Heart Beat (Episode 4) : By Anisha


Sanskar’s pov.

I woke up with much difficulty at 8 AM after dad had consistently barked to get up and go to college. Reluctantly, moving out of the bed, I took a shower and got ready. The sound of horn made me alert that Ki reached home. I am sure dad’s not going to leave me today. While I stepped down from the stairs, dad glared me. Mom and dad along with Ki were already seated for breakfast. Why does she always have to come have breakfast here? Free feeding!!..

“Kaira, ask someone will he ever care about time?” dad indirectly pointed onto me. His starting lines always began like that and at the end he’ll again involve me in his business. Blah…blah…blah… I ignored him and made my way towards the door. I could hear Ki yelling at me to wait and accompany her but I am least interested. May be I’ll just bunk college today. It’s been weeks I bunked college!!..

“Sanskar have something!” mom almost ran behind me. I swear I am hungry but not in the mood to listen his taunts.

“No mom. I will have something in cateen” I said refusing her and making my way out. I heard some murmering sounds may be again he is jeering about me.

I took my bike and left to roam around. First of all I am hungry, I thought to go to a cafe. I made my way towards it but changed the way in middle when I saw a black coloured Mercedes-Benz that looked so awesome!!..

I don’t know but I followed it. It stopped outside a big building but I cared least to think of it and kept on staring the car. I was still staring when the car door opened and I saw a lady coming out.

“After a week!!” I smiled at myself. I so wanted to meet her and finally, I found her!!.. It’s nearly been a week to that ceremony and we never met after that. Shifting my gaze between the car and her, I approached her.

“Hey!” I stood just behind her.

She stopped and turned around. No doubt she was amazed finding me here!!..

“Stalker!!” she said and started moving again.

“Hey! I am not stalker. I am aficionado” he remarked.

“Stop it! Not now” she said uninterstedly.

“Why?” she glared “Okay.. Then when?” I spoke with a wink and in return I got nothing but a cold look. I think, I should better keep mum and keep going.

“Any problem?” I asked.

“Sanskar, this is my office” she said

“Sanky for you mam” she rolled her eyes “Hmm… Ok show me your office” I said. She stomped her foot and went inside. Why is she so rude today? I guess she has insomnia or she is insane. I accompanied her into the office right behind her. Everyone stood up and wished her morning as soon as she entered and I kept following her.

Sanky.. What is happening to you? Why are you following her? May be because she is hot and irresistable. She turned back and gave me ‘What the hell’ look as if she knows what I’m thinking about!!.. I just smiled sheepisly rubbing the back of my head.

She entered one of the chambers inside the office. I wanted to go back of her but someone stopped me and asked me to wait for my turn. Wait! What my turn?

“Swara…” I called her and she ignored as if I was no one.

“She won’t meet anyone in her office hours. If you wanna talk to her then give the interview that’s going on” said the receptionist near the counter.

“Which interview?” I asked her.

“Get inside you will get to know then” she spoke almost scaring me.

“By the way, I have never seen such a hot one like you babe!” I closed the top buttons of my shirt and winked at her. Of course she was hot but not compared to Swara.

She blushed at my wordings and I smirked at her.

“You look smoky hot!!” she twirled her hairs at the bottom and blushed again.

“You have no idea what you can do to a man!” I pulled her by her arms and she hit my chest “Can I know you’re name beautiful?” I caught her waist.

“Shanaya” she whispered close to my ear.

“Such a s*xy one” I winked at her.

Suddenly another employee cleared his throat we came out of our world.

“Oh… We were just…” Shanaya caught out an excuse but before that the employee disappeared. She looked back at me shyly and wrote something on a piece of paper. Coming closer, she placed the chit into my shirt pocket.

“My number!” she bit her lip and winked at me. I winked back and sat down with the other people coming for the interview. After two persons I entered the office and looked around.

A perfect magnificiant office room, more like a interrogation room. I laughed a bit at my own thought.

“Mr. Sanskar. I guess you are not here for laughing. So lets start the interview” she said.

She is completely changed now. No doubts why she is so successful at this age. A complete business women, a professional!!..

I sat down across her and started with the interview. Luckily she didnt asked me about my qualifications as dad already told about them to her. My Dad!! Why he wants me to work? I am still young yaar.

She asked me various questions but lucikly I knew many of them. May be because I cared to listen in Ms. Shukla’s class. She was nice, I liked her and loved her voice. I again smiled at my own thoughts and she made a sound bringing me back to the world.

I know I am not that good. I won’t be selected but I am happy I am sitting right in front of her.

After few minutes, she asked me to go out and wait for the results.

“Will you like to go out with me, tonight?” I asked her as I stood up to move out. Please a ‘yes’, please!

“Only if you get selected” she said with a wink and my jaw dropped listening her reply. Now say bye to her Sanky, forever!!..

I moved outside the office and waited for the answer. I was so clear that I don’t want this job but now I am confused. I dont want to work but I wanted to go with her. Arghhhh!!.. Stupid situation…Rude person!!..

I waited sometime outside the office while I saw many people preparing for it as they were marching on a war. I sat down relaxed, playing candy crush on my mobile when I heard the Shanaya calling out my name.

“Sanskar” she called me. I looked upwards and she smiled looking at me, biting those lips again. I guess it is a dangerous one. I kept my mobile inside the pocket and stood up and moved back inside the office room.

Swara was sitting there checking some of the files when I cleared my throat she looked up at me.

“Congrats Mr. Sanskar. Opps! Sorry Sanky! You are being selected as my Personal Assistant” she said with a small smile. Finally dad’s wish came true!!..

I was shocked and also confused. Some part of me was happy while the other said I am strangling myself with my own hands.

“So a date tonight?” I asked her with a smirk on my face, ignoring that I got a job.

“Look much eager, is it?” she shifted her head side ways.

“So much!!” I dramatized.

“Sharp at seven!” a small smile playing on her lips, I left the cabin. Damn I’m so much excited!!..


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