He hold my hand till my last breath (part 2)


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The episode starts with pooja reaching the audition venue..
While entering audition venue she happens to see lots of girls already waiting for audition…pooja joins them..
While they r waiting for their turn some man came to them with bunch of papers and announces to them that they r all wanted to read the script given to each of them and practice while
coming in..they r given each diffrent suituation to eachother and u want to
act with co participants..get ready.. by telling tis he leaves the room..

Pooja starts prepare herself for auditions with other girls..pooja makes herself ready before her turn.. wen her turn cums up she enters the room..
She acts vry cleverly and nearly.. after that she leaves the room..She is waiting for results to b announced..the same man came to the room where all girls r waiting..He announces that the actual person selected for the role of heroine will b announced in two days but story list candidates will b announced now..
He says 5 names of girls who r all short listed..in that list pooja is the one..
After that looks leaves to her home..She enters her home wen her mother is waiting on the sofa to pooja to come..
Sarala:pooja..cum and sit I want to talk to u about something important..
Pooja: mom I knw wat u want to talk to me..i m really tiered.. get me a tea..i I’ll freshen up and cum then u can giv me lecture..
Sarala: stares at pooja and left to make tea without saying anything…

Pooja enters her room and freshen up and changed the dress and cum out where her mother is waiting in sofa..

Pooja came to sarala and sat near her..
Pooja: mom don’t wry abt me..i m all set to make my career in film industry…i hav been short listed in my auditions..i m sure I I’ll make my future bright..
Sarala: pooja..rahul came to meet me today morning..He accepted his fault..y can’t u giv him a chance..
Pooja: mom..u knw abt rahul and me..because of him v r in tis state..and because of him dad is not wit us..
Sarala: pooja.rahul is not at fault for anything…u both r good frnds from childhood…giv him one chance to prove himself..and u already knw ur father has heard prob..rahul is not responsible for ur dad’s death..
Pooja:mom pls don’t giv any explanations for him..for ur happiness I I’ll giv him one chance tommorow.. but it is his last chance for everything..
Sarala: smiles..
Pooja leaves to her room after dinner..

What is the tiff between rahul and pooja? what happened in her audition? What was the New challenge waiting for pooja?


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Credit to: Saraaa

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  1. interesting. ..keep continue sara

  2. Wow just really love ur story line ….
    Childhood besties to divorced couple and then to grow as lovers ….. Just wonderful ……

    Continue update next PART ASAP …. Thank u

  3. interesting

  4. Awesome episode, it’s interesting story. Keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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