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Hi guys meghs is back.. happy to see all u understanding me.. so here is treat for u all..

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Precap : amit reveal everything to kritika how his plan to unite vidha back fired..

Today epi special is amit revealed kriti he is dhani bro..

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Episode 9

Kritika dumb to hear revelation
She asks but y u planned all this to unite vidha.. and for dhani happiness ..??

” because dhani is my sis… my kiddo.. only he manages to speak…

“What….. sis how can it possible moreover dhani and ur are same age naa how can she be ur sis…!!

Amit explain her “i am son of sunil malhotra, the elder brother of sameer malhotra (dhani papa) 15 year back malhotra mansion was filled with so happiness and all where heared talks of elders its not so silent.. ! One day all changed which destroyed and killed malhotra happiness.. !

Flashback shown before 15 years

A girl of 4 running a boy of same her age running behind her..
Saying “Kiddo stop ….don’t run u will get hurt….
“Aahaaa.. girl shouted as she fall .. she got injury on Chinku bhai ……!!
Boy runs to her “kiddo don’t cry i call chachi…..!!
He calls all and inform this.. everyone run to her.. everyone shocked to see dhani injury(girl is dhani) rithika immediately give first aid to her.. she scold boy for his blunder as it result danger to life of dhani..
“How careless u can be amit(that boy is amit)..! What if something bad happen to dhani… rithika goes on scolding him for mistake he not done.. being kid of 4 year he gets scared to hear her he panic.. “chachi.. i am cholly? i not done anything.. said stammering.
But rithika don’t listen to him.. even boy mind stuck thought he results for dhani this condition.

Amit mother geetanjali could not tolerate rithika scolding her son..
She shout “Enough bhabhi u can’t scold my son like this he is so small.. what is his fault in dhani fall …….”

They goes on blaming eachother kids fault scolding.. one small fight become bigger as a result sunil thinks to leave with family.. this incident impact on small amit he thinks his presence is danger to dhani.. he promises himself he won’t meet dhani hereafter..

Sunil moved to neighbouring state continue his business empire there.. amit during schooling meet viplav and there they become frnds as amit feels viplav is like his bro.. amit viplav r childhood frnds..

Flashback ends~~~

Kritika shocked to hear this..
Kriti : topper its not ur mistake just talk to dhani once i am sure dhani is still remember u..
Amit “i know but for me kiddo safety important u know before month she fallen from stairs its too because of me.. i am not good brother.. i always hurted her.. she is only month younger to me still she call bhai as she says i am her spinderman bhai who save her but her spinderman is himself result hurting her always.. when i come to know payal and dhani same person i feel happy i deliberately made dhani to know his feelings ya i am succeed to she heared us talking but my plan backfire make viplav knowing truth i forgot he hate lies and made stupid plan which endup separating them.. i reason to dhani hurt her sadness noone should have bro like me who destroyed sis life..

He breakdown…. cry hardly sitting in kneels.. kritika keep her hand on his shoulder to calm down him.. Her eyestoo filled after so much revelation. She thinks to change his mood..
She too sits in kneel hold his face .. ” topper i trust u.. u can’t ever do wrong on dhani.. u know ur world’s best bhai ur not bad its situation turned like this.. let have new beginning .. we together try to unite vidha .. amit get little little hope ya it will be new beginning too him too.. kritika herself determine to unite both(dhamit) families…

Amika about to leave from there.. they shocked to see dhani coming towrds them staring angrily..

Dhani “kriti i know u guys need privacy still u can’t forget me yaar.. how much i should wait for u ha..! (She didn’t heared anything)jeeju can u pls give me permission to talk with my bestie. Madam pls can u have sometime to talk with me….!

Kriti (stare angerly) Dhani i kill u .. u dramaqueen…..
Dhani hinds behind amit holds his hand says “jeeju plz save me… amit have flashback of little dhani pleading bhai save me .. !

Dhani started to run Kritika run behind her.. while running dhani leg slips she about to fall on stone.. amit shocked to see this he panics run to save her..

dhani falls a strong arm support her but its not amit its our her viplav..

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

Dhani closed her eyes infear of fall.. she looking cute in fear ? amika look at each other seeing vip saving dhani.. kritika holds amit hand and leaves from there..

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

her hair cover her face viplav touches face and moves her aside ? dhani slowly open her eyes sees viplav.. they share painful eyelock.. dhani look viplav as if she seeing from years..

Tu jo mila toh yun hua
Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa
Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere
Mere jeene ki har wajah

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

Reality stuck viplav he make dhani stand properly and leaves from there.. before leaving he turn look dhani..

Dhani cries silently seeing him ignoring her..

