Haya love story (Shakthi) epi-1


Thnx guys keep commenting!

The episode starts with Soumya haves food in the hands of Harman.. They share an eyelock! Allah warriyan plays.. Nimmi comes in and sees them and coughs.. Harman leaves.. Soumya sits on bed closing her eyes.. With her hands! Nimmi smiles..

Next day.. Bebe mixes poison and makes soumya haves it.. Wedding rituals starts..
Harman and soumya takes rounds.. Soumya falls down.. Unconscious! Harman gets shocked.. He tries to wake her up.. But fails.. Mahindar tells let it happen later.. Saya comes there and tells this should happen now! Harman takes her in his arms and starts taking rounds! All are amused.. Agar tum ho plays..

Later.. Doc checks her and says she is fine.. All are relived.all leaves.. Harman tells I will take care of her.. All leaves.. Soumya opens her eyes .. Harman smiles.. She hugs him.. Allah warriyan plays.. She cries.. He pacifies her.. She moves back.. He holds her face.. Cups it.. She throws water in his face and laughs.. He also throws on her face! They both runs inside washroom.. Shower opens.. Water comes out..

Harman looks at her lovingly?????????????Soumya gets nervous.. She tries to go.. But he holds her hand.. He tells where r u going? She tells nothing.. He pulls her closer.. He moves her hair.. And comes close to kiss her.. She throws water.. On hi face and runs near bed.. He also comes there and they both fall on bed together! ?????

Says tells mahindar not to plan anything against her for 21days.. He agrees! Preeto,mami and varun plans.. And tells we should not leave her inside our house more than 2days.. she should itself run! All agrees.. Preeto tells this time.. Soumya can’t live.. Surbhi over hears it.m and she gets shocked.. She tells I need to save my sister..

Precap:Soumya comes to harak Singh house. All does their work casual.. Harman does all rituals and comes inside with her.. He holds her hand and tells I won’t leave u hand at any cost!?????

How is it? This is fan fictional story and not real one! Here.. I am gonna make her as.. The girl who born in transgender group.. But nimmi somehow brings her and grows her.. Says is the real mother of her.. So here is it.. New track. It is diff I think! So it is nice?

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  1. Best. Love to read further. Very interesting. Pls update the next one as soon as possible.

  2. Alisha

    That was fabulous! Especially Haya scenes was beyond amazing. They are literally so adorable. No, Varu is negative? ? Hope Surbhi makes him understand and he joins her team, instead of supporting Chachi Ji and Preeto. Then we would also get to see some Surun (Surbhi and Varun) scenes. ?
    Keep writing! Waiting for the next episode eagerly. ??

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Alisha☺☺☺☺☺☺for the comment…

  3. NYC….bt 1 thng goin in my mind frm few days…if saya her real mother…den even sowmya can bkm mom

  4. It does not seem like a transgender related story..

  5. Surbhi support for her sister.. I hope harman also not leaving sowmya.. interesting…

  6. Narendran

    Guys I thought it should not be transgender story so only made it diff..

  7. Hey Narendan… Dude It’s cool.. Nice scene of somu and Harman….
    As I couldn’t be there for some days, so I hope you all are good?? !!!!!

  8. Story is nice but how she born to transgender ,they can’t able to give birth na?

  9. Plz write a bit longer
    It was a good part

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