chest.

Viplav steps closer to her “well staring is so bad. You should have captured photo it may last forever!”

“In that case I not need to capture photo. As your picture already in my heart.” She said going closer to him with wink.

“Whoa! I never know you were so romantic” he said moving closer to her. Now there was no place between them, they were so close that they could hear each other heart beats.

She raises her eyebrow “what were you doing Mr. Tripati?”

Viplav hold her hand “well I was seeing my princess who is looking so breathtaking. I am in no mood to let you go down now…”

He peck her forehead while Dhani face flushed to deep red. She gets shy. He moves his thumbs over her face cupping her face. He moves a strand of hair behind her ears. Dhani was unable to meet his gaze look down. He hold her face make her look his face.

“Not bad Dhani you get shy too. Impressive!”

“Viplav we need to get know, it was our engagement.” She said staring ground.

Viplav pout his face “I know that why I’m letting you go. After marriage there is no way I’m letting you go away from you anyways” he said pulling her closer to him.

“You are shameless.” She snapped and hit his chest playfully.

“Love birds if you got time from your romance can we get you both down for romance.” Kritika said walking to them.

Dhani blushed hearing her. Viplav scratches his hair and goes from there embarrassed. Kritika hold Dhani and take her to hall.

Kritika start teasing her on Viplav name. “See someone is impatient to do engagement.” Dhani smiles shyly as she look Viplav who was impatiently waiting for ring exchange.

Amit hold Viplav hand bring him near Dhani and give Viplav hand to Dhani with smile. Elders smiles seeing it. Everyone were happy whole surroundings filled with laughter sound.

“Dhani don’t blush so much whenever I hold your hand. Othwise after marriage you will stay like this in red face.” He whispered in her ears.

Amit looks them questioning “what is going on here?”

“Topper that is something you don’t understand.” Kriti replied. Vidhani chuckles.

Amit softly calls her name “Kriti ……..”

“What?” She shrieks.

He smiles “Nothing.”

Vidhani bang their hand knowing what Amit about to say but he not saying it.

Now it was time for engagement. They were about exchange rings a voice interrupted the moment “stop.” All looks at entrance the way voice came. A couple walks to them. It was none other than Geethanjali and Sunil.

Sameer eyes filled with tears seeing her brother after many years. He longed to see his elder brother. After his parents death Sunil brought him up. For Sameer Sunil was fatherly figure. When he left him he was broken so he indulged himself in work forgetting his family; dhani.

“Mom, dad you here.” It was Amit asked trying to avoid silent atmosphere.

Geeth looks at Dhani with tears “it is my daughter engagement can’t I come here?” Dhani gets emotional, she runs and hugs her.

“Shhh baby it’s happy day for you don’t cry and spoil your makeup.” Geeth said with slight smile. Dhani nodes and wipes her tears.

Geeth moved to Rithika “Sorry Rithu I was wrong. I shouldn’t have left home. You were angry that moment and scold Amit. It was my mistake not understanding it and left. ”

“No bhabhi it was me who done wrong. I’m sorry.” Rithika said interrupting her.

Geet lifts her hand saying her stop “No Rithu you are small. I should have understand you. I was wrong.”

“No bhabhi I’m sorry.”

Riya walks to them and says “Oh god you guys please stop saying sorry. It is getting late Engagement.”

Rithika and geet hugs while Sameer and Sunil hugs. It was family reconciliation. Rithika and Sunil then hugs Riya. Riya smiles. Dhani was happy as her family is finally completed. So does Amit, they have group hug.

Kritika smiles seeing them. Geet signs her to join. Kriti goes to them. Geet hugs her and thanks her for uniting both family. She says it was her duty. Dhani hears them. She hugs Kriti saying she was proud to have her as best friend.

Both couple exchange the rings. Everyone clapped and cheered for them. Amit look her emotionally; his kiddo was now bride. Realising he was no more kiddo she was grown up his eyes filled up. Seeing him disturbed Kritika hold his hands, blink her eyes saying relax. He nodes.

Viplav hold a mike which make everyone attention on him.

“Hello everyone I wanna say something. I am so much happy today that the most beautiful smartest women is now engaged to me…”

While all hoes aww. Dhani slightly blushes.

“And now I promise that I will fill your life with happiness and joy. I know if I bring a tear in your eyes your brother will going to kill me …” he said making Amit giggle.

“True…” Amit said giving him warning look.

“See. But I promise you will not be sad of any reason for the entire life. I can’t promise I won’t allow tears in your eyes. As life is bed of throns. It filled some trouble and problems too. But I promise I will never let you face it alone. All problems will face me before you. I will be your shadow which never leave alone even in darkness. I try my best not to let a tear shed from your eyes.”

All claps for him.

He moves to Dhani and hold her hands “So last I just want will pretty lady can allow me to dance with you?”

Dhani shyly nodes.

Lights goes off except a spot light on both.

He holds her hand and pulles her closer by holding her waist. Dhani keeps her both hands around his neck. Both move their leg to lyrics.

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

His eyes pierced hers. His eyes show how much he loves her; need her. Without her he can never imagine to live.

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

He spun her around and express she was his blessing his everything. He was pouring out all his love on dance. He caresses her face.

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

He pulls her more close to him. A single tear escaped his tear which noticed by dhani who wipes it abruptly. She hugs him and kiss on his cheeks. She clench his shirt tightly and hides her face on his chest realising what she done.

He hold her chin making her look to him. She gets shy tries to avert her eyes from him. But couldn’t help get lost in his sparkling eyes. Both foreheads touch, their lips only inch apart. Before it met they hear clapping sound make them realise what they doing.

