heart beat., a show changed my life (epi 11)(friendship day special)


Hi frnds i am back with another epi of hb. I know i am very late updater who not update regularly ? but i was i tensed due to my admission regards.. ok leave it good news is i got admission to mcom ?

So here u go a special epi in name of frndship… treat to ikrs lovers here onwards i giving cameo role to my frnds from tu(there are many but i can give role to some only so pls don’t feel bad if u not got role)

I realised i not mention actor playing role amit and kritika.
Amit role played by parth samanth.
Kritika role by piyali? guys this is not actor its my kiddo my frnd cum sis in tu..
Amit mom Geetanjali malhotra played by renu di.
Amit papa sunil malhotra (suggestion needed)


Precap : viplav not able to stop himself from caring dhani… he still have feelings for her!!!

Link to last epi

Episode 10

☆upmc college garden☆

Amit and kritika both are happy as they noticed viplav still care for dhani !!
“Topper did u noticed viplav still feel for dhani.. i know he is angry on dhani for lieing u know what anger comes there where there is love.. viplav loves dhani ! He confused regarding feeling did he love payal or dhani as truth come out such a way he not got time to think .. i am sure viplav will soon realise his love for dhani.. for that we should help him to realise his feeling.. this time we together unite vidhani? said by kritika..

The ray of hope come to Amit by kriti each words.. he happy finally his kiddo will get her happiness which she deserves?

Kritika : so mission to unite vidha is on
Amit (bows his head) : yes mam

Voice from back ” even i too help u in this mission. ….. amika turns and sees kanak.. both smiles seeing her.!

Trio discuss matter and making plan for uniting vidha.

Kanak: i have a plan listen tomorrow is friendship day its best time we should use it.(she whisper something in amit ear which is in mute) amit nods yes i do it.. smiles☺
Kriti : wow aunty u superb plan this will make viplav close to dhani.
Amit : so tomorrow friendship day will new beginning to vidha story..
#malhotra mansion

Malhotra mansion beautifully decorated with baloons with colour theme sky blue everywhere.. its like sky heavenly place..

Kritika walking here n there tensed. She calls? amit
Kritika : all set topper. Did he he agree
Amit : yes. Viplav bro agree to come to party.
Kriti : really its great news so i will work on plan now. Come soon
Amit : thanks kriti
Kritika : what did u just say thanks? oh pls topper don’t u dare to say so.. one minute u made me stranger i am not any stanger.

Cut the call.

Amit( scared to hear her shouting) : baby listen. Oh god what i made?

Party time#

A girl wearing white kurta with skyblue leggings come down from stairs. She is upset but her face is glowing her front hair is curled..!
Voice called dhani. Its none otherthan dhani.
Dhani is surprise to see all her friends from her schooling to graduation till there all frnds came..

She hugs kriti saying wow kriti this is awesome get together party? best friendship party for ever.

“Offo drama queen u always get time to talk with her naa this time talk with us too… a voice said. Its a girl wearing blue colour gown.. with cute smiling face. It is swara (played by varsha aka swara.. ammu this is u) dhani pu friend.
Dhani hugs her.
Dhani : sorry?
Swara 😕 sis what is this u saying thanks forgot in frndship no sorry no thank u.
Dhani nods positively smiling.
Dhani : ji swara mata..!

“Uff tum dono sis ka hogaya tho hum baathe kare dhani se (if ur both talk is over can i talk to dhani) said a girl wearing blue kurtha with white legging..

Dhani hugs prachi. She is dhani pu frnd
Swara : uff chatterbox come..
Dhani : liku jaan tu agayi kabse wait karahi thi re tumari. Socha tu nahi ayegi (I waiting to u since long thought u don’t come )
Prachi : jab baat dost ki hai to hume tho anahi tha kaha hai humare jiju.
Dhani : liku pls (blushes)

Kritika pouts “off dhani u forgot me?.”
Dhani☺ can i ever forgot my kriti ? hugs. Kriti joins team of swara prachi mingles well. They have group hug and click selfie.

