Heart Beat (Prologue) by Anisha



Sanskar’s pov

This is my story, I never wanted to get distracted, never did I want any obstacle in my full proof planned life!!.. But it happened, she entered my life. I can’t deny the fact that I love her. I have been with girls since my school, flirting, clubbing and gossiping with them but for the very first time I have fallen for a girl so madly and deeply!!.. I know she can’t love me but I can’t stop loving her. I love her and only her!!.. Her smile, her over possessive looks, her anger when I do something stupid, her collaboration with me to make me study, I can never forget!!.. I can’t believe, I have been crying since past two hours like a teenage girl just because she rejected me. I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen. Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return, is like trying to fly with a broken wing.

“I was happy, because you existed in my world. But I was sad too, cause I never existed in yours”

Swara’s pov

I don’t know why but I can’t move on. Bhai says I should forget my past but what about this heart, that doesn’t want to accept anyone? It still wants his memories to stay afresh, just as it was before Sanskar entered my life. Causing me to forget him and I can’t do this!!.. How stupid I have been wandering about with him like a teenager, knowing the fact I’m elder to him and should be in my limits. I was shocked the way he proposed me today. I don’t know what is there that’s attracting me so much towards him and the only possible way is to avoid and ignore him.

“I’m not sure what scares me more, that you will never start loving me, or that I’ll never stop loving you”


So done with the prologue too!!.. Do tell how’s it. I know it’s difficult to imagine Swara elder but couldn’t help. Even I’m facing the same problem. ? The prologue is just an extract from the chapter, don’t get confused. What is your opinion about the story? Shall I continue? And if it’s boring then I’m so sorry!!..

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  1. No…It’s damn interesting…!! iT’S REALLY A DIFFERENT AND AMAZING CONCEPT…!!Please post soon…!! i AM WAITING…!! 😀

    1. Anisha

      Thank you! Chandu I’ll post asap??

  2. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon…..

  3. Awesome☺

  4. Wonderful ! Post soon

    1. Anisha

      Thanks! Yup will post asap! ?

  5. Waiting! Wonderfully written. Just loved it. How do you manage to write awesome stories Anz??

    1. Anisha

      Thank you Isha.. It’s you guys that keep encouraging & help me write more??

  6. Waiting for the wonderful story.. 😉 :*

  7. Waiting! Post soon… Another shocking story with a different concept.. ?
    Love it..

    1. Anisha

      Thank you ????

  8. It’s interesting dear… Plz continue… N Ha it’s difficult to imagine swara elder… ???

  9. Wonderful

  10. awesome..tc..

  11. Really diff n interesting concept ❤️?

    1. Anisha

      Thank you.. ???

  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Swara, my doll is elder, noo, imagine karne mein bhi kitna odd lagti hein??..BTW, prologue is awesome…It’s not boring??…So,plz continue.. Waiting for the part…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Anisha

      Thanks! Will continue…

  13. nice continue

  14. Vyshu10


  15. Nice..continue soon.

  16. Arshaanya

    Its intrstng n something different…
    Liked it

  17. Superb nice continue

    1. Anisha

      Thanks! ?

  18. Damn exciting

    1. Anisha


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