heart beat., a show changed my life (epi2)


Hi guys meghs is here with new epi of heart beat..

Here is link of previous part
Part 1

Precap : vip walking in corridor in opposite side a girl come running and both fall down…

Girl was on top of viplav arm… her face is covered by hairs..
(Bolna song of kapoor & sons plays)
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja
Mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na(2)
Mm.. Mmm..
Now girl face is clearly seen.. (all of ur guess is crt its none other than dhani)
Viplav shocked to see her and hurriedly get up… Kritika helps dhani to get up… Viplav stares dhani and says “you!!! Everytime u falls on me .. Miss express don’t u think ur taking advantage of this handsome boy.. (when vip say handsome boy dhani starts looking here n there).. try to walk slowly or otherwise i will broke ur leg… viplav notices dhani not listening him … vip shouts dhani r u listening… dhani gets angry and says someone have misunderstanding u n handsome oh please i cant control my lough. .. she said laughingly… viplav stares angrily dhani n says “you….
Both shows their finger to each other and stares angrily now fight gets violent..
Whole college looks at their fighting. ..

Kritika n amit starts getting worry of their fights .. both try hard to stop vidha fights but of no use…
Amit gets angry n says ,”its becs of ur dhani vip fighting plz ask ur frnd to calm down”
Kriti : u mean to say all fight reason is dhani n ur Viplav is sweet and innocent kid seriously … its viplav who unnecessarily started fighting”
Now amika starts fighting… vidhani stops their fight seeing this.. dhani and viplav look at each other.. viplav moves from there…
Dhani shouts stop it. ..why u both r fighting. ..
Kriti : wo me u wo.. (as she has no answer for it)
Dhani holds kriti hand and drags kriti from there… while going kriti look at amit and smiles remembering their fight (flashback of amika fight shown)…
Amit too smiles remembering it..
Bolna humming tune plays…


Vip and dhani both reach front of classroom at a time.. now they strts fighting who will enter the cls first..
Vip : dhani let me go
Dhani : i will go first u wait
Kriti (says herself) : not again
A voice came from back “not u both i will enter class first .. if ur discuss is over u too may come in …
Vidhani together says good afternoon mam and enters class…
After class finished mam announces ‘there gone a be singing competition next week and winning couple is selected for intercollege competition.. if anybody interested plz register soon.. mam leaves..
Actually vidha not heared whole part that couple singing… both thinks in mind it good chance to prove their singing talent and goes to register their names..

**office room**
Vidhani together enters office room and says “i need to register for singing competition ” office staff asks so u both r participating in singing competition.. vidha nodes yes.. after registration both goes from there..
Staff thinks vidha is singing partners registered vidha as couple (while vidha unaware it still it is couple singing competition )

*car parking area*
Dhani and viplav stares each other.. viplav moves towards dhani while amit tried to stop him.. amit keep his hand on head..
Vip : so miss express is going to compete with rockstar Viplav Tripati..

Dhani (with some attitude) : oh pls if u r rockstar then i am not less than u.. i will bet u in competition. . It is challenge from dhani malhotra..

Viplav : so u r challenging viplav tripati. . Ok lets have musical tashan tomorrow and c who wins…

Dhani with attitude agrees…
Amika look at each other in tensed face.. both keep hand their heads..

Kriti : their fight will never ends

Amit : tom & jerry never stop fighting .. now lets c wt happens tomorrow. .
Amit looks on worried. .

Dhani and kriti leaves college in car.. Viplav stares car going and smiles (his killerwala smile)
Screen flashes with Viplav killer wala look..

Precap : 45 year lady is shown.. dhani runs towards her and hugs her saying “mumma..
And also see tashan ye music of vidhani…


Hey guys i am so happy to c ur comments it makes my day… thanks for encouraging me without ur support i am nothing pls keep supporting … ..
Here is a long part for u as bonus…

Pls comment whether it is good or bad..
Criticism too heartly welcome

Guys pls suggest suitable song for musical tashan of vidhani…

Love u… take care..
Keep reading heart beat to increase ur heart beats

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  1. Renuverma

    Wow megha . Again loved the cute fights of vidhàni. Best was when amika also started fighting. Really vidhàni registered together with no idea that its couple competition ????SONGS FOR MUSICAL TASAHAN



    1. Meghs

      Thanks renu di… for liking epi i forgot to mention about epi name today epi name is meet tom & jerry ..
      Arre fight just strted u will get to c more nok jok like this. . N this couple competition will bring vidhani close..