Viplav caresses his head and move away from her. Dhani was turned to crimson red she run from there in shy.

Kanak gives Dhani a wonderful golden bangle and her wear it “Dhani now you are officially my daughter.”

“And Viplav is officially my son.” Rithika said imitating her.

Viplav hugs Rithika “Rithu maa you looking so beautiful.” Dhani chuckles.

“Son don’t butter me. I know whom you.” Rithia points Dhani while Dhani looks at ground with shy.

“Wow it was perfect moment let’s capture it. ” Shravan said snapping picture on cell.

He then hugs Dhani congratulating her.
Viplav deliberately pulls Dhani closer to him holding her shoulder.

“someone is jealous” Dhani said softly only to hear Viplav. She then says him it was Shravan behind her this bold step. How he planned for them. Viplav feels embarrassed for thinking him bad. He hugs Shravan. Both share a brotherly time.

Dhani walks on corridor. Suddenly a hand pulls her to room. It was dark indide. She gets scared seeing no one there except a guy.

“Who are you? Someone please save me.” She yells in dismay. But the hand grab her mouth stopping her from yelling. She feels similar touch.

“Viplav you scared me. I kill you.” Saying she hits his elbow.

He caresses his elbow “Ouch Dhani! It hurts.”

“I was scared.” She pout her face and hugs him tightly. She clenches his shirt tightly clasping him. She was still in fear
He kisses her forehead consoling her. A knock on door interrupt them.

“Now what Viplav? What if someone see us together?” Dhani asks in tension.

He hold her shoulder “Relax Dhani we are engaged. No problem if anyone see us.”

“That is problem Viplav. We are engaged not married still.”

“Oh I see! someone is desperate to marry.” He winks.


Again door knocks.

“Viplav bro are you there?” It was Amit. Viplav opens door. Amit finds Dhani there. He questions her what she doing here. Kriti manages situation. Riya smiles at her innocent brother who don’t know what Vidhani doing.

Amit make serious face. Kriti laughs seeing him “aww topper why are so serious in this occasion. ”

“Next week exam starting nah.” He said making everyone hang their mout in shock.

“What?” Vidha gasped in shock.

Precap : Exam ??


Romantic wasn’t it? sorry guys uf it was just too clinching. I couldn’t help but write this at least for vidhani.

Pls comment. Your comments are getting less. I know I’m late updater but still your comments make my day pls comment.

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  1. Sujie

    This is awesome dear…
    loved the AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL song and dance of ViDhaani…. awesome…. complete family saath saath….
    hayeee…. keep up this good job dear….
    Precap is awesome too…. EXAMS… instead of back to back celebrations you brought the tadka of exam….superb yaar….
    amit the topper….kriti topper ki lover….
    ViDhaani ek dusre ke lover… gotta get ready for exam….superb yarr…
    aur yes…. this time I am gonna be super late okay…..

    1. Meghs


      For twist i added xm so nothing will be common

      Guest of marriage will be late. I thought u too make dhani ready?

  2. Shanitics

    It was a good one Meghs di.. Spicy one?

    Lovd it.. Air was fild wth Romance..

    Aftr every nice function thr wl b a exam?

    Keep writing ?
    Love u ?

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha chotti ur right

      Love u too

  3. hawww what a song for my vidhani… u know i love that song very much…
    And here u imagined this song to vidha… what a coincidence…
    i am waiting for ria and shravan scenes ….
    And lastly you have blasted a biggggg bomb… hahaha… poor vidha and others i am very pity on them… ;P
    U know i am waiting for ur epi for a long time i wish this wont be repeat… 🙁
    k bye keep smiling… 🙂

    1. Meghs

      Hey sry dear personal problems pakka i try my best not to be so late

    2. Meghs

      Hey sry dear personal problems pakka i try my best not to be so late

      Nxt tmrw

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Megha! Actually I’m a bit angry with you, Eid k chaand ke tarah nazar ati ho tum, Shruthy aur Swara?
    Wesey I had decided that I’ll comment only on those stories whom authors will be regular and will comment on all stories but after reading it, I couldn’t control myself so here I’m.
    Episode was jhakas yaar, viplav my love hayee he’s so romantic even dhaani isn’t less, both are producing a sizzling chemistry and it wasn’t that a lot romantic so you shouldn’t be worry about that, and honestly it doesn’t even need warning as it wasn’t having a vulgar or a cheap scene, this was in limits. Itna romance tou ikrs mai bhe tha or should I say iss sey thora ziada?? tou tension nahe lene ka.
    I liked Amit’s part too, he is quite serious but at the same time he is funny too..
    Finally family reunion scene happened, felt happy after seeing them all happy.
    Ae dil hai mushkil, song hayeeee again an amazing choice from your side, and the way they danced, the way you described superb!!
    So now fun time is over as it’s time for exams ?? the most hardest time, I wonder how ViDha will overcome this hurdle ? *fingers crossed* I don’t want any misunderstanding between them, I mean let’s say if Viplav asks a question during exam and dhaani slightly refuses to tell as she doesn’t like to cheat then this’ll create a minor misunderstanding. Right ?
    HA-HA well that was a useless part, so you can kindly ignore it.
    Anyways post the next one little sooner than usual!
    Take care ❤

    1. Meghs

      Sry dear try to understand I have so hectic schedules. So I can’t be regular right. If u guys won’t comment then for whom can I write??

      Issw zyada romance lik sakthi hun par sab

      chotte hein na isliye???

      Ok I’ll post nxt soon give me just one day I’ll post by tmrw. Today I’m little busy

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