He is immortal !


The word ‘immortal’ itself means endless. Trees, nature, rivers and everything made by god and God himself is immortal. But have you ever heard that God’s beloveds become immortal too? Yes of course. One such example is Hanuman ji.

It is said that when Hanuman met Sita, she blessed him to be the best devotee of Ram who followed his path. So to increase the ‘Rama nama’, sita blessed Hanuman to have an eternal life and to spread the name of Rama. So it is clear that Hanuman ji is still alive and is living along with us in this kaliyuga too. Many sources and photographers say that Hanuman lives in Himalayas and some say he lives in Kannyakumari. Which is true we have no idea !! But its sure that if we chant the Rama nama knowingly or unknowingly Hanuman comes for our protection.

Though we can’t see him he sees and guard us every time , everywhere. Same with god. He sees us from the Vaikunta everytime. _/\_

Chant Rama Nama everyday at least everytime. We can’t expect god to give us all powers but god being so happy with pure heart god becomes so happy and takes us in our heart !!

The Rama nama is here :-

Sri rama rama ramethi rame raame mano rame|
Sahsranama thathulyam rama nama varaname ||

Not even this shloka but the word ‘Rama’ just see you will see the presence of Hanuman !

This is called —–> Bhakthi. Just Bhakthi ! Follow Bhakthi, it is the key to attain god !

Credit to: Malvi

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  1. Thanmathi

    Awesome malvi but I have one doubt y r u categorising it as houmor dear. There is a story that vibishan too became immoral and was alive when yudhishtr did the rajasuya yagna and gave him many gifts and accepted his supermacy coz he knew that his prabhu Sri Rama will take birth as Krishna in his next birth

    1. Thanks di !! Its neither episode anylasis nor fan fiction and this truly happens and happening.

      Vibhishan is living till now? You said he wiated for the Krishna avatara that was in dvapara Yuga. Now kaliyuga and hanuman Still lives in kaliyuga. He is alive di

      1. Thanmathi

        oh i forgot to add a line till kaliyugha

      2. I don’t think Vibhishan is immortal too

  2. Padmaja

    Malvi dear it is nice and I accept ur words

    1. Thanks di

  3. Very good thought?I am impressed.
    Plese continue your writing

    1. Lol ?? Thanks will do

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