Unknown place#

Girl shown who wearing sky blue color gown.. her face covered by hair as air disturbing. . Her hand she have gittar..! (I don’t know if she play it well?)
camera focus on her face. She is ria tanweer . (guys u know her our maria. Angel hope u love it)

Says herself how can i reach there in time..and this maha is busy in studies so not coming.. so i should go alone there.. no y to fear when there is shruthi dear. she calls a girl..
“?hello ”
“Hi shru”
“Hey maria dear!”
“Shru r u coming for party”
“No dear i out of country now i really wish i could have met u.”
“Its ok shru enjoy holiday c ya”
“C ya”

She stop auto and goes..

# tripati mansion

A boy get ready with blue jeans with white t-shirt with dark blue jacket.
Its none other than viplav .he looks more handsome
Viplav : amit should we have to go there ?
Amit: ? vip bro its 100 th time u asking this can’t u come .. ok forgot everything its frndship day party so pls bro stop this drama come lets go..

Amit litterally dragging him..

A girl walks with stylish kurta of whitbluish mix colour with white white legging.
“Amit how dare u to hurt my viplav y u dragging him.. saranya said.(saranya viplav best friend after amit)
Amit : sorry saru i didn’t mean it..!
Saru 😕 now u leave it.. viplav should i gave u special permission inviting to come.. come (shouts)(sry saru if i hurt u)

Viplav n amit look their face each other : saru coming.

Three guys come
Avi says vip bhai amit bhai we too came ?
Vip hugs saying “chotte…

They r avijit akshay n josh . Amit”Guys its getting late come lets go.”

All leaves to Malhotra mansion
Note : friendship not made on seeing age caste or status. So i writing it without seeing age .
#malhotra mansion

2 girls coming wearing white mixture blue top with white jeans . Camera focus on their face.. its arshdeep and swetha .

Both hugs dhani
Arshu says di we too also come..
Together shouts
Happy frndship day?”
Dhani ?: thanks chotti and arshu? happy friendship day to u too dears.

Voice from back
“Sorry sorry i think i come late.! Said a girl wearing blue kurtha with white legging. It is sujie.

All (dhani arshu swe)together shouts ” sujie its not late its rocking wala entry?”

All meet each other wish friendship day.. dhani kritika swara prachi arshdeep sujie swetha sitted together laughing.

Voice come ” aish baby see them they forgot us n enjoying without us..!

“Ha di in this world no single person remember us? said another girl..

Both wearing sky blue colour gown.. camera focus on face they r Aishwarya and meghana (played by aish and myself can’t i make my own role too?)

Along with them a cutie pie princess come who wearing long frock of white bluish mix.. “guys how can u all forget ur cutie pie?….” said girl and pouts.. its none otherthan louella.

All together “how can we ever forgot our princess come cutie…. ”
All of them have great time together.

Viplav with his gang enter venue… while entering he collide with girl..
“Sorry? ” mesmerised seeing her..
Himself says ” oh got she is so pretty.. like angel ”
“Dhani.. a voice interapt. Whole vip gang surrounding dhani wishes friendship day.. one eye is only seeing dhani it is viplav.

Dhani about to go near viplav a voice come ” this is special song on this beautiful occasion”
All lights off focus on girl who have gitar in one hand. (It is ria)
“Arre its friendship day lets have some fun guys…. so in name of friendship

She plays gittar..(tune of song jane kyun movie dostana)

Viplav and team sings

I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright
I’ll Be Alright

Viplav and amit hugs ria… amit whisper something to ria ears (in mute)
ria smiles..
She drag all to hall and hifi with all members there.

Viplav holds ria hands and sings
Tu Hai Toh Tedi Medi Rahe
Ulti Pulti Baatein
Sedhi Lagthi Hai

Ria smiles.. viplav leave her hand.. holds saranya hand sings.

