Haya love story (Shakthi) intro.


Guys.. Here I am writing a new ff.. Based on colors superb hit show.. Shakthi.. With recent time.. Period.. This show has stolen many hearts.. Even mine!

So let us start with Intro…

Saya:Unknown veiled lady.

Mahindar: Father of soumya

Nimmi:Mother of soumya and surbhi

Soumya:daughter of nimmi..

Surbhi:daughter of nimmi.

Harman:son. Of harak Singh..

Mami:Mother of Haman

Preeto:Sister of Harman.

Varun:Friend of Harman.

Harak Singh:father of Harman…

So let me start with current track.. If u have any problem pls tell me.. I will try to correct myself..

The episode starts with Soumya gets ready.. Seeing mirror.. Surbhi comes there and tells her to sleep soon… Becoz tmr is u r wedding!! Soumya nods.. Nimmi comes there and asks them what they are speaking? Soumya runs and hugs her and takes her aside.. Surbhi feels jealous. Soumya asks her how to get good name from law’s house? Nimmi tells u r always good.. She explains saas bahu drama in TV?????She tells her not to watch and get good name!.

Nimmi tells her to be herself.. Not like Gayatri or Madhubala or pragya or etc,… Drama shows.. Soumya asks when u r watching this much shows? Nimmi praises herself and tells in hotstar and colors app! Soumya laughs.. Harman calls soumya..

She excuses herself.. And comes out and attends the call.. She asks who is this? Harman tells it is me! She tells yes it is me!???He tells I am Harman.. She gets nervous and stands silent.. He asks her to speak up! She asks why did u call me now? He tells u gonna become my wife so I can call u! She smiles.. Nimmi sees this and prays to God to keep her smiling always..

Harman asks her what did she had dinner? She tells not yet.. He asks what? He Cuts the call.. She tells strange.. She sits on chair and starts.. Combing her hair. Harman comes there jumping inside through balcony..??she stands shocked.. She asks why did u come here?? He tells simply.. He tells ur my responsibility! So I need to make u have food. He feeds her food.. Allah warriyan plays..

Precap: Bebe mixes poison on drink.. Soumya drinks it.. Harman takes her in his arms and takes wedding vows..

How is it?? Some will be copied from show.. That is for today epi only.. Others will be own.. How is it?? If

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  1. Nice intro…!!

    1. Narendran

      Thnx batool!!!!for the comment!

  2. Hey… You did it so fast…!!
    Nice… !!! But dear, please do give us a hint in real page of Shakti. Cause, you know that there are a lot of FF and I think there are 70+ FF of Swaragini. And I get confussed. So, it will be good if you kindly ….. inform us through the real comment page.

    1. Narendran

      Sure Brits.. I will inform???

  3. Good episode but i have one question! Will Soumya have a secret like she does in the show?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx yamuna keep commenting!!??????

  4. I love this serial a lot…. n also a big fan of Vivian…. Harman come feed sowmya so romantic…..I like Harman character a lot….he is so naughty….

    Plz continue this ff….

    1. Narendran

      Not the same but diff

  5. Alisha

    Awww.. Haya are so adorable. The both have a perfect chemistry. Loved the way Harman cares for Soumya. It was superb! Amazing! That “Saas-Bahu” thing made me laugh.. ?
    Keep writing! ??

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Alisha keep commenting

  6. Nishu

    Is it a serial stroy…… Anyways superb epi

    1. Narendran

      Not nishu little diff.. But characters are almost same!!

      1. Nishu

        Ohk….. Im vivian fan………. N love shows main lead chemistry……. So waiting for next epi

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice ff naru bhaia on shakti wow cant wait

    1. Narendran

      thnx fatrajo akka for the comment..hope u liked it

  8. Superb Start of the story
    There are many FF’s in telly updates which are updated regularly.
    how will we know where to read the next part of Haya love story written by you

    1. Narendran

      it will be updated on shakthi page….or click my name..u can go inside my profile and check it is updated or not

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