Os from current track.

Pragya,dadi pls give me a one chance.i will bring him back..

Pragya ran out to bring him back..
Badly raining.so pragya looked at her phone and tried lot to protect it from rain

Tring… tring…(phone is ringing)

Unknown,hello is this fuggi?
(Pragya stoped there itself becoz she had no any idea about the caller)
P,i am pragya.who are u?
Unknown,oh sorry!in our rockstars phone ur number was saved as MY FUGGY.any way i called u to inform about his acciddent.

In previous second pragya felt that she is on cloud nine after knowing that abhi accepted her as his fuggy.but in this second she was fully shattered.

P,accident. But how.where he is now
Pls tell me hurry up.

Unknwn,i admidedp him to the city hospital and pls take his belonging from hosoital’s reception.and pls mam dont froget to tell him when he recovered,that i saved him.he is my fav. Rock star.

P,thanx lot..ill talk to u later(crying)

Pragya was criyng badly but no one in the road didnt noticed it becoz of the heavy rain
She stoped a taxi and asked driver to reach hospital as soon as possible.

In the taxi..pragya is praying to god to save abhi.and she reminds sweet memmories of them.she cursed herself for leaving abhi.

At the hospital.

Pragya rushed in to it and dr sheela ran to her.
P,how is her.pls tell me(while shaking sheela from sholders)
S,control ur self pragya.i can understand u.we tried our best. But…..

P,but what.tell me pls.he is fine right.(screaming like gone mad) abhi where Are u.look ur fuggy came na(while looking at to every patient’s rooms
Dr.sheel holds her tighty and pragya sat on the floor there it self

S,listen frist.we tried our best & still our docters are trying.but his heart was damaged lot.cant predict about him.even no chance for miracal.

P,no… (screams)

After two weeks..
Abhi opened his eyes lil by little.dadi was near him holding his hand.tanu,nikhil,aliya were there.

Dadi,thanx god.u came back(hugging abhi)
A,auch…still paining dadi(while touching his hand)
D,itz been two weeks now.lets go home today it self.we’ll take a docter & a nurse with u
T,no need of a nurse.i m his going to be wife na.i can look after him.i am not like that chashmish.
Dadi didnt told anything.
A,where’s that lady mogambo.
D,she didnt came since u faced this accident.dont know where she is.
N,may be she is celebrating abhi’s accident and death of our baby
(Aliya stamped on nikhil)
N,i mean abhi’s baby(tensed voice)

T,froget her now.i m here na.i ll take care about u.
(Dadi’s helpless face shown)

Dr.sheela came to room & tanu looks at her with a wide smile .
S,abhi i need to talk u alone.
T,why.i am his goimg to be wife.i have rights to be here.what u have to talk with him.
Dadi is about to go.but abhi ask her to be with him
S,abhishek this is ur wife’s phone
Tanu checked her pockets & looked @ sheela.
S,i mean pragya..i only know her as ur wife
Tanu then realized whats going to happen.she tried to snatch it from dr sheela.
(Unexpectadly dadi Slapped tanu)

Dr,sheela. Good job dadi.abhi have this.there r two voice mgs for u.listen them once if u loved her even for a minute

Abhi switched on the phone and turn on the recod.

P,abhi frist thanx for listing this. This the frist recod.this will end now. But before listn the second on pls look at the saved vedio.

Tanu again tried to take the phone while saying itz not good to use electronics with the machines fixed to body(abhi’s)
But abhi drags it & turned on the vedio.

(As u know itz the vedio clip with tanliyakhil’s party)

Abhi was shatteref in to thousands in his inner sole and he looked at dadi with wet eyes.

A,did u also knew this.why didnt u told me before.i hurt lot to here.where is her now.
Purab,abhi pls be call.still i am searching for her.she was broken na.she ‘ll comd back.trust me.
A,purab i wont be able to control my self if these there are here more
Call the police(now)
Nikhil was about to run.but at the door step policeman catch him and slapped him hardly which make tanliya super shocked.
Dr sheela,before i came here i informed the police too.. abhi listen that second vedio too. I m leaving.dadi take care of them.
D,them mean?
Dr,u will know.

Recod 2.

Finally truth came out na.so abhi my misson is over now.i asked sheela to give my phone to u after u recovered.i tried lot to prove that this child is not yours.just froget them now.i know now u r suffering lot becoz u hert me.. but pls.. dont stay sad..it will hert me lot.u will ask how.. wait
I ll tell.. keep ur hand in ur heart.feeling the beat na..itz increased na.it hurts lot abhi.pls dont cry..(abhi is crying badly)u r a great rockstar na.so be strong yaar..you knoe what today i am very happy becoze i got to know still u think as i am ur fuggy.the one who admited is only told me that.u saved my number as MY FUGGI na? Thanx abhi.i am really happy foe that.dont froget to thank that person who saved u.ooops now i have to go.operation is going to start both urs and mind.now no one cant snatch my place from ur life.THE THING THAT I ONLY WANTED WAS TO BE A PART OF UR HEART.but thank to god I AM GOING TO BE UR HEART.now tanu cant separate me from u.even god also cant.i have to go now.. no no i have to come to u now. To your life.to ur body. Them i can be with u untill last breath as i promised on our marrege.dont blme the docters.i only chose this to save u.. when u feel sadness happiness what ever talk to me.. ur fuggy is in yourself.as from the beging my heart will only beats for u… i like to gift u my heart to u with lots of love.. i love u abhi.. feel my love by keeping hand on ur sorry our heart…. it will beats forever with our love..

