heart beat., a show change my life (epi1)


hi meghs here with first epi of ♡heart beat ♡here ugo

A girl is shown running .. she is hurrying seeing time on watch running as fast she can.. she is none other than dhani she is rushing to fm station. …

(Fm station)~~~

Time 11:59

1,2,3 lets go

Helo.. good afternoon i am rj payal.. from ur fav show heart beat..welcome to heart beat..
Lets start show with song..

She plays a song bolna..mahi bolna (from kapoor and sons)..

Wow its a wonderful song by trio Tanishk Bagachi, Arjit Singh ,& Arees Kaur..
Now time for today gossip ..

Today is going to be more interesting … There is rumour going around that Mishal reheja lead pair of ikrs is quitting…. colors famous show Ishq ka rang safed which started with widow concept with Eisha Singh & Mishal Reheja as lead. . show was quit famous for chemistry of misha.. Now recently it taken leap where Eisha Singh quitted ikrs.. After Eisha Sajeeda worked hard to people accept her.. now there is news that Mishal to quitting show.. well we don’t know if it is true or not.. hope mishal stays on show otherwise its huge loss to ikrs show …

enough of gossips lets here a beautiful heart touching song…
tere liye song plays (from veer zara)
~~ ~~

screen shift to upmc college…
where a boy having earphone hearing fm… (he is none other than Viplav)he shown talking himself oh so mishal quitting show.. its good mishal taken good decision. . misha rocks ..(sry if i hurt anyone)

in fm song tere liye playing
Viplav too strts dancing he dream to dance with a masked girl.. but its college campus wrong place.. students laugh seeing him dancing in middle of cateen … Amit his frnd try to make vip move from there… but vip lost in song…

~~ ~~
fm station:

todays heart beat tips… love is eternal. . we should love selflessly not accept anything in return becs love is selfless..

Its time to leave … ok guys bye.. meet u tmrw same time at 12 in ur fav show ♡heart beat♡

~~ ~~

upmc college :

amit calling viplav but vip is not in this world he completely lost in thoughts of rj payal then how can he hear.. Amit shouts ‘viplav bro where r u lost wts wrong with u hw can u dance in middle of cateen’

vip : what r u saying amit dance n me that too middle of cateen r u mad.. ok live it Amit when did u come…

amit : seems like someone is in dream world. . i am shouting ur name since half an hour but vip bro its time for cls so pls stop thinking about bhabhi now

vip : bhabhi who

amit : whoelse than payal bhabhi who steel ur heart in her talks.. made ur heart beat for her.. heart beat is a show which changed u bro.. but bro how can u love a girl who u never saw… without seeing hw can u fall in love

vip : its love which happens anytime anywhere. .. It is not by seeing face .. for love beautiful face not needed beautiful heart and trust needed. .

amit : ok bro (holding both his hands like pranam ) now finish all this come lets go to cls..

vip : ok come
both leaving to cls…
~~ ~~
fm station
dhani gets call from kritika who asks to come fast to cls…

~~ ~~
upmc college

vip and amit talking n coming towards cls. … on opposite side a girl rushing to same cls …

both hits each other..
vip n girl falls down… girl is on top of vip arm… her hairs covered face … viplav moves her hair n shocked to see a girl…
screen flash on vip shocking face

☆☆ ☆☆
precap :
vip saying a girl (whose face not shown)oh miss express everytime u falls on me …. don’t u think u taking advantage of this handsome boy.. learn to walk slowly or otherwise i broke ur leg…

