heart beat ., a show changed my life (epi 15) (emotions)


Hi meghs is back with another part of hb..

Recap : all shocked at amit revealation.

Link to previous epi??

Episode 14

Amit(shout) : mr malhotra u can’t slap dhani
Sameer? : who the hell r u too interfere in family matter?
Amit : i have full right (rising his voice) chachu to interefere ! And i have right on dhani too …did u know who am i.. amit malhotra son of sunil malhotra and dhani she is my kiddo..

All r shocked to this revelation.. especially dhani.. Viplav who come after finishing call also shocked to hear this statement. For Viplav it was like he just out for 10 min whole world seem changed now.. dhani is stunned at this revelation she was happy aswell as sad. Rithu n sam was super shocked. Only one seem happy to revealation it is kritika..

Time frozen there..

Dhani pov~~

I don’t know whether it was time to be happy or sadness? she got back her chinku bhai whom she missing since ages.. ofcourse its happy news. But she was sad as her chinku bhai not meet her in this years and he had chance to reveal truth but no he never revealed her ……
Dhani pov ends~~~

Rithu have tears in her eyes.. she can never be anger on him for long.. her reaction to see little dhani injured to scold him was normal.. she never expected family get separated due to her act..

(Kabhi khushi kabhie gham
Na judaa honge hum
Kabhi khushi kabhie gham)

She remember amit birth when geethanjali suffering nervous breakdown she made her relax and amit born..

Amit name was suggested by her.. then after one month she delivered baby girl.. dhani and amit just one month difference but amit always treat her kiddo and for dhani her chinku bhai… all scenes are infront of rithika eyes.. she emotionally eyes amit..

(Tere saath hongi meri duaayein
Aaye kabhi na tujhpe koi balaayein(2)

Mera dil yeh kahe… tu jahaan bhi rahe
Har ghadi, har khushi choome tere kadam)

One day when both are 2 years.. dhani is crying.. rithika try to make her calm by toys but dhani threw all toys.. amit come there keep his little hand on dhani… dhani stop crying.. rithika was admiring their bond.. from very small age both like two body one soul..

Sam emotionally eyes amit.. amit was apple of his eyes… amit too looks his family keenly he too waiting since long to see his chachi and chachu..

(Yeh hai tere karam
Kabhi khushi kabhie gham
Na judaa honge hum
Kabhi khushi kabhie gham)

Amit then eyes dhani .. his heart ache to see her condition who broken. Dhani is in verge of crying.

(Jee chahta hai gale se laga loon
Palkon mein rakh loon main, nazar mein chupaa loon)

Dhani moves close to amit and slaps him while all shocked to see this.. amit is stunned. Amit keep his hand on dhani shoulder but dhani jerks his hand.. Tears roll from dhani eyes she hold his collar “look who is here the great Amit malhotra.. wow (she claps??) hats off to ur acting ur r great actor i must say.. u r not my chinku bhai if u where chinku bhai then where r u that time when i feeling loneliness? When i felt this house hell ? Where r u when i am alone? I craved mom love since childhood but u know whom i used to miss more than mom it was u (showing index figure?) because i love u more than my mom.. i used to miss u sooo much why don’t u come to meet me y. Only i know how hard to spend without u… ur not there for me when i needed u most.. why u come back now u go naa go… i don’t want to see ur face…..”

Dhani unable to speak more.. Amit tried to calm her but kriti stop him saying let dhani open herself she should remove her frustration .. dhani goes angrily out of home and sits in swing which is on garden.. viplav goes behind her and sits near her.. dhani hugs him tightly and cries.. then keep her head on his lap.. viplav caresses her hair calming herself..

Amit seeing all in teary eye. His heart ache to see his kiddo condition. Even though they r near but far from eachother because of Destiny.

(Kya Bebasi Hai Yeh Kya Majbooriyan
Hum Paas Hai Phir Bhi Kitni Hai Dooriyan(2)

Jism Tu Jaan Main
Teri Pehcaan Mein
Milke Bhi Na Mile Yeh Hai Kaisa Bharam

Yeh Hai Tere Karam
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Na Judaa Honge Hum
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham)

Kritika keep hand on his shoulder and consoles him.. amit ask her to go to dhani and calm her…

Dhani is crying. Kriti goes near vidha and hugs consoles her. Viplav is shattered to see dhani like this.. he can’t see even little drop of water in dhani eyes ..