Bye.. for few hours.when oparation get finished i am with u..
I am ur fuggy.. ♥♥♥

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  1. its really heart touched….so emotional..no words to xpress…and lovely ….

  2. Sabeenia

    Hi sweetheart……..how are u…..so touching episode……


  3. Very emotional

  4. Maahi

    dizzzz is smthng really divine yaar loved it a lotttt pure love keep rocking darlu awesome u nailed it

  5. Asmithaa

    Very emotional…

  6. Toooo emotional yaar
    ……..????feeling happy to love this pair…..but in real they r doing took much of irritating………wht5to do me abhis memory going to loss…..anyway ffs r going to hit….?????

  7. differnent perspective… nice one.. true love ll always hav their own path to their goal.. loved ur OS suha… and ur ff too…

  8. Wow….its really really…..superb..I loved to the core….really iam irritated with kkb real….this is awesome..this has to happen with abhi…then only he will realize , how much his fuggy loves him…but I want to see abhis reaction after knowing this…why u have not written…it will be good if u write…this is called real love…hatsoff…

  9. Dii u made me cry i want takhil to be exposed like tis but not tis twist in real kkb coz i cant bear fr tis itself iam crying but superb dii love u loads????

  10. Nic story…..superb but i can’t understand that has pragya given her heart to abhi……..

  11. just u made cry…………..

  12. Yr….!! very very very painful ending of kkb .I must appreciate ur imagination but I just dont want this to happen in pragya’s life.yr till now what wrong did she do ?? She only wanted to live happily with her love but…..!!what she got….! only death!! May be she can be happy for sacrificing her life for her love but what abt her family?? Already they lost one of her daughter bulbul to this so called family which is always sooooo dump n selfish n now their another daughter pragya also??.And what this Mehra family give to that family in return??? pain pain pain n only pain!! OMG so sad yr.I just pray that this situation must not come in any of women’s life seriously .sry yr I just gave out all my frustrations towards this so called family drama kkb.very sry.I loved ur os dr.but I think Abhi does not deserve this sacrifice of pragya??.Anyways keep writing n smiling always!!!!

  13. superb!!!!!!!!!!!! just nailed it

  14. Adhya

    Hi, suha…It’s so emotional.& Lovely yaar..But i must appreciate ur imagination dear… Thank u for showing Different path of Love…u just Rock it..dear

  15. Reshma Pradeep


  16. Please don’t do like this..make pragya alive pls..it’s very painful..make happy..

  17. Tooo emotional… Nice awesome grt hrt touching these things r not enough to describe today’s is yaar really out of the world I loved to the core…

  18. Hear touching yaar

  19. So emotional!

  20. Wow wow wow wow wow wow… you just rocked di. Amazing os. What a story I enjoyed so much. Heart touching. I felt happy when abhi cried how much time he made Pragya to cry ha..ha..ha. what a creative mind. In krish movie alien make hero to get brain. But you got brain from god, alien and all over universe. Omg what a creative. If scientists come to know about your brain then they will start to toucher you. I am choti of great writer and universe intelligent. Proud to say i am your choti. Really I was amazed. You know di I am very angry on abhi. I want Abhi should cry or want to request Pragya. I saw this in your os. Really now I am on cloud nine bcoz Abhi cried na. You can think di in real kkb also he is crying but in that he don’t know his mistake. I want Pragya to move away from Abhi life, he should follow her and ask apologize to Pragya. How crazy i am right ha..ha.. actually di I have to say sorry for my late comment and didn’t reply for ur comment. Today 6.00 to 8.00 tuition i upload my ff at 8.00 and i went to again tuition then for kabali then again NEET class 2.00 to 4.00 then I came here at 4.30 then i ate. I saw this os immediately i came here. I loved the story then i came to know that it was wrote by you then I make my mom to read this and now I am giving you a comment no….no… i am giving my feelings. Really di you rocked it. Now coming to my pyaari pyaari pyaari di imagine that i am pulling your cheek. You know di we are join family they didn’t allow me to keep pet animal. But I like pet animal very much. Now I am giving food to road dogs. I am playing with road dogs. And di before sleep i will imagine you as i am giving kisses to u really di don’t take it i am saying lies. Promise di I will imagine like that. That much you are pulling me towards you. Thank you di for giving three promise. See i am again started my bak bak. Now I am ending my endless talking with my huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ imagine that I am hugging you and kissing you. Ummmmmmaaaaa. Love you di. Love you a lotttttt my pyaari princess di.

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    It might feel like sudden thumps, flutters or a change in speed — but what’s really happening when your heart feels like it skips a beat? And is it dangerous to your health?

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