      Di thanks for song selection..
      Its perfect for musical tashan….

  2. Yeppeee my guess is correct….. Loved their tom and jerry fight….. Keep rocking…..??

    1. Meghs

      Ya sri ur guess is crt.. thanks for reading. .. keep reading to see more tashan of vidha?

  3. Sujie

    Meghs….. Keep rocking dear….waiting for the TASHANN wala moment….. ???

    1. Meghs

      Thanks sujie. .. ?? i post nxt asap soon with rocking tashan

  4. Angel20

    I didn’t like this?? in fact I loved it!?? tashan oh wow sounds so interesting??

    1. Meghs

      Angel u scared me saying u don’t like this?? keep reading. .. tashan part update soon

      1. Angel20

        Actually my main motive was to scare you ? as you told criticisms also accepted! I know it was very lame but ??

      2. Meghs

        Hahaha so u strting criticism too good going. .. i heartly welcome criticism too… try it

      3. Angel20

        Haha no yaar I will not criticize you! Because you are my sweet sister, love you??

      4. Meghs

        Arre angel so sweet of u sis…
        love u too???

  5. It was very good??.. I loved their cute nok jhoks.. viplav’s killer attitude and smile??and dhani is also not less always ready to give quick reply?.. awesome episode?.. keep going and post the next one soon?
    And u asked for songs ummm !!
    Here are some, u can add them if u find appropriate?
    – yeh larka hai deewana
    – khambe jesi khari hai
    – aa dekhe zara kis mai kitna hai dum

    1. Meghs

      Wow maha its so sweet of u
      Thanks for liking it.. keep reading to see tashan of vidha…

      Its all r suitable songs now i confused which should choose. …
      Keep reading

  6. Latha

    Hi meghs loved Tom and Jerry fights and cute nok jhoks of vidha. Waiting for tashaan moment and keep rocking..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks latha… keep reading ..
      . I post nxt prt soon!!

  7. Soo my guess was crrct.. ?

    Good one di ?

    1. Meghs

      Thanks chotti??… keep reading ..

  8. Nice epi Meghanashettigar, u can add the following songs like:
    1)Dance pe chance mar le
    2)Adha ishq adha hai adha ho jayega
    3)ladki kyon na jaane kyon ladko si nahin hoti

    1. Meghs

      Thanks sona by the way u can call me meghs or megha whatever u want not my full name its too lengthy. ..
      I like ur suggestions. .. i use it if not on tashan for proper situation …
      Keep reading

  9. Shruthy

    Wow that was a nice episode Megha! <3 Those ViDha's arguments are so cute. Cant wait to read the next part. Sp excited to know thei rreaction when they will know they are participating together. And especially, when viplav will know Dhaani is RJ Payal

    1. Meghs

      Thanks shru… but u have to wait yaar. Fir their reaction on know they participating together… n u have to wait more to c vip reaction on knowing dhani is payal ..
      Till then let me bring vidha close not using payal identity. ..
      Nxt update so sry dear u have to wait…
      Keep reading

      1. Shruthy

        I guess it will indeed take time :/ wooow and I guess it will bring misunderstandings knowing Dhaani didnt reveal she is Payal…
        Oh well take your time. <3

    2. Meghs

      I just hope when truth comesout i met all of ur expectations well it need more too go .. it indeed take time to reveal truth … well the one who hate lie knoing its dhani payal r same will reaction u can assume …. but let it be suspense… enjoy their tashan now

      1. Shruthy

        Oh don’t worry I am sure you will 🙂
        I can understand, that’s the basic story right, the mystery of it. So it will certainly takes time to come 🙂
        haha I do enjoy 😉

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow meghs nice will wait for the next epi

    1. Meghs

      Thanks joyee ? keep reading

  11. Piyali

    wow……dii such a beautiful episode…….vidhani tashan is just superb……..and amika too fighting because of them was sooooooooooooooooo cute………….aww…..vidhani misguided but i am happy…………………………..waiting to read the tashan wala episode…………..read the intro of your swasan ff,………..di its beautiful……..loved swara’s character that you shaped…….though i am not at all a fan manan yet will read it because i know its gonna be really interesting…….waiting for its first episode……….love you a lot dii……….be happy……….

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot kiddo.. ur comment made me smile? wow such a big comment… thanks yaar …. u liked sr ff intro too i am glad.. its first epi is stil under thinking…
      U should have commented on today part but u comment on this one too i am so happy?
      Love u too yaar .. tc

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