Tumpe miti tumse bani
Tumse hua hai haan khud pe yaqeen
Tu jo nahi to naa sahi
Main hoon yahaan toh tu hai yahin kahin

Viplav drive car reaches some lonely place which like pond.. he always goes there whenever he sad.. remember each moment spend with dhani.. now recent encounter with her.. he in dilemma on his on feelings if he hate her y he saved her from falling?? He thinks

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

“I don’t know whats wrong with me god but howmuch i try i can’t hate dhani nor i can trust dhani again……. !!!

Screen flashes on viplav with confused face..

Precap : ?Friendship day Special?

Stupid twist it is amit part moreover its unnecessary pls bear me.. its only come to my mind.

Guys i update whenever i get time thnks for understanding me..

Today i show viplav less but don’t worry guys.. now more concentrate on vidha.. vidha love story will be start now..

Happy friendship day to all of u..

Thnks for ur support renu di, angel,kiddo,chotti(swe), cutie, maha,shru,sujie,shru,joyee,aish,latha,porkodi,lakshmi (sry of i forgive any commentor)

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  1. Alas… I finishd reding all ur pre epi…

    Belated friendship day to u to…

    Good one… Soo Amit is hr bhaia.. ? wow good suspense…

    I am happy that some whr inside Viplav love Dhaani..?

    1. Meghs

      Finally chotti u finished all epi naa??

      Glad u liked suspence

      Vip always lv dhani?

      Keep reading ?
      Love u?

  2. Sujie

    Okay… amit is Dhaani’s cousin brother….. and Dhaani is his kiddo…. you brought up the story of amit Dhaani so well dear…
    Hope everything gets fine….. and kriti is sooo supportive…good going dear

    1. Meghs

      Thnks sujie glad u liked it?
      Dhani is his kiddo n amit is chiku bhai he?

      Thnks liking kriti role

      Keep reading ☺

      Love u?

  3. Renuverma

    Finally megha sudpense is over n amit is dhanis cousin great.
    Could feel am it’s pain of getting dhani hurt though it wasn’t his fault but he is holding him responsible for her agony. Even he wanted to unite vidha n unknowingly seperated them so he is totally shattered but kritika is there to give him support n assurance of getting things to normal. She is sweet enough to think of uniting dhamit families.
    When dhani hid behind amit n requested to save her amit cud remember his childhood. Great.
    So viplav saved dhani from falling n it shows he still cares for her.
    U give à real musical treat n yr selection of so many situation songs 8s brilliant.

    1. Meghs

      Di suspence is all over?? suspence stock over ..

      U could feel pain of amit though i not clearly explain it thnks di..
      Indeed kriti is sweet

      Vip is little angry he still feel for hr…
      Sng collection is my hobby i listen sng in free hours first part only i confused to use it.. thnks for ur help..
      Keep reading

      Love u di??

  4. Latha

    Oh finally Amit is dhani’s cousin and I think Kirti will be very supportive to unite vidhani. Meghs u brought up Amit and dhani’s childhood superbly. Keep writing

    1. Meghs

      Glad u liked it?
      Of course she will unite vidha with amit..
      Of course i keep writing

      Keep reading

      Love u?

  5. Amit is dhani’s cousin brother ??she has got such a nice brother ☺☺.loved the part when dhani hid behind him n requested him to save her??, i’m soo happy that viplav know also care about her??

    Overall it was a very episode diii precap looks very interesting diii.luv u??

    1. Meghs

      Thanks aish.. i said naa she don’t have sibling she is alone see?
      Glad u liked that part..

      Viplav loves dhani still? so caring
      Frndship spcl hope u like it?

      Keep reading
      Love u ?

  6. Angel20

    Ok so Amit is her cousin as I said?? good one I liked the story very much!! Vidhaa ki jaldi unite karde yaar!! Pls??

    Sorry for the late comment?
    Ab jaldi dusra episode post karna OK?? Love you❤ mazak kar rahi hu??

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha tq angel ur guess always crt?
      Arre wait vidha will unite soon don’t cry

      Next post will be soon!!
      Love u too??

  7. Piyali

    kidddo, dhani is amit’s kiddo…..i loved it dii…………………the cute scenes of childhood were actually very very cute……the revalation was sad and i actually thought that dhani came to know the reality but hush my amit ji is saved for the time………kritika thinking to unite the families , i guess our vidhani and amika will together do it……and dii , 1 compliment , sayara was perfect for the situation , reading all the lines of the song and vidhani’s condition , amazing work dii………………….this it what i call that you enjoy writing and we enjoy reading…….and dii your updates actually show that how much you enjoy writing them and do i need to tell how much i love to read them……..seriously di….this is a wonderful f f on vidhani………..love you…..be happy………

    1. Meghs

      Haa dhani is amit kiddo but ur my kiddo? arrey kiddo chill truth reveal have still time… amit ji nahi tumara topper ? ofcour kriti will do it…

      Wow first time someone undestand this i writing from heart whatever i feel to… i really enjoy writing love u kiddo u understand me well..

      Love u?

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