Tu Hai Toh Joote Moote Vaade
Dushman Ke Irrade
Sache Lagthe Hai
Jo Dil Mein Taare Vaare De Jagah
Woh Tu Hi Hai, Tu Hi Hai
Jo Rothe Rothe De Hassa
Tu Hi Hai Wahin

Viplav looks dhani… and all friends smiles he dances along with singing while others dancing.. he sings

Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
(yeh, Yeh ,yeh)
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

Viplav hifi amit.. amit sings

Saari Duniya Ek Taraf Hai
Ek Taraf Hai Hum

Akshay sings
Har Khushi Toh, Dur Bhage
Mil Rahe Hai Gum

Amit sings seeing kritika

But When U Smile For Me
World Seems All Right
Yeh Meri Zindagi
Pal Mein Hi Khil Jaaye
Jaane Kyun

Amit twirl kriti n sing
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
(yeh, Yeh ,yeh)
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

Viplav sings
(Yeh Yeh Yeh
I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright
I’ll Be Alright
Yeh Yeh Yeh
I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)
(Yeh Yeh Yeh
I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright
I’ll Be Alright
Yeh Yeh Yeh
I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

(Jo Dil Mein Taare Vaare De Jagah
Woh Tu Hi Hai, Tu Hi Hai
Tu Hi Hai)

Akshay sings

Chote Chote Kuch Palon Ka
Dostana Yeah
Jaane Kyun Ab Lag Raha Hai
Jaana Maana Yeah
Coz When Smile For Me
World Seems Alright
Yeah Sare Pal Yahin
Yun Hi Tham Se Jaaye
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun)

Dhani look viplav sings (i know its male version but imagine grls singing in same passion)
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
(yeh, Yeh ,yeh)
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

Ria hifi with dhani sing together with her.

Tu Hai Toh Tedi Medi Rahe
Ulti Pulti Baatein
Sedhi Lagthi Hai
Tu Hai Toh Joote Moote Vaade
Dushman Ke Irrade
Sache Lagthe Hai
Jo Dil Mein Taare Vaare De Jagah
Woh Tu Hi Hai, Tu Hi Hai
Jo Rothe Rothe De Hassa
Tu Hi Hai Wahin

Kriti sings looking amit…
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
(yeh, Yeh ,yeh)
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

Vidha sings together.. viplav holds dhani hand..
Jaane Kyun (jaane Kyun) Dil Jantha Hai
(yeh, Yeh ,yeh)
Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright
(I’ll Be Alright, I’ll Be Alright)

All others too dancing.. viplav forgot everything.. after song end in excitement vidhani hugs… then realise dhani smiles even viplav. .! (Vip forgot fight ha)

Ria sees this
“For what i come is happening..!!

She calls someone says “bhai ur work is done….”

Screen flashes on ria smirking face..

Precap :
Saru : guys we should play something
Swara : but what
Ria : dub charades!
On other hand
Dhani says kaha na pyar hai !!


Guys sry i couldn’t finish froendship part more fun will be on way … next part will continue this.. i post it soon pakka promise..

Who is this ria?
What is ria plan?
Whom did she called?

To know keep reading

Guys don’t i deserve more comment for this friendship spcl part??

I tried not to make u confuse. .. hope its not confusing

Do comment good or bad its treat on friendship

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  1. Renuverma

    Amika aaw viplav still cares for dhani n plan to unite vidha. Best is that kanak also koins them???

    So it séems they had planned a freindship day party.☺


    1. Meghs

      Thanks di? how can i forget u di there r so many but i can’t include all but still tried…

      If its friendship day socl i should have include all na?

      Di nice guess lets c of it crt or not next part continue this epi so frndship more aftr it i only concentrate vidha?

      Keep reading ?

  2. Swara

    Thts was superb episode sis….wow…..I’m so cute na..Hahaha.. Lol….u nailed it sis. .love u

    1. Meghs

      Thank u sis? of course ur my cutiepie..

      Love u too dr??

      Keep reading

  3. Sujie

    Dear Megha…Thank you so much for this wonderful party…. and Me too there….. its lovely feeling to imagine…. go on dear…..
    could imagine that hug…holding hands .. go on dear …waiting for the next part

    1. Meghs

      Thnks sujie?

      Glad u liked it..