Dhani in sobbing voice ” this is all happening because of me… because of me my family separated. i am very bad naa viplav. If i heared bhai talk during that day i wouldn’t get injury and it couldn’t happen.. because i fallen mom scold bhai and this small issue become bigger and family separated.. i am root of all this..”

Viplav hugs her consoling “no dhani dhani ur thinking is wrong … its destined to happen so it happening .. ur not reason for this it was all destiny play.. wait a minute whom i giving lecture of this u forgot what u talk in fm about destiny and all things …..”

Dhani says “still viplav i am bad sister.. i failed as sis…… before she complete sentence someone grab her mouth.. dhani finds it is amit.

Amit : enough dhani i won’t hear ur bakwaas more.. how can u think like this huh? Like anything u thought this.. ur not bad ur world’s best sis..

Dhani hugs him and ask sry for slapping him.. he says u have right to slap me.. if i am in ur place i would do same.. and no more tears dhani ..

Dhani wipes her tears and calls him”Chinku bhai?… the word amit wanted to hear from long made his heart beat rise… 100 voltage smile came on his face..

Vip : see naa now he got his kiddo no need of us.. and dhani she not even looking at me? (pouts)
Amit : acha baba stop ur dramebaaz… we r getting late lets go clg..

Dhani kriti viplav open their mouth hearing this statement. Kritika said her fav dialogue ?
“After this much scene he wanted to go clg arre i think i made wrong guy as my bf.?..” in dramatically.

Dhani thinks something in mind and says ” i have to go fm station i join u all soon..”
And says something which is in mute.
Amit : dhani no don’t u think do like that..
Vip : dhani no
Dhani : pls guys not this time .. this time i do what my heart says.

She leaves to fm station

Precap : dhani decision whether to continue or not? ViDhani romance? and amit dhani bond.


What do u want

1.dhani to quit rj and do mba?
2.Dhani to quit mba and do job
3.Both dhani to do mba along with rj.

And pls choose anyone and say reason y u choose it.

I feel it boring. . Sorry for no vidha scene today… and i want to ask u something do u want me to continue this ff or to end it within 2.3 part because i feel ur response is decreasing..

So pls comment..

Criticism too welcome.
Share ur view what u feel about my ff

Take care.
Love u.

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    It was not at all boring yaar I loved it soo much, Amit got a slap from dhani was surprising though but she was also right at her place than that past moments and kabhi khushi ghum song My goodness rula deta mennu (u made me cry) vidhani scene was amazing the way he console her was too naturally written and then last part was too adorable as all are one now ab hum sath sath hain wale situation hai 😀 I wonder what she is up to know waiting for that to reveal so post the next episode soon!
    I want her to continue MBA plus Rj job too as Rj is her passion, her life and from MBA her career is attached which is too essential for life so I want her to take both things and it is not hard because her job is of only 1-2 hours than she can study so she can manage I guess even after reading ur fiction I want to do this job and one day I will full fill my dream!
    And it depends on u as u only know that ur story is completed or not so… but I am enjoying ur story a lot!

    1. Meghs

      Hey maha.. thanks alot.. slap was necessary to reveal how much she missed him.. so i successful to show emotional part naa.. and behen ye naa hosaktha sry for being late… update will post today or by tmrw..

      Rj is oy 1 hr so lets c what she opt

      U dreamed of this job

      Who is ansa she said u told her about my stry..

      Keep reading

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      She is my sister actually we both were talking about all fictions we used to read then I get to know that u are writing something on swaragini so I told her to read that because she used to read all fictions based on swasan and I used to read all fictions on vidhani..
      Yeah kind of.. dreams bohat hain 😛

      1. Meghs

        Ya i write on swaragini too … i am glad to get new reader she was also sweet as u

  2. Lakshmi

    hey meghs di….it was not boring….and u don’t even know that how many of we are fans of ur ff here….so how can u tell abt ending it soon huh..? yeh sach hai ki due to some thing we cant even read the ff or comment…but it is sure that we will read it whenever we get time….so don’t judge ur ff by seeing the no. of comments…ok di..?
    for me dhani want to fulfill her ambition and passion also….even I want to do the same…this one is very encouragement for us…
    even it contains no vidha scenes it become a spl epi…expecting more epis like this frm u di…

    1. Meghs

      Hi lakshmi.. thanks dear but if u won’t comment how can i know it.. and its ok i know ur busy.. i won’t end soon… acha i won’t judge my ff by comments..