girl stars him angrily. ..

~~~ ~~~

to know who is that girl keep reading heart beat…

sry guys if i hurt u anywhere in fm part..
pls say whether good or bad…
criticism r warmly welcome. ..

thanks jo. renu di . latha. maria for ur support …

n big thanks to kiddo ( piyali) encouraging me to write ff….

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow diff hahaha dhaani saying mishal is gonna quit some rumours going on lol that was very funny 😛 and payal bhabi lol

    1. Meghs

      Arre jo u know what i was thinking what to give gossip to fm first thing come to mind mishal quitting … n i thought all will angry to c it atleast u liked thank god…
      Payal to bhabhi h amit ki he na

      Thanks for reading. .. keep reading tmrw is dhamaka prt

    2. Meghs

      Jo correction its na payal not dhani who said rumour about mishal .hahahah ??? waise both r same no problem ..

  2. Meghs its really increase our heat beats…. I know the one who hits viplav was his payal aka dhaani….. Its quite interesting…. I love it….??

    1. Meghs

      Thanks sri… glad to c so sweet comment it made my day…
      Lets c if ur guess is crt ..

      Keep reading heart beat to increase ur heart beats

  3. Latha

    It’s funny to see first gossip itself about our Mishal and very interesting. I think that diskhum girl was his payal and loved it very much.

    1. Meghs

      Thank u latha for liking it☺☺
      Dishkum girl is his payal or anyone else lets c…
      Keep reading heart beat …

  4. Sujie

    Meghs…..sorry for not commenting in your intro…… Welcome to the world of fan fictions…. Go on dear….. Lovely story??

    1. Meghs

      Sujie ur asking sry but i have to ask sry as i never commented on ur ff … urs was awesome but never got time to comment. ..
      N thanks to welcoming ff world…

      Keep reading heart beat

      1. Sujie

        No no…. ??

      2. Sujie

        And I will surely follow it ?

  5. Sujie

    Story is gonna rock Meghs…… Viplav loves his RJ Payal…… Dhaani ??

    1. Meghs

      Vip loves rj payal but what happens if he got to know its dhani u may hate vip so be prepared for some twist??

  6. Wow super episode .loved it soo much ??

    1. Meghs

      Thanks aish??

  7. Angel20

    Wow!! Nice episode! But I already knew this story! 😉 Precap?

    1. Meghs

      Angel basmash…. don’t let my suspense out ok… lets c if nxt epi is wt u expect or not

      1. Angel20

        Yes of course I will not spill the beans??

    2. Meghs

      Yayaya so innocent bacha naa….

      1. Angel20

        Hahahaha I am very innocent!!☺☺

  8. Shruthy

    WOW! <3 A wonderful start of the story. I am loving it. *__*
    I have a small guess that the girl must be Dhaani because you said he doesnt like her really and that they often get into fighting. xD But anyways…

    1. Meghs

      Arre shruthy nice guess… lets c if its true or not…

      Thanks for liking stry i first confused about strt but thanks for all of ur support made this possible…

      Keep reading heart beat☺☺

      1. Shruthy

        Hmm so post it fast to know if I am right or wrong :p
        Just keep writing, we will kep reading. <3
        Btw may I ask you something? Does UPMC exist in India?

      2. Meghs

        Yup upmc is clg in india… its in karnataka in real but in story it is in mumbai forgot to mention it…

  9. Amazing?viplav talking about mishal? unique idea.. I loved it?.. beautiful start and I guess that girl is dhani instead of payal.. but I have a question dhani and payal are same naa ..
    Waiting for the upcoming beautiful episodes?

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha maha good question lets c who the grl is… dhani r payal r same person but vip not know naa dhani is payal .. and dhani not know vip love payal??
      Anyways thanks for reading. . Keep reading

      1. Yeah always because it will be fun to read this love story?

  10. Renuverma

    Megha darling its awesome. Loved yr narration. Best was gossip which is reality. As u said in intro vip n payal are like tom n jerry so it wud be interesting to read when viplav knows that his HEARTBEAT PAYAL N HEADACHE DHANI R THE SANE?????

    1. Meghs

      Thanks di for liking my narration n fm part☺ i ws scared how will u all react it but u all liked it so happy??
      Renu di when vip came to know dhani n payal same person na it gone a be blast

      Keep reading heart beat??

  11. Meghs

    Sry guys tu not taking new articles so u have to wait for nxt epi…

  12. Renuverma

    Oh dear excited for next.

    1. Meghs

      Renu di plz wait i post it soon

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  14. Good one meghs di ?

    Soo the 1st nws is of mishal.. ?

    All the BST..

    Unique ? stry plot

    1. Meghs

      Thanks swe… read nxt prt too which posted??

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