heart beat a show changed my life (epi 16)


Hi guys i am back with another part of hb.. happy to see ur response i wont end my ff until my story finishes.. sry for neing late updater i am getting no time to write… but i try to update atlest 2 update a week.. keep reading

Recap : Dhani decides to …….

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Sentiments ?

Dhani thinks something in mind and says ” i have to go fm station i join u all soon..”
And says something which is in mute.
Amit : dhani no don’t u think do like that..
Vip : dhani no
Dhani : pls guys not this time .. this time i do what my heart says.

She leaves to fm station.

Kritika looks on worried. Viplav amit look at each other.
Vip : amit u also thinking same what i am thinking naa..
Amit nodes.

“what thinking?” Asked confused Kritika.
Amit hold her face and says “we just come u go behind dhani and stop her …..”

Kritika follow dhani where as amit and Viplav leave to somewhere.

Fm station~~~

Dhani goes to managing director (head of fm station) room and handover a letter to him.

MD : miss malhotra u here? And what is in this letter?
Dhani(fumble) : sir I actually I wanna inform one thing that i am…. I decided to quit job. And that is my resignation letter (with cold behaviour)

MD get shocked asif 1000 volts current passed through his body he get off the seat in jerk.

MD : what ?
Dhani : sir i am sry I wanna quit job…..
Sir u know na y I doing this job it for avoiding my loneliness now reason for job is nomore and moreover exam r coming near i can’t afford to miss any cls so i thought of resigning..

MD make her seat on chair and gave water. And try to convince her not to quit.

MD : but if u leave then our fm station rating will less remember ur replacement time when u injured we got least trp and we were forced to take u again.. u identity now is payal please never thought of quitting. And miss malhotra i not think u like quiting because rj wasnow become ur life which clearly can seen on ur eyes.

Dhani trying hard to control her emotions. Tears are threatening to fall any moment but she wipes it and with determining tune says “I am sry i have no option now… first time papa asked me something i can do this much papa……..”

“No need to do this dhani for me ….” voice came from back..

Dhani stare at door to find person.. Kritika who just reach there also stop on doorstep hearing this statement. She turns and finds Sameer.. he was about to fall Kritika holds him. He emotionally looking at dhani.

He move towards MD and talk to him regard time adjustment such a way that she can attend clg also rj without any delay … MD informs timeslot of 6 to 7 which is best to her show.. sameer thanks him and leaves from there. Kriti and dhani also moves out of room. Dhani was dumb to see her papa doings.

@parking slot

“Dhani from ur birth i don’t done anything to u…. i know yesterday i overreacted forgive me.. how can i just ignore fact u love this job morethan anything . sorry beta for raising my hands on u.. and i…… before he continues dhani runs to him and hug him. She asks sorry for her rude behaviour.. “papa i am sorry tooo… forgive me” she asked holding ears.

Sameer hold her hand and says that I can never anger on my princess never ever..

“But papa how did this magic happen i mean u agreed to continue job which i thought impossible..”

“Nothing is impossible to viplav tripati.. can we come inside if father daughter emotional drama completed..” said viplav entering scenario.

Dhani : “Viplav u did it…”
Sam : not he ur chinku bhai made this possible..

Dhani smiles seeing amit and says ” of course my chinku bhai can do anything for my happiness.. love u bhai.. ” and gave him side hug.

“At least someone listen naa what i done to dhani.. ” said viplav pleading

Sam controlling his laugh.. dhani sees this ask reason for his laughing. He says ” if u know what viplav did na u will also laugh holding stomach”.

Flashback is shown viplav holding sameer legs and dramatically pleading to accept dhani job while sam struggling to move off from there.. amit hold viplav make him stand…
Flashback ends.

“Arre what is there in laughing. I also tried to help her naa…” vip said with pout.

“Haha viplav u done great job….” said dhani and kriti controlling their laugh.

“Ok guys u enjoy i have some work…..” saying sameer leaves.

“Arre see time we have to go college naa… we getting late…..” said Amit seeing watch.