      Thanks dear i show u scene like this also if possible
      Keep reading

      1. Lakshmi

        when r u going to post next one..?

      2. Meghs

        Today i will post? pls wait till evng

  3. Aiswarya

    Awwwwwwww diiii it was an episode full of emotions .don’t say it’s boring ?? dhani should do her Mba with her Rj job both are important in her life na ??
    Brother n sister relation is the best relation in the world I feel like that because when I’m angry I used to shout at my cousin ?n then cry peacefully in his arm I used to feel safe in his arms ?? I saw my cousin today in amit character ??
    Post the next part soon
    Love u ❤❤

    1. Aiswarya

      Diiii plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it sooooon I’m enjoying it
      Di plz na don’t end it
      It’s really very nice ??

      I was thinking of viplavs expression

      1. Meghs

        Thanks .. of course i think about it.

        Ya indeed its best relationship in wrld when we tease them and small fight too it will good…

        That’s cute one u could feel amit as ur cousin.. so sry to be late this clses naa i post today only .

        Ok i won’t end soon u asking so sweetly how can i deny..

        Aish mole onam celebration on way naa .. evide vare ayi orukangal..

  4. Sujie

    Meghs…… Sorry for commenting late…Episode was awesome…..
    Though I think slap was not needed ….but still you rocked it ???
    And I think…..Dhaani need not leave her job for MBA…
    I know studies are important…. But recreation too is necessary ……
    When nobody was there for Dhaani….. Her fm…and identity as RJ Payal was there ….. So I think she should continue ….. Aakhir Dhaani MBA and fm dono sambhal legi????
    And you go on like this…keep going ???

    1. Meghs

      Sujie its ok u r not late.. thanks re… i too know realise it not needed but let it be amit done mistake naa..

      Ya rj job may recreation to her.. i think about it

      Keep reading

  5. Angel20

    Fiest of all remove the thought of ending it! Please!!! Loved today’s episode! Really very emotional!!
    Love you❤

    1. Meghs

      Angel i removed that thought seeing all comments. .

      Love u too ?

  6. Areeb

    Hey Megha! It wasn’t boring yaar. Very well portrayed the relationships. ? Though, I didn’t find Dhaani’s reaction appropriate, most particularly the slap she gave to her brother. I thought she would run and hug her brother anyways, she did that afterwards. ? Very well depicted the emotional part with song! ? And answer to your question; My brain says, she should carry on the rj job with her MBA studies. But heart is saying what lies in rj job when the reason of the job is no longer left. ? she got her complete family and her soul mate. So, should go with her father’s wish. If I would have been at her place then, I’d have agreed to my father! Cause for me nothing in this world matters more than the happiness of my loved ones .. My closed ones.
    And it’s totally up to you. As we don’t know what you have ahead for us. So, you carry on with what you are thinking of further story. But don’t think of ending it in a rush. Make it best! ?

    1. Meghs

      Hi areeb.. i know slap not appropriate but they one month difference so let it on fliw to remove her frustration.

      Hahaha i too guess both rj reason no left but lets c what happens. . I thought what i should do i am sure i don’t disappoint u ..

      I won’t end soon
      Keep reading

  7. Good one di.. Nt boring one.. Relations are being exposed and all ones reactions were smpy ?? K3G sng added essence to today’s few scenes ?

    I want Dhaani to b a RJ + cntinue wth hr mba…?

    1. Meghs

      Thanks choti.. glad u liked it

      Let c what happens
      Keep reading

  8. Swara

    Its superb sis…nd abt my opinion…. U choose urs…tht will be best…
    Anyway u will rock it i knew…

    1. Meghs

      Thanks sis i chosen one and do it .

      Ur support made it possible

      Love u

  9. Meghs

    Guys i am really sry i couldn’t post as onam i getting more busy and clg talents day on way i have many wrk to complete for it .. hope u won’t mind pls sry for inconvenience

    1. Renuverma

      Meghu it is awesome ?????
      Dhani slapping n getting angry was natural.
      Love the bro sis bonď 2bich is amazing.
      Ritika getting emotional n nostalgic was also great.
      I want her to do mba n job so that sbe can enjoy her passion with a great career.

      1. Meghs

        Thanks di for understanding it..

        Keep reading

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