My hear is with you ragini (ragsan) by sindhura episode 36

Sakshi is arranging breakfast and pragati was helping her..
Sameer brings san lak and swa down to dinning table..
Where already ram is sitting holding head and watching ashok and ragini who were fighting like tom and jerry.
Sakshi makes them sit .
Ram:- will you both stop fighting my head is paining yar.
Ragini:- ask your son in law to take his words back.
Ashok:- i said correct what wrong in that.
Pragati:- what you said to her.
Ashok:- arey i said if you eat aloo paratha daily then you will become aloo thats it.
Ragini:- see.
Sakshi:- whats wrong in it see your mama he already converted into aloo.
All laughs..

Ragini:- my mana is like teddy bear dont say aloo mami..
Ram:- teddy bear is better than aloo.
Sakshi serves to swa lak and san.
Sanskar:- arey enough aunty i cant eat this many.
Sakshi:- arey eat na how lean you are. I will make you gain weight by you people reach mumbai see.
All laughs..
Sameer:- mami food touture changed from ragini to sanskar.
Ragini:- haa thank god no no thank sanskar..
Sanskar smiles and sees his plate full of parathas and looks at swa and lak who were controlling their laugh by seeing him.
Sameer :-come on guys lets goo..
Sanskar:- where we are going.
Ragini:- a small trip of delhi and visit of our office.
All gets in car..
Roams whole delhi…..
They entres to their office ragini walks back with swara while sameer showing whole office .
They starts from their and goes to have dinner..

A girl comes and hugs sameer from back while ragini just looks at her angrily.
Sameer jerks and says hi tanu by breaking hug nervously.
Tanu:- ohh how much will you shy my cuty pie…
Ragini in mock way:- you wont have shy factor so atleast someone should shy naa thats why and may be you were thinking he is getting shy but may be it something else..
All could sense her anger towards her and possessiveness towards sameer.
Tanu mockingly:- oh how are you ragu baby.
Ragini:- i am fit and fine that now right now i can break anyone bones here . Do you want to see..
I am ready to break.
Tanu:- relax baby i am not interested..

ragini:- me to not intetested in u i mean i showing u that i can break bones.
Sameer was enjoying..
While all tries to hold their laughs..
Tanu sees towards sanskar and laksh.ragini and sameer swara both sees her and gets angry while they both gets horriefied..
Before tanu could speak..
Ragini:- by the way tanu meet your new two brothers..Sanskar maheswari and laksh maheswari and she is swara laksh maheswari your babhi little short tempered..
Tanu:- hi all and that means you were not married sanskar and tries to go to him.
Sameer:- dont worry tanu you are his sister right and being a sister you can find a babhi or we will find someone so cute and daring that you can call her babhi ok.
Tanu smiles irritatingly and says ok.
Ragini sees few boys seeing tanu So says..
Ragini:- tanu it seems your frds are waiting for you.if u became late they will find any other girls as if they are many cute girls here..
Tanu :- yaa yaa i am going..
She about to keep hands on sameer shoulder but ragini takes her hand abd shakes it by saying nice meeting you sister..
Tanu:- yaa bye..
She goes from their..
Immediatedly ragini takes a tissue and starts cleaning his shoulder where she kept her hands..
All looks on her by seeing this side of ragini.
Ragini mumurs …

How dare she to touch you stupid fellow and cant you move away from her or you too enjoying her touch.
Sameer:- are u mad you think i gone nuts to enjoy her touch . Chi tu…yakk you clean more..
They both sits properly after cleaning and sees towards sanskar swa and lak..
Laksh:- i though only he is possessive about you but you broke his record.
Ragini:- its not like that laksh .if its another girl its different but she tanushree pandai a blo*dy menholic and only interested in money and boys who have money .i hate her the way she looks at boys and her trying to get close to bhai. You see she is testing my patiences one day i will broke her teeth and i will laugh on her artifical teeth too when she gets that.
Ragini pouts angrily .
Sameer:- come yar chill.
Swara:- you make her ran away na infact you saved by jeetjii and my husband too thanks for that.
Ragini:- hmm she spoiled my mood bhaii.
Sameer:- after dinner lets go for long drive.
Ragini:- what , its so cool outside that to delhi fog everywhere mood will get set if i lisen to music or played a prank on anyone but outing i dont want to frzee out…
Sanskar:- haa she is right its damm cool here and even its more in night.
All agrees to ragini and thinks to chill out in their house only.

Precap:- a game..


  1. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    I really loved Mama mami care and convo and Ragini and Ashok fights. Awww she said Ram is teddy bear how cute. And her possessiveness of Sameer that was damn cute and she has a point. And game in next chappy? I’m waiting for it.

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