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Here is the next chapter but firstly I want to share something with you all its really important.
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When I had started writing I decided to write one or two stories then will quit but now I think it’s not that easy to quit as I have so many readers on tu and wattpad. So I will complete my all stories. If you want than will complete in this one month but if you all want me to continue writing then will not rush.
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Okay let’s begin with the story.

Recap: Sanskar restless without drugs and swasan first kiss.

Sanskar joined his forehead with swara after they broke the kiss. Swara’s hands are around his neck, they don’t know what to say. But sanskar’s guilt vanished when she responded back the kiss.
” swara” Sanskar whisper rubbing her lips with his thumb.
” hmm” she didn’t dare to look in his eyes.
” we did our first kiss” sanskar was so serious when swara suddenly look at him.
Swara smile at his not so innocent face. Sanskar smirk as she was blushing all red. Sanskar pull her closer and made her sit in his lap.
” sanskar” swara called settling comfortably in his lap.
” yes” he caress her hairs.
” I like you” she said looking straight in his eyes with her hands resting on his cheeks.
” even I like you” sanskar give a trail of kisses on her right cheek.
They both wished soon this likeness should change into love.
” okay let me go I was making dinner when you called me” swara tried to stand but sanskar tighten the grip around her waist.
“Dii” ansh shouted coming to their room.
” sanskar ansh is coming leave” swara pleaded but sanskar shook his head.
” what he will think??” Sanskar is a very good player he left her at the last moment when ansh enter inside the room. Swara glare at him as she didn’t got time to adjust.
” di I need help in science” ansh said.
“Okay I’m coming to your room” swara smiled at him. She scrunched her nose at Sanskar and left making sanskar chuckles.
” swara has more effect that’s why I forgot drugs” sanskar grin and hit his head.

Next morning, swara is standing in front of the mirror trying to tie the strings of her saree. Her arms has started paining and she is getting frustrated.But then only she felt soft touch on her back and someone tied them. She got scared and turn back.
” its me” sanskar said looking at her almost sweating face.
” ohh I thought he came..” She signed in relief but she herself don’t know what she blurted.
” whom you were expecting??” Sanskar’s face was hell serious.
” no you went out just now so..” Swara fumble with her words.
” I came to take my mobile but who else in this house will come so near to you?” sanskar again asked.
Swara was knowing if she will keep quite then he will misunderstand her.
” adarsh” swara merely whisper not in her senses but was audible to sanskar.
” what??” He shouted making swara shiver.
” you are hiding something??” Sanskar asked with an intense gaze on her.
” I will tell you but first promise me you will not overreact” swara held his hand.
” speak out swara I will decide later how to react” sanskar’s face is already stern.
” adarsh bhai tease me and misbehave, he is so disgusting sanskar” swara sniffs while crying. Sanskar’s jaws tightened, hands form tight fist.
” since when??” Sanskar’s voice was blank.
” after I came here” she said slowly fearing of his reaction.
” and you are telling me now??” Sanskar roared scaring swara to hell.
” then Sanskar I was scared from you also” she said.
Sanskar closed his eyes as she is right, he only told we will not interfere in each other’s personal matters.
Sanskar’s eyes firstly softened seeing her teary eyes but the next moment his blood boiled realizing who is the reason behind.
Sanskar angrily moved towards the cupboard. Swara’s eyes came out of the socket when she saw he take out his pistol and kept in his pocket.
” sanskar” swara said but he has already went out. Swara left with no other option ran after him.

Adarsh, dp and ram are sitting in the hall discussing about business when Sanskar came and held adarsh’s collar.
All were shocked as they thought he is mad.
” how dare you came near swara?” Sanskar asked dangerous.
” you were..mad” adarsh said.
” no but now I will show what a mad can do” sanskar punch his face as the result it was all bleeding. Adarsh fell on the ground feeling dizzy.
” stop it Sanskar”dp tried to save his son but he don’t know sanskar become a devil when it comes to his swara.
Sanskar beat adarsh badly making sure he won’t be able to get up from his bed.
But he was not satisfied so take out his gun. For him misbehaving with swara means dealth.
” sanskar no” swara came running and held his hand.
” no plz” she requested him and his heart melted. He jerked adarsh and went to his room.
All were still in shock that what storm just came.
Dp and ram has so many questions from sanskar but now adarsh is more important. They lifted his almost dead body and went to hospital.
” what happened swara??” Sujata came near her who was standing numb.
” adarsh misbehaved with me and I told sanskar and he did all this” swara said crying.
” thank God sanskar didn’t killed him” sujata was not worried for adarsh but she don’t want his son to do sin of killing someone.
” I will see him” swara said before leaving to room to which sujata nodded.

Swara enter inside the room and saw the glass table was lying in pieces all broken. She signed at sanskar ,this man and his anger.
” sanskar you would have killed him” swara complained carefully moving close to him.
” he deserve that only” his voice was still raged.
Swara panicked as she saw blood on Sanskar’s hand.
” why you hurt yourself” swara took first aid box.
She took his hand but he jerked.
” sanskar show me your hand” swara warned.
” why should I when you don’t care to tell me what is happening in this house” he retorted back.
” I’m sorry but now I don’t want to remember it plz” she started dressing his wound forcefully.
She is sniffing and bandaged his hand.Sanskar smile seeing her care.
He wipe her tears then kiss her eyes.
” sorry for shouting at you” he whisper.
” you have gun???” Swara asked.
” yes I had kept for some idoits” he said.
” Sanskar you are only businessman na??” She asked casually but sanskar’s back stiffened. Though he had stopped drug dealing but that tag will always be there with him.
Sanskar place his lips on her not having any answer to give, he just don’t want to lie.
Swara’s hand reached his hairs fisting them. Sanskar deepen the kiss pulling her more closer. She really give him peace and solace which he craved all these years. Her presence intoxicate him to loss his senses. Breaking the kiss, his lips travel to her neck kissing it softly. He never wish to stop and move apart from her. Then only Sanskar’s phone rings.
” sanskar your phone” Swara mumble as he is in no mood to leave her.
He abused the person then lifted it after moving away as it was of laksh.
” yes??” He asked still admiring swara who was adjusting her saree.
” Sanskar plz come to my house its really urgent” s waragwas panicked.
” what happened??” He asked.
” I can’t tell on mobile” laksh said.
” I will try to come” sanskar said before cutting the call.
Swara went downstairs to ask the servant to clean the broken table.
To be continued…

Sorry for very short one, next is coming soon.
Plzz tell me your opinion I will try to end my max stories in this month and will come with new if you all want. Thank you so much for being a part of my life??????
Thank you.

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