My hear is with you ragini (ragsan) by sindhura episode 35

Happy new year to all of you…frds sister and if any brother are prsent to them also..

Next day morning..
Ragini:-please uncle.
Dp:- but beta here work and all.
Ragini:- we all too came na papa.
Rp:- ha but you came here for work sake only na.
Ragini:- hmm thats why we are going back also..but you made me to stay here and looked after me right wont you visit our place but as family tour.
Rp:-hmm why dont you stay here permentaly.
Ragini:- how..haa i got a idea i will marry vikas as he belongs to here..
Sanskar and sameer both coughs at a time while sujatha and ap were tapping their heads.
All looks at her shockingly.
Ragini:- why are you all looking at me like this ,is my choice not good.
Sameer comes to ragini and says.
You will not even think about him arey in this whole world all men were died for you that you got an idea that to who vikas ..
Ragini:- bhai relax you were reacting like i came by marrying him.
Sameer:- arey i said.
Ragini stands up and says:- arey my possessive brother relax ok.
I am taking my words back you go and continue your eating.
Sameer:- hmm and goes from their.
Ragini turns and says please my both papas..
Dp:- ok first you all go later me and rp will join.
Ap:- arey how can we leave you like that.
Sujtha:- but i am ready to go di.
All laughs.
Rp:- ha i knew you very well you will go their but for every 30 minutes you will call me and eat my brain.
All:- oh ohhhh.
Dp:- but.
Sujatha:- bhaiya di was right . Let first kids go later we will join ha i will miss ragini but its ok.when skype and all will be used.
Ragini hugs her and says i will miss you too maa.
Both looks at sameer who is looking at them.

Sujatha:- i will miss u also.
Ragini:- now smile na..
Sameer shows his teeth to her.sanskar still thinks about ragini saying marrying vikas while
laksh says what are you thinking bhai.
Sanskar says if i dont do anything na this ragini will definetly do something mad to stay in mumbai and i cant even imagine her marrying vikas oh god.
Laksh:- then do something na.
Sanskar:- i am thinking right. instead of sitting like ideal devil you too think something.
Ragini keeps both hands on their shoulders and says..
What you both are thinking and talking seriously.
Both nodes and says nothing just preparing for tour to delhi.
Ragini:- ok ..
Sameer:- i will book tickets for tomorrow night.
All nodes their head and goes back to their rooms…
Ragini smriks seeing sanskar pale face..

Next day in flight..
Swa lak were sitting together while Sameer sanskar and ragini together..
Just a air hostress passes..
Both sameer and sanskar were observing them when were they passes from them.
Ragini:- what you both were doing.
Sam and san acts like innocent.
Ragini:- dont act like innocent puppies . I saw you both were checking on girls and obivosly their legs too..disguisting.
Sameer:- ohh we were not checking ok.
Sanskar:- we just seeing how professionaly they are walking.
Ragini opens her mouth and sees him while sameer whispers in his ears.
What are you speaking.
Sanskar:- dont knew just said what ever it came to my mouth just to escape from your sister or else she will opem flight door and pushes us outside..
Sameer:- thats right both smiles siently looking at anger ragini.
Sanskar in mind:- finally you were jeously of me that i was checking on that girls..
10% confirmed..remaining 90% i have to conform fastly.
Ragini:- why are you watching me like that see their naa those girls are passing from here.
He smiles.
Dont smile ok you boys na just likes girls threw their clothes but not by character..

Sanskar:- hm a little bit..
Ragini:- unbelivable sanskar.
Sanskar:- hi lets talk straight even you girl will look at good well musculared body wala boys..hmm ragini:- hmm what ever..
After few hours they landed in delhi..
Swara looks out from window and says wow its awesome.
Sameer and ragini smiles seeing her..
Sameer drives inside a big mansion and big garden.
Laksh:- wow ragini sameer nice house..
Ragini:- thanks..
They were welcomes by their family..
Bojjo is roaming and licking sameer and ragini..
She goes towards san lak and swa by waving his tail.

Precap:- fun loaded..


  1. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    amazing and loved both jealousy…happy belated new year and kind of want some more sanski jealousy by making his joke of ragini looking at muscular guys soon xx

  2. nikky

    it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb excellent mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and love and respect all ragsan ff writer that they keep their favorite couple alive and plzzz guys write more and regular bcoz we missing ragsan badly and see Swasan ff are very much in comparison to ragsanAnd bit jeleousy in me bcoz I am crazy ragsan or tever fan

  3. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    Superb yar Sindhu. I liked Ragini’s jealousy and seriously Sanskar believed that she will marry Vikas. God I’m just imagining his face and laughing.

  4. Asra


    |Registered Member

    amazing didi….feeling bad for my poor Sanky….eagerly waiting for ragsan proposal….
    Happy New year didi….may God fulfill your all wishes didi….tkcr didi….

  5. Manya

    Amazing………. Enjoying vd jealoiuay session by imagine their faces…… Lol!!!!!!

    HAPPY new year

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.