All together “ji topper”
@upmc college

After all class ends @time 4

Dhani feeling so tired… dhani is seen holding head. She say “yaar i can’t…. feeling so tired how can i go fm in this condition.. ”

She sees here and there and asks kriti and amit where is vipu?
Both open their mouth wider “vipu….
Dhani : ha vipu search him naa..
Kriti : see she spoil cute name of viplav.
Amit stare her..
Amit : acha baba sry to talk so with kiddo .

Amika(amit+kritika) goes searching him..

Dhani walking on corridor suddenly someone came from back and grab her mouth and drag her to classroom which is empty.. dhani feels familiar touch ? she turns and finds viplav.. she playfully hit him for scaring her.. viplav hugs her from her back and hold guitar such away that his hand on touch her waist and sings song..

Tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Dhani feels tocklish in stomach… she remove his hand making herself relax and runs from there. Viplav stare at her continue singing

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

He stop singing move towards her.. grab her her hand and lifts her by arms twirls her… he then make her stand on his feet and bring her more close by holding her arms while dhani rests her hand on his shoulder.. while song continues to play.

O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

He spins her… Dhani admire viplav both share deep eyelock which was like they lost in each other eyes. Viplav step one foot to the side, then bring his other foot to meet it. Then move back to the other side. While dhani also stepping like him.. both sharing good awestruck chemistry…

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Both stopped eyelock hearing applause…
Kriti : “Arre wah dhani u said u viplav not seen and u romancing here”
Amit : don’t teasey kiddo kriti
Kriti : acha ji listen dhani is not only urs even i also have right on her and i can tease her too…
“by which right ? Said amit winking.
Kriti who not notice this said in flow” if u her bhai then simple i am her bhabhi……” then realise what she said.. “wo i .. shit…” she blushing hardly.

“Aham aham bhabhi and all huh? Awwee my sweetu bhabhi… Wait someone is blushing..!hayye marjawa…. bhai wo…

Viplav signs Dhani amit lost in kritika and both move from there giving them privacy..

Precap :
Dhani and fm station


Guys how is it…
I know it may boring pls bear me…
Ok guys bye .. c u..

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey meghs amazing yaar loved it and no it’s not at all boring Vidhanni scenes loved them

    1. Meghs

      Jo congratulations for first comments ?? after so many days i write one u comment means alot..

      Keep reading

  2. Areeb

    Not at all boring Megha! ? So finally, dispute of Dhaani’s career sort out. Haha. Loved that Flashback of Viplav pleading to Sameer going on his feet. ? Amika were too cute!! ? Highlight was – Terey Sang Yaraa! ❤

    1. Meghs

      Thanks areeb for lovely words glad u liked it..

      Keep reading

  3. Aiswarya

    di i’m totally fed up of saying not say sorry you will not change a bit
    coming to the episode it was not at all boring as u told . loved the fb of viplav pleading to sam
    at last sam understood something wished my dad could understand something
    amit is just like my cousin always talk about studies after a serious issue
    di i have so many things to talk to u but time is not allowing me as i am making an eiffel tower that too with sticks
    poor me never thought i have to do it .
    amika is too cute couples

    post the next part whenever u are free
    how are ur studies going on ??????? n how is my brothers study going on???
    how was the onam of this year ????

    1. Meghs

      Aishu? u know i was missing u badly u was busy in effil tower wala project i wish u best….

      Acha baba i won’t repeat sry cancel. Amit character is like ur cousin seriously great coincidence. .. ur dad also will understand u soon..

      Even i have so much to talk but my studies not allowing i hardly getting time to come here.. studies are overloaded poor me stucked with lots of seminars…

      Ur bro n studying don’t joke he never read anything he carefree regard studies ?
      Onam was nice but i couldn’t enjoy as i had clg and busy with clg activities so onam celebrating was not so much.. how was ur onam

      1. Aiswarya

        Me too I was missing u sooo much. Di it’s not my project it’s my cousin’s as she is suffering from viral fever I tried to help I’m sure sir will ask to redo it??
        Di for which course he is studying now? ?
        My this year’s onam was superb☺☺di I told u na that I was going to make palada. I was fed up of stirring so I added boost in it ?? n added a lot of milkmaid
        They liked the taste ? on onam they called me ?

