My Hazel Eyed Hunk- two shots by ufaq 2


Suman starts attending her biology lectures without any leave after. Knowing that shr is his professor she wish that Sunday should also went in classes which was next to impossible
One day the assignment was assigned to the all students and the assignment was this much important that it contains half mark in the final exams
Suman was talking with her friends when shr enters the class
All class wishes him gud morning
Shr: Class submit the assignment.
Everybody submits the examition and everyone get sorted back on the seat
Shr: Suman where is assignment ????
Suman stands up

Suman: Sir actually I kept it on my breakfast table and when I was leaving in hurry I left it at table and forgot to bring it sorry sir
Shr was hell angry: What the hell u forgot ur presentation does it not of that worth to bring it
Suman: No sir actually……..
Shr: Shut up u were always careless y would u care u ennjody ur life in the canteen flirting with boys
Suman : Sir i dnt flirt with boys
Shr: Bt u r childish u always do mistakes and u r sooo careless and ………..
Shr sclods her in front of all

Suman: Sir give me ham hour I will bring it
Shr: No rules r rules bow u r gonna fail in bio
Suman starts weeping
Suman: Sir I m topper if I will fail in bio I will fail in semestr plzzz sir
Shr: No means no this is result of ur childishnes
Kaya: Sir plz let her go

Whole class requested him
Shr: Ok fine half hour after that submit it to me in stff room
Shr leaves weeps Bt rushes to her home
suman rushes and gets hurt by falling Bt still she brings it and gives it to shr
Shr sees her injury feels bad and ignore her
She takes the presentation and asks her to leave she goes weepingly
Suman was crying

Kaya: I told u he can’t be urs
Tia: Sweety u both have too much age difference
Soni: Further more he is very kharoos
Su Mk a: Bt i love him and will marry him

Soni: Tu pagal ho gae h
Suman: Han Suman leages the canteen and cries all night at her home because shr insulted her in front of all Bt soon she reconciles her self and start behaving like she always with shr all the classes went into staring at shr shr notices it sometime he feels angry hell angry Bt Bt sometime he considering it suman childishness passes smile to her
When shr passes him smile suman becomes very happy

Year went on as it was the last semester of suman aftr result there was fairwell party arranged for all the leaving student by juniors and teachers
Suman decided to tell shr about her love now or never

She enters the college wearing purple gown with white embroidery and white diamond earings and light makeup and she was looking amazing
Shr sees him and gets mesmerized for some seconds Bt soon reconciles himself
Suman goes to shr: Shr i need to talk to u
Shr: Han bolo I m listening
Suman: Sir not here here everyone is present
Shr: So what I dnt think the talks Between. A teacher and a student. Can be personal
Suman: It can be sir plz ……..
Shr: Ohk fine u move I m coming

They go into the classroom
Sumu: Sir I wanna confess u sth
Shr: I thought u would be saying sorry for all wht u did with me whole year
Sumu: Ohk sir sorry for that Bt I wnna tell u sth
Shr: Then go ahead
Sumu: Sir Wo …….wo
Shr: Say it comm on
Sumu: Yes sir actually…….

Shr: U r this much nervous like u r gonna purpose me hahahah
Sumu: Yes sir
Shr stops laughing: What????????
Sumu: Yes sir actually I love u when I saw u first I really like your hazel. Eyes I dntt knw when I fell for u Bt believe me sir i realllu love u
Shr was awstuck: U love me like a student loves a teacher
Suman: No sir I love u like a wife loves her husband like a gf loves her bf like a woman loves a man
Shr was hell angry now: R u cracking nuts dimagh kharab hogaya h tmhara what’s u age???
Suman: 21
Shr: I m 29,and soon to be30

Suman: Sir age difference doesn’t matters to me
Shr: Bt it matterss to me how could u love ur teacher dimagh chal gaya h tmhara further u r expecting me to say samething to u r u mad tm pagak ho gae ho
Ssuman: Han ho gae hn nw tell what u will do???
Shr: U r impossible listen suman I can’t marry my student u r my student and we have just student teacher relationship nothing else got that???
Shr starts leaving Bt suman comes in front
Suman: If u dnt marry me I will die
Shr: That’s ur problem nw get aside

Suman: Sir I will commit suicide
Shr: Fo u think u can fool me if yes than u can’t I m going
Shr leaves
Suman sits on the bench and cries hard she takes a blade from her clutch andcut. Her wrist and feels down
Sceen freezes

Sorry guys main thk gae isliye some part remained that wil be. Short one and I will post asap
Till then
Take care

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  1. di it was tooo good. waiting 4 d next update

  2. Angel20

    You ended it in suspense!! It was very nice.. Please post it soon!!

  3. WeirdSister

    Hey ufaaq …this is not fair….u should not tease ur readers like this….plz post it asap..other wise I won’t be able to focus on other things….plz plz plz…
    It was hell awesome..!
    Love u loads..
    Take care..
    Post asap!!!

  4. Prettypreeti

    Oh ho ufii sis
    Yaar meri dhadkan rokh di
    Bechari sumo
    Shravan sir use pasand kr lo
    O yaar tune toh dil dhama diya
    I ws like what at last scenes
    Post soon
    U left it at suspense my sister
    Love uu

  5. Nikita

    Hey ufi di !!
    Not fair..
    Beech mei hi khatam kar diya !!
    Please post post soon..
    Take care!
    Loved it, and love you!

  6. Kya hai..yaar.ufaq..
    End pey aakey…
    Suspense par chod diya…??????
    Nice one☺☺☺

  7. Angel_pari

    Aannnnnnn!!!!! Ufaq itne supspense mn mera fever or bhar jana h….any way post soon….u stop @last point

    but it was good πŸ™‚

  8. Rukhsar

    OMG ufaaq what to say yarr ur ff is just out of the world i really really enjoyed it plz plz plz its a humble request post next part sooner and sorry for not commenting on previous epi and for being late sorry and yeah one more thing happy eid in advance

  9. Ariana

    uhhhhhhhhh. The ending!!! Possessive SUman. Such a new look. wonderful Post next part soon. Girl I’m going desperate. Pls pls pls post asap. Wonderful epi. Sumo was so direct.
    Love u
    Take care honey

  10. Marie

    Hey ufaq API…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How r ya…..??? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    OMG OMG OMG this is so great mar dala haye Rabba mar dala……! Haye itna???❀❀❀ amazing uffffff I saved this part or baar baar padh rahi thi it is one of the most most n most amazing parts I ever read Aray yr API Kia karte ho….??? Suspense Mai la kar chod dia bht acha na….!! Plzzz API jan na lo jaldi post kar do….!! πŸ˜€ it was fab amazing wonderful awesome great n all the best evr compliments fr u….!!!!!!!!!!!
    How is the weather….?? How are d family…?? How r the predations going fr EID…?? Fyn…? How is study going….?? πŸ™‚
    Missed me….????
    I missed u too much se bhi but ziada…….!!!!
    Love u so much API
    EID Mubarak in abpdvance
    Love u
    Take care
    By by

  11. LogaMegan

    Hey ufaq awesome ep
    Enjoyed reading it
    Eagerly waiting for the next part
    Pls post ASAP
    Bye Tc

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