You Are My Heart Beat-Manan FF Episode 2


Manik goes out of house.
It’s night and Nandini is waiting for Manik but he still din’t came.She calls him but it tells it is busy.Then a message comes on her phone.It’s of Manik.It says

Manik:Come in hotel Taj.

Nandini smiles and leaves for hotel.She reaches and asks the person for Manik and he says it’s room no.204.She goes and knocks on door.The door opens but she can’t see who it is and it’s dark.She is taking her phone when she realises she forgot her phone at home.Suddenly someone hugs her from back and it’s none other then Manik.



He lights up many candles and says

Manik:Today’s night my and yours and today we will become one.

Manik comes near her and kisses her lips,neck and cheeks.Then slowly he hugs her and opens the knot of the blouse of saree.He slowly turns her and kisses her back passionately.He takes her in his arms and lays her on bed.Nandini kisses him.He then removes her pallu and she removes his shirt and he kisses her neck very passionately.Both consummate their marriage.At morning Manik wakes up and sees her sleeping and thinks

Manik:How much she loves me.

And to wake her up he kisses her on neck and Nandini wakes up and smiles and says

Nandini:I love you Manik.

Manik:I love you too.

He kisses her lips.

Manik:Now wake up and let’s go to home or I will get late at office.

Nandini:Today also.

Manik:Yeah babe.But I will try to reach early so don’t be sad.

He kisses her neck and lays her and kisses her neck and whole face.

Nandini:Nown you are not getting late.

Manik:Yeah but I promise that I will come early.

Nandini:I believe you Manik.

He gets up from bed and goes inside washroom.After sometimes he comes out wearing formal dress.Nandini comes near him and hugs him tightly and says

Nandini:See i got ready.How I am looking?

Manik:You are looking hot.

Nandini blushes

Manik:Now let’s go.

Both go out of hotel and Manik drops Nandini to home and leavesays for office.Nandini comes inside and reminces what happened yesterday.She smiles and goes from there.

Credit to: Siddhi

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