      2. Meghs

        How cute yaar i wish i could join u on onam.. ohh u helping ur cousin good yaar.. he is iti 2nd year…

      3. Aiswarya

        Then u come na

      4. Meghs

        I wish i could come … in kerala which place ur

  4. Angel20

    Ohh finally u posted it!!
    It was not boring yaar it was very very boring!
    Just joking?? now stop saying it in every episode! Ok?!?
    You write so well yaar.. I loved it! Sorry for the late comment! You know I’m busy in studying??
    Anyways it was awesome.. Finally sameer realized! Amika is??
    You are also????
    Love you❤??

    1. Meghs

      Angel i posted finally? after many days… when u said it boring i thought it really bored u? ok baba i won’t say again it? thanks for ur lovely compliment. . Ur not so late to comment. . All the best to ur exams..

      Love u too
      Keep reading

  5. Sujie

    How many times do I have to tell you the episode is awesome???
    Chalo…for your satisfaction….I will call it boring…. Chalega???
    Okay….jokes apart……Episode was rocking…..
    Sam uncle mangaye…..Viplav is such a nautanki…..
    And the Highlight……. TERE SANG YARAA…..
    AWESOME EYELOCK….of VIplav and Dhaani…..
    So silly of me to think me with my life’s Viplav….but seriously it gave me butterflies….imagining MiEisha as ViDhaani…..hayee hayee……
    Keep going dear…….

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha sujie actually i always used to say it in last so added it unknowingly ? acha it was that boring

      Thanks. Glad u liked it of course viplav nautaki… i liked to show his more nautaki??

      Hahaha u dream urself with viplav in song… great if reading it someone can felt butterflies in stomach. Misha will be look so superb if they done this sng too

      Keep reading.. thanks for ur sweet words

  6. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Megha! Sorry for being super late?
    Ok so episode was great! Finally her dad is ready to accept her job so in this way everything has sorted out.. cool! Hilarious part was when viplav was pleading, going on his feet? and lovely part was vidhi’s scenes.. my goodness! I was feeling goosebumps while reading it.. tere sang yaara! Mind blowing song?? but I wonder in reality is romance allowed in university I mean if any teacher may see them like this shaamat ajai phr tw??.. well jokes are part!
    But this wasn’t boring at all so please stop writing at the end of ur beautiful episodes! Warna ab mai gussa hojaun ge.. keep rocking and post the next one soon!

    1. Meghs

      Maha no sorry ? u comment is matters. Late not matter…

      Glad u liked it. Cool someone felt goosebumps reading it it means ur able to imagine it.. wow such a honour. ..

      Hahaha don’t think too much yaar in uni noone allowed to romance if they caught they may suspended.. i mentioned after class to clear this dount only?

      Acha i will stop saying it boring.. i will keep writing. Next part i post soon let me write?

  7. Lakshmi

    hai meghs di…sorry for the late comment…actually i read this before but now only got time to post the comment..
    epi was awwwwwwww………. the scenes of dhani and papa was worth readable… atlast all sort out… now vidhani can romance…hai na…? and that tere sang yaara wala part its so romantic…. actually I can visualise that while reading….
    and in the end kriti and amit teasing them was superb….
    expecting for another romantic one…romance in fm station…hahaha..

    1. Meghs

      Hi lakshmi.. and not ask sry.. ur nt so late. I understand ur in 12th so busy with studies n all…

      Glad u liked it.. thanks for ur sweet comments… hahaha if both get time they can romance ? so my writing made u imagine it well naa.. i successful to show sng it then.

      Romance in fm station hahaha ? dhzni job will at stake then

      Keep reading..

      1. Lakshmi

        thanks di for understanding my situation….but will sure catch up ur ff’s upcoming epis…haan kyu nahi..? ur writing simply awesome…so everyone can imagine every scenes in it…haan meghs di… 🙂

        haan viplav toh use chodengi nahi… 🙂 😀 😉

      2. Didi pls give me a summary of this FF…my exams r not over yet bt pls give me a summary..k by

    2. Meghs

      Shri will give u summary of ff soon

      1. Okk dii?

  8. Superb di.. Vidha scenes bahut acha hai.. Smpy lvng ur ff day by day..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks chotti

      Keep reading and supporting

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