Haya love story (Shakthi) epi-2


The episode starts with Soumya and Harman comes to house in car.. Harak Singh welcomes them.. Mami goes inside kitchen and cleans utensils! Varun and preeto cleans their table..
Soumya waits.. Harak Singh shouts for aarti! None comes. Harman comes inside and takes aarti plate and does to soumya!! Allah warriyan plays.. She eyes her lovingly!????????Surbhi prays to God.. For her sister safety! Harak Singh comes there and smiles.. Soumya does grava prahesh and comes inside.. Shakthi title track plays..

Soumya sits on sofa.. Shyingly! Harman sits near her.. She feels like shock.. She smiles.. He holds her hand tightly and tells I won’t leave ur hand at any cost!!????.Harman and soumya smiles.. They both comes to room.. Harman tells u have become my wife now! Tell me whatever u want! I will do anything for u!

Soumya asks anything???He nods.. She tells him to bring nilgiris mountain???He laughs.. They both share an eyelock.. He holds her hand and keep near his heart.. She feels heart beat! Sanam re plays…???..

He kisses on her hand.. She smiles.. He comes closer. She gets up from bed and walks near mirror.. And removes her chain, he comes near her.. He removes necklace.. From her back.. Banjaara plays..???He kisses on her ears!..

She turns back. She holds his face.. She hugs him!! Zehnaseeb plays.. Surbhi walks.. There.. Varun speaks about soumya.. He laughs.. Surbhi comes there and warns him to stay away from her sister.. He tells he won’t. She raises hand. He keeps his leg.. She falls on him! ???Siye re plays..

Precap:Harman removes soumya Esr rings..???..

Bye guys.. Take care.. This epi is spl romantic? How is it? Becoz from next epi.. There will be only haya scenes and less romance.. Becoz there.. Is little drama..

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  1. Fantastic epi but narendran cant you write a bit longer parts cause it makes us anxious to wait for such small parts

    1. Narendran

      Sure.. I will try my best to make it long for u!!???

  2. Siddhi

    Wow brilliant episode dear loved it be happy

    1. Narendran

      This siddhi! For commenting.. I think u r age is 12??

  3. Renuverma

    Narendran good but lot of romance is banned as many children also read it. ????

  4. Sooooo nice .

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