You Are My Heart Beat-Manan FF Episode 1


Hi guys this is my 8th ff hope you will like it.

Manik:Nandini where are you?

Nandini:Here I am.I missed you very much.

Manik:Me too.

Manik pushes her her towards him and kisses her cheek.

Nandini:Next time wherever you will go you will take me everywhere.Promise.


Nandini:Are you hungry?

Manik:Yes i am hungry and I din’t eat on airport also just to eat food made by you.

Nandini:I was knowing you will not eat anything that’s why I have made your favourite food.

Manik:Really then let’s go I am hungry.

Both go to dining table.After dinner both get fresh.

Manik catches Nandini’s hand and says

Manik:From 1 week I have stayed away from you now I will not leave you.

Nandini:Me too.

Nandini comes near him and kisses his lips.Manik kisses back.They break the kiss and Manik takes Nandini in his arms and lays her on bed.Manik kisses her neck and lips and says

Manik:Good night babe.

Nandini:Good night.

Then both sleep in eachothers arms.At morning Manik wakes up and sees Nandini sleeping peacefully.Manik thinks

Manik:How much cute she is. (Smiles)

He kisses her forehead and goes to fresh up.After he gets fresh up he sees Nandini is still sleeping so decides to wake her up.

Manik:Nandini get babe it’s morning.

Nandini wakes up but is still sleepy.

Nandini:Please let me sleep.You also sleep with me.

Manik:Nandini you forgot I have to go to office.

Nandini:Please don’t go to office I want to stay with you only.

Manik:Let me go and when I will come,I will give you a romantic surprise.

Nandini:Really (hugs him)

Manik:So I will gonly now and come with an romantic surprise. (Kisses her neck)

Nandini:Then bye


He goes out from house.

Precap:A romantic surprise of Manik for Nandini.

Credit to: Siddhi

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