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recap: swara get to know that sanskar is smuggler SK. Sanskar named his property on swara’s name after taking from dp.

Sanskar enter inside the room and saw swara sitting hopelessly on the bed. He went near her after closing the door with a plate of food as she didn’t had her food. All got to know about sanskar being SK and that he is surrendering in the court. Ramta and ansh are sad while dp and adarsh are happy that finally the hurdle of their life will be cleared. Swara is just a lifeless body she is pleading sanskar not to surrender but Sanskar is helpless as then also police will arrest him. So he preferred to pay himself for his wrong deeds.
” swara” sanskar called her sitting next to her.She turn towards him but didn’t utter a words.
” open you mouth” he said taking morsel of food in front of her mouth.
” I don’t want” she whisper. Sanskar signed and placed the plate on nearby table. He wrap his arms around swara.

” you are strong swara” he said wiping her tears.
” don’t leave me plz” few fresh tears fell from her eyes as she look at him.
” how much you will cry” sanskar joined his forehead with her as he know she is crying since morning when he got the notice from court.
” I will be alone” she said.
” all will be there mom dad ansh and dheeraj also” he tried to console her but he got speechless when she asked

” and you??” Sanskar was already fighting with his tears looking at her devastated state.
” I was never in your life imagine me as a passing cloud” he don’t want to lose in front of her. While she shook her head not agreeing to him.

Swara lie on his chest and he gently stoke her hairs till she slept. He was fearing what she will do when he will finally leave her. He made her lie comfortably and took her in his embrace. Tonight will be the last night when they are sleeping in each other’s embrace bcoz he is sure tomorrow he won’t be able to come back. He don’t want to sleep as he wants to capture his love sleeping who knows when he will get the chance again.
” I will miss you” he mumble not taking her eyes from her beautiful yet pale face due to excessive crying.

Time was passing and it was about midnight and he even didn’t realised that still he is staring her. He got alert when swara moved in his arms. She opened her eyes and look at him
” you are here sanskar” the first thing she want to know that he must be present.
” I’m here only sleep” he placed his lips on her forehead.
Swara slightly smile and nuzzles in his chest feeling satisfied.
Finally Sanskar closed his eyes trying to sleep.

Next morning:
Swara came out of the washroom all dull. They are going to court as hearing is at 11. Sanskar went near her and whisper
” close you eyes” she without saying a word followed his words. He placed one packet in her hands.
” what’s this??” She asked opening her eyes.
” see yourself” he smile though it didn’t reached his eyes.
Swara unwrapped the gift and saw royal blue saree. She look at him.
” last gift from me” he said and swara forget to breathe when he said last. Tears again welled in her beautiful hazel doe eyes which just dried few seconds back.

” I don’t need anything except you” she kept the saree on the bed not even seeing it properly and hugged him.
Sanskar took deep breathe and held from her shoulder.

” stop crying first of all” he wipe her tears.
” see swara I had already done the mistakes if I would have known that an Angel will come in my life then I would never went to dark world but now I have to bear the punishment you are getting it na!?” He tried to make her understand and she slightly nodded.
” I don’t know from how many years I will be away from you so I don’t want you to waste your life for me, you are all free to do what you want and even if you want to choose someone else I won’t mind” sanskar averted his gaze as he said last line.

” ohh you won’t mind if any marry someone and give your rights to him??” Swara asked studying his expressions which clearly show pain he felt just imagining her with someone else.
” no” he said and a tear escaped his eyes.

Swara stood on her toes to match his height and cups his face.
” I can wait for you for my whole life” saying this she capture his lips kissing him passionately.They unwillingly broke the kiss when sanskar said
” you are saying as I’m in front of you and love often fades with time” he was behaving like a heartless fellow. Swara understand his mental state so didn’t argue.
Then only swara’s dadi shouted from the hall.
” let’s go” sanskar intertwined his fingers with her and they went down.

Swasan came downstairs and saw dadi arguing with sujata.
” why you didn’t told your son is criminal” dadi shouted at sujata.
” we were not knowing” sujata was already filled with grief and now all this.
” you spoiled my daughter’s life” dadi was not in mood to listen.
” mom is saying truth no one was knowing” swara supported sujata.
” you keep quite swara” dadi shouted.
” we are getting late” sanskar said and went out. Swara also went after him.

Swara dheeraj and ansh are sitting on one bench with swara in centre. Sanskar is standing in the front and lawyer is reading some papers. Sanskar has himself surrendered so there is no arguments to save him and now all are waiting for judge’s decision.
After studying the case, judge announced ” as there are some crimes done by Sanskar Maheshwari he is given the imprisonment for 5 years.

Swara is already in tears and Sanskar didn’t dare to look at her as he will become weak. This has to happen just the mistake that was done is swara is suffering. He never bought anyone close to his heart bcoz he himself don’t know when he will have to leave everything but to fall for swara was beyond his control. He tried a lot to maintain distance from her but swara’s proximity made him lose his senses.
He was handcuffed and bought out when swara came and hugged him tightly.

Dheeraj was also near to support swara.
” swara” sanskar said with heavy voice.
” don’t go plz” she pleaded (shit!!! I’m crying??)
Sanskar look at dheeraj for help.
” swara he will come back” dheeraj consoled but she was not ready to leave.
” mam we have to take him” one constable said.

” take care” sanskar kissed her forehead.
Sanskar left with other police. Swara turn her face not able to see him going from her.
” Swara relax you will spoil your health” dheeraj offered her water.
” I want to go home” she said blankly.
” hmm come” all went home. Sujata was also crying and ram was there for her.

Maheshwari house:
Swara came and directly went to her room. Dheeraj thought to give her time so he went to ansh’s room. Ram and sujata went to their room.
Dp and adarsh, dadi are in hall. Adarsh got discharged but still there are bandages.
Then only their lawyer came with some papers.
” your company is sealed by court” he said shocking dp adarsh.
” how can this be possible?” Dp asked.

” you joined your company with SK company so along with it your company is also sealed” he explained.
One month ago sanskar offered them to join their companies and for more profit dp did but he was not knowing its Sanskar’s company. Sanskar intentionally did to make him lose in his business and take his revenge.
” for now you only have this house and other company is already on swara’s name you did” lawyer said.
” this Sanskar played very well” adarsh gritted his teeths.

” okay leave” dp said.
” now what we will do papa” adarsh said as they don’t have penny except this house which is even of ram.
” I can give one idea but I need good share” dadi said.
” what idea??” Dp asked.
” other company is on swara’s name if we make adarsh marry swara then he will get that company” dadi smirk.

” but I think she love sanskar” adarsh said.
” Sanskar will not come back then who is beside her no one and I know how to control her” dadi said.
” yes this can be done” dp said.

” let’s give them all good news tomorrow” dadi said.
” yeah let her cry for sanskar today then she will be mine” adarsh laugh evilly.
They all planned how to take back the property.

To be continued….

Sorry for so much emotional part even I was crying at some scenes but more pain will lead to their more intense love. Soon they will be together just give chance to the story.????
Dheeraj is positive character??
Thank you

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