      Keep reading

      Next part as i said tomorrow posted as i post late night?

  4. Shanitics

    Omg.. Me a part of this ff ?
    Thankss 4 makng me a part…
    This spcl epi was really a treat.. And the epi was.. Aww…
    Really lovd it..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks chotti?
      Glad u liked it

      Keep reading ?

  5. Dii I’m soo surprised me a part of ur ff??……..today’s epi ????…..party was also awesome I completely forgot pain of my leg while reading ur ff diiii??
    Diiii yesterday when it was raining ☔??☔I was running soooo slipped & felled .

    Diiii I’m alright now ??

    I’m soooo happy for u diiii??

    1. Meghs

      Thnks aish? u and me naa enter together glad u liked it..

      Ur leg must be paining take care rest to week not move much ok.. take care dr

      Get well soon
      Love u?
      Keep reading

  6. Angel20

    Awww..?? areh wah!! Mishal hugged me☺ I have come to unite Vidhaani but.. Now meri niyat badal rahi hai? the episode was awesome!! Fabulous, I loved my role.. I will learn to play guitar? only for your ff… Post the next part soon!!! Love you?

    1. Meghs

      Angel ur thinking too much dear? its viplav hugged ria his sis? tum niyat nahi badal sakti
      Glad u liked ur role..
      My ff inspired to learn gittar wow?? learn naa

      Love u too?
      Keep reading

  7. Latha

    Wow meghs u brought all our TU family friends to your friendship day party. Amika still trying to unite vidhani. Loved the way u narrated about dress as per every one with sky blue and white. Lovely songs selection. Looking forward to see more scenes with our TU family friends. It was fabulous and loved it very much dear. Keep rocking

    1. Meghs

      Thnks latha.. this time amika will unite vidha for sure. Theme is sky blue so drs all should wear it only? glad u liked it..

      Of course next part u will c more fun of tu family. .

      Keep commenting

  8. Maha_Aijaz

    Hi Megha? sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode but I had read it and it was lovely.. story of amit is revealed finally but he is such a good guy.. poor amit he was scolded by dhani’s mom for no reason and I wonder if dhani doesn’t remember about her elder bro.. Kriti is a very good friend loved her part alot..
    Now coming to this one.. it was amazing such a wonderful treat for friendship’s day.. Kriti kanak and amit are now team up to reunite vidhani.. yaay ?? their plan is superb.. acha one thing, that maha was me naa.. yeah it’s me? so I am so parhako that I didn’t attend the party? and missed the chance to meet viplav?? khair Koi nahe phr kabhi Sahi??.. (joking don’t take it serious) thanks for adding my name re.. the song was amazing and the way they all sung was wonderful riya is there to unite vidhani I guess and she is succeeded.. overall a very very good episode? .. precap is exciting waiting for the next one and yes u deserve lots of comments so all silent readers comment as this box is for sharing opinions?.. keep going?
    Love u?

    1. Meghs

      Its ok maha.. u know ur regular commentor for me so no worries if u not comment one part thanks for being my regular support

      Dhani memory if amit have or not we will see but their age nomuch difference only one month elder amit..

      Ya maha its u.. ur padaku in my ff sorry for not making ur entry in party.

      Maha its ria not niya i changed name as its choose from maria played by our maria..

      Thnks dear for saying i deserve comments i hope silent reader break silence now at least

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Aww !! no need to thanks re.. Ok we will wait for that 🙂
        Sorry q bhae .. I am happy that u remembered me .. Oh sorry typing mistake ria .. yeah hope so 😛

  9. Mariyam123

    Omg meghs di??????????????????????????? U made my day yaar. In the morning I had read it and I was so happy????????

    Really the episode was so good??

    I m not active in commenting in ffs nowadays as I m very lazy to do so? Because of my school I feel very tired to comment also?

    But today u really nailed it?? Loved the episode a lot???

    When all said together that dialogue for me I was like?????????? I was smiling and imagining myself there with all of u???

    Thank u so so so much for including me in this friendship party?? this year I had not celebrated friendship day due to my exams but u made my friendship day very very special??????

    Love u very much????

    Post the next part soon☺

    1. Meghs

      Thanks cutie???

      I glad u finally commented u lazy girl but its ok .. glad u liked it i imagining our tu people entry like this it real wow my dream

      Ya i too imagine well u saying cutely that dialogue…

      This frndship party is nothing if our princess not entered party??

      Love u too cutie
      Keep commenting next post tmrw

  10. Piyali

    diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….did you realize that our ffs are posted together , see dil ki dor just next to this one ,, i was shocked seeing it and coming to the epi……………………………wonderful see , you added all your friends in it….it was soooo good and yaa , what i was saying , you are there as dhani for me………..ok…??? well i could imagine all this , the dresses you described were all beautiful, loved the blue theme……and song again dii, you make me feel short of words by your songs and quotes…sachi janne kyun was perfect for the situation…..a friendship day party……………….aha….my and amit ji’s romance haan………acha i wasn’t blushing , this time i thought to imagine fenil in the role , or else to i would have …………..you yourself know na………i loved viplv’s jiju and your scenes……….big fight but still love there , LOVE HIDDEN SOMEWHERE IN HATRED…i loved it , ria, she seems mystery hann , well my sisters name too is ria and she too is a complete mystery for me…………i am loving akanak’s role , waiting to see , well can amit be thwe one who send ria…????? i think soo, but i’ll wait because you always give shockes to me…………….wait5ing eagerly for the next……………love you….be hhappy………….

    1. Meghs

      Kiddo my dear u know how happy i am and moreover happy to c our ff posted at a time? now sure we have some telepathy..

      Kiddo u know i added only few my frnds as i have so many frnds in tu but can’t use all still i done everyone.. n ur part will be kritika.. but if i be dhani then whom will writer n meghana character played by me naa?

      Its great honour yaar itna respect vi mat de kiddo u buttering naa.. song is from mysng collection listening sng is my hobby ..

      Heh? Amit ji no its topper n kriti(ur) romanace naa.. u imagine only urself to this role as u r perfect as kriti character role??

      If i am dhani i find myself lucky to have viplav.. wow ria is ur sis name again coincidence i choose ria name from maria name as she play that rrole in my ff..

      U maybe crt this time? next post tomorrow

      Love u ?
      Take care

      1. Piyali

        oh , so i feel i am correct , oh i forgot , he is my topper na………our connection is to long one , will last forever i guesss……..i am not buttering you di , i am serious , yours is the only ffs i am currently reading and i feel honoured to read them, sachi -muchi , acha topper ji ki kasam…………..i will imagine myself only from now , promise………maria dii , what a co-incidence , i saw that dii is playing that role , sacho the role of ria is really very mysterious…….but she if she is topper ji’s sister and my dii…………….then………….nahi……….i am topper ji are not brother sister* tongue out* just joking dii…………………acha i don’t know many on this page but was just thinking that if sasur ji can be played by pethu sri dii……..her name just struck my mind so told……………….and yaa you are my writer meghna dii , the ff meghna dii and dhani too ………………love you dii…….b happy………..

      2. Meghs

        Haa ur topper? as connection will forever

        Glad to know reading currently only my ff u know such a honour itis… topper ji ki kasam mat ka ab.. its perfect .. hahaha ?? u thinking too much she just playing role even if he topper sis u topper can’t be sis bro.. i too think sri ok waiting other suggestions too..

        Love u too?

  11. Nice of. Meghan didi – interesting – happy friendship day

    1. Meghs

      Pooja i think its ur first ever comment in my ff..

      Glad u break silence ..
      Happy friendship day to u too

      Keep commenting

  12. Lakshmi

    meghs didi….i must say it was awesome….the party….wah! kya kamaal ka tha..? and the entry of all our friends was also superb… anyways waiting for the next one…
    belated happy friendship day

    1. Meghs

      Thanks lakshmi? glad u loved party.. next part will posted soon as i already submitted

      For me everyday is best as friendship wish u the same

      